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    Four Guys And A Bunch Of Coffee.

    Tuesday, January 08 2013
    Daniel realizes Parker really is his son, and the bachelor party begins.

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    Posted by tariro at Tuesday, January 08 2013 11:01 PM

    Really don't think EJ would get back together with Nicole; though one never knows with these writers but I could suck it up if it was as brief as Sami's last reunion with Lucas -no don't think I could even then , EJ and Nicole have done way too much damage to each other and to be honest I never thought he was all that into her ,she was just a distraction from the fact that he couldn't be with Sami!

    Posted by cityhunter at Wednesday, January 09 2013 03:34 AM

    Chloe didn't sleep with him when she was married.She didn't sleep with him until the annulement was final.She slept with him when she was engaged.
    And when the drunken ons with Philip happened,Danloe weren't married.They got married after Parker was conceived.Daniel is heartless hypocrite.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, January 09 2013 04:38 AM

    Monday and Tuesday’s shows were pretty good. What I like is the fact that Marlena finally spoke up and like most people John certainly did not want to hear the truth. IMO she hit it right on, because he was acting like she was the villain and Kristen had changed so much. For goodness sakes how many times has he kept things from Marlena and now he can’t trust her. I would have probably told him take Kristen to the hotel with you if you still can’t seem to get your head out from where the sun don’t shine. The good thing about this storyline is the fact that it does bring John and Marlena up front a little bit more because it seemed they pushed them so far to the back when they brought them back on. I was rooting for Marlena though there are things about her character from time to time that I disagree with too. I thought it very odd that here comes Sami flying through the door with her well rehearsed speech about them sticking together and if I remember correctly most of the time she cannot stand John unless of course there is something in it for her. The thing about Sami’s involvement, we are seeing the fire in her again and that is true to her character though she goes a little overboard from time to time.

    I am having a really hard time dealing with this whole Parker paternity thing. Probably because this won’t be the last time it comes up and the next time he will be Phillip’s son. It seems to be they go back and forth for years really trying to decide at the time who is baby daddy. What a cute little guy though, (Parker). I find it really odd that Chloe and Brady are divorced, he has been with Nicole, Madison and now Kristen but yet they seem to talk on a very regular basis. I don’t think it is wrong to be friends with your ex, but most exes aren’t going to stay in touch on a real regular basis to get the town gossip. Plus how in the heck did Brady find time to talk with Chloe to let her in on everything, he seems to always be busy in the bedroom with someone. Gross, sure wouldn’t want my man to take the time to talk to his ex and come back for more loving. LOL. I am pretty sure this doesn’t bother a lot of people, but I am really disgusted that this was written in that Daniel is now Parker’s dad. Why would they do that? Phillip has had two years with him just to lose him like he did Clair. Why do the writers find it so fascinating to continue to write such things with little ones or everyone in Salem for that matter. I guess I am just really starting to feel a little overprotective with the babies. Now here we have Gabi pregnant and Will is supposedly the father an I say supposedly because who knows how long it will be before they come along and say that Andrew took advantage of Gabi in the underground caves and he is the father. Seems to be the way they work. Or better yet she has twins like Sami with one being Will’s and one being Andrew’s. Sorry my poster friends for my ranting on this subject but I just think the writers should be a little more creative than that. All they need to do is read some of Little Bears postings and waa laa there you have some great storylines. I say we all petition for Little Bear to be the new writer for Days. LOL It could be her and Spring is near since she too is an author.

    Wow, Billie just sits a box right in front of the freakin door what a couple minutes after Lucas arrives and then suddenly after Jen trips over it she shows up again. So out there IMO. I think this time I will be glad to see Billie go since they really had nothing for her either. Lucas, why oh why is he getting so involved in Jennifer’s life and her relationships. My goodness how many times did he try to get back with Sami and now he has no one so he wants to go over the edge because Chloe and Daniel did the deed. Jennifer was right, had Lucas and Chloe had the real thing neither would have strayed, but on the other side of that coin if you stray on your spouse how in the heck could you trust yourself and the one you strayed with. For me at the time, it seemed Chloe wasn’t sure if she wanted Lucas, Phillip or Daniel, she just wanted a man. I was never really a fan of Chloe and Daniel and I guess most of you can tell that. I was so disappointed when they brought Chloe back and ruined her character by making her a loose woman. I just adored her when she was ghoul girl and when her and Brady got together, but the next go around not so much. Well, I take that back, when she came back and was divorced I would have liked to see her and Phillip find out what they could have been together. Never was a fan of Phillip and Melanie either, since I thought it should have been him and Chloe.

    Oh my golly I am certainly ranting today and it probably sounds like I detest our show, but quite the opposite. I am loving it with the exception of the baby storylines. I would like to see more of John\Marlena\Kristen\Brady fiasco to see where they could go with this with it having so much potential. Gabi\Nick\Will storyline well who knows, but again potential for a good storyline. Nancy coming back and trying to protect Chloe from the big bad wolf, yeah looking forward to that. All in all pleased with the show and hoping for a good 2013. Certainly not to the point that I would say I am done with it even with some storylines I totally wish were not a part of it.

    Have a fantabulous day all.

    Posted by Rosieroserson at Wednesday, January 09 2013 05:48 AM

    Nicole has always been E.J's second choice! You're right about that,Tariro. Now he wants to be with Samantharrr, and I believe she wants to be with him! At the Gack wedding Daysaster, Sami sees a part of Rafe that she doesn't like. She's seen it before, and closed her eyes........but now when her son's involved, she won't hold herself back anymore!

    Posted by condesabays at Wednesday, January 09 2013 07:26 AM

    It would have made better sense if Chloe and Nicole kept in touch over the past years. However, was it Brady who helped her get the job in Chicago? Maybe that is the connection the writers are referring to.......

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, January 09 2013 07:43 AM

    Ok, so Nicole and Chloe became bestest friends somehow. I would have probably had a hard time forgiving someone that put acid on my face to try and take the man away from me that I was seeing, but this is soaps and Chloe came around, probably the Christian thing to do, gave Nicole a chance and they became friends (though they both might have had motives in the beginning) Chloe marries Daniel, Nicole throws Brady away for EJ, oh I don't know maybe for the 5th time, Chloe and Daniel part ways, Nicole falls in love with Daniel and destroyed that with her scheming ways, now Chloe is back and Nicole isn't completely over Daniel, so are the girls going to remain friends or will they become enemies again. We all know Chloe is going to want Daniel back no matter the cost, I am guessing anyway. I would have been just as happy I think if Chloe would have been left out of the recipe this time. But on the other hand it should bring for some exciting storylines at least one would think that anyway.

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