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    Here Comes The Bride

    Friday, January 11 2013
    Today’s episode is the 12,000 show! Sami and Rafe get involved before the wedding, Sonny is happy Will has moved in, Chloe begins her new life in Salem, and Daniel plans a life with Parker and Jennifer.

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    Posted by kayhan at Saturday, January 12 2013 04:53 PM

    I think what Nick was saying to Will at the pub (what if years from now this child finds out we have been lying all this time...and all that other stuff he was saying) finally made Will realize that he should tell the truth about being the baby daddy and when Chad stops the wedding that is why he does it. Took Bsd he couldn't have told Sonny in private but then where would the drama be in that. I think Nick just asked for that to happen so serves him right. Gabby told Will earlier that they were not trying to fool anyone but they were lying thrum there teeth. I am glad Will is finally stepping up and claiming this child. At least he did it in front of witnesses that way Nick cannot deny it.

    Posted by kayhan at Saturday, January 12 2013 04:56 PM

    No Chad did not know who the real father is he just knew it was not Nick. I think he will feel bad for needing up his relationship with Abby and also feel bad for Sonny. Hopefully he will help Will and Sonny repair their relationship.

    Posted by kayhan at Saturday, January 12 2013 04:59 PM

    Should have read "screwing up" his relationship.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Sunday, January 13 2013 08:34 PM

    Remember T. R. Knight on Grey's Anatomy.....he is now
    on The Good Wife............looks cute as ever!! Nice
    seeing these guys going places after leaving a show
    they appeared on for a few years!!

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, January 14 2013 03:42 AM

    Here goes my thoughts and comments on the wedding. I know a lot of viewers are very upset that Gabi did not pay any dues for her misdeeds, but she did retain Justin as an attorney, he explained to her there would be consequences and she was ready to accept them, but Chad jumped in (because he felt guilty for not being honest about what he knew and lost Melanie and beat Chad up. Now I guess I really don’t understand why he needed to go after Chad, because it was not like he was hanging all over Melanie, but he and Gabi were building a friendship and it was like he could not stand for Gabi to have any happiness. I do not condone what Gabi did, but IMO she snapped and she did not hire Andrew to kidnap Melanie, he did that on his own, she hired him to stalk her and who was protecting her the most CHAD, even so much that he moved her into his apartment. You would have thought they would have checked into that a little more. But back to the story, after the beating Nick told Chad that he would not press charges if he would leave Gabi alone and Chad being who he is and Gabi ready to spill the beans about how much he knew, backed off at least for a while. So I think that is why he signed all those papers with Justin. I think it would have needed to be Melanie that pressed charges anyway and she chose not to but to leave. As for Gabi and Nick, well I agree that Will should have stood his ground and told them he wanted to be part of the babies life. Where is the Will that was willing to fight EJ and stood his ground with him. It seems he went from a strong Will to a weaker Will, who just kind stands around letting others take charge cause he fears losing Sonny. I have my days I like Nick and my days that I don’t. I guess I am not really sure his intentions for Gabi and the baby are bad, but he is willing to step up and take responsibility and I think he and Gabi are cute together. I do wish for them to come to an agreement that Will can at least be part of the babies life, but Nick seems to be around when Gabi is trying to allow this. That is the part I don’t like about Nick, it is like he can’t see past his ideas and no one elses matter when it comes to the baby. Perhaps he is going to be Rafe Jr, and just wants to take in other men’s babies. LOL.

    As for Chloe, yes indeed Monotone, I so far am not very impressed at all, so hoping they pick it up for her storyline. I agree with who asked why this Anne lady is so worried about Jennifer and what her position is at the hospital and why is it that her and Chloe are such good friends and they are going for coffee. I just cannot get into this whole storyline at this time. Maybe it was because I just wasn’t wanting to see another baby involved in messes that their parents had created and get put into a situation where they would have to let one parent go to get attached to the biological parent.

    Have a fantabulous day

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, January 14 2013 07:51 AM

    I was actually starting to wonder if Gabi even had a wedding gown when at the very last minute Sami came to tell her it was time and everyone was talking about how beautiful she was and she was in a huge green blouse and I was thinking wow that is the beautiful dress.

    Posted by dedee at Monday, January 14 2013 02:09 PM

    Rafe and Hope should get together! since Bo has left the show, Abigale should be ashamed of what she said to Chad once she finds out the truth to what Gabie did to Melanie she will change her tune. so will Jennifer they will be appoligizing again, Chad was the only one Man enough to stand up and tell the truth, i am surprised they let the marriage go on in the Catholic church when Gabie was pregnant. that is usually against the church. where was the marriage classes? can't wait to see what Stephano and Ej has in store for Nick, will they hold him captive and torture him? will they send out a goon to beat him with a warning? will Stephano find a way to get rid of Chads problem? Dool is hot. can't wait.

    Posted by AndiK at Monday, January 14 2013 04:05 PM

    Where is the update for today, Monday?? All well. I just finished this episode and can't wait 'till tomorrow to watch todays! I just laughed when Sammy and Gabby were talking about how she's a grandma and laughed and said to the screen" oh Sammy you have no idea! You really are a grandma! Ha ha ha!". And maybe with this news Kate will have someone else to harass besides Chloe. She'll have a new "grandbaby" after all. She's a great grandma! Ha and Marlena just wait until she finds out she's a great grandma! Ha ha ha. She can't even be called grandma and now she's a great! :P Too too funny!!

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