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    Talking A Lot Of Smack.

    Tuesday, December 04 2012
    Eric and Sami have it out, Nicole and EJ have words, and Gabi has advice for Rafe.

    When Brady and Kristen wake up in her bed together after sex, Kristen jumps in shock. He has to go! What they did was almost biblically wrong. He disagrees. She calls their attraction more like a friction. He hates her! He changed his mind and is sorry she's so overwhelmed. She admits she has feelings for him but was never going to act on them because of her past with John. She asks Brady to keep this a secret. He leaves and Kristen makes a call to John. "I need to see you. Now."

    At the cafe, Marlena flashes to her break and entry into Kristen's hotel room. She has to discuss something with him. He sighs and wonders if it's about Kristen. He leaves and a lipstick falls from his jacket. Kate arrives and shares the news about her divorce. Marlena knows she put a lot into that marriage and loved Stefano. Kate sees the lipstick and confirms it's the new CW prototype. Sami and Kristen are two of the few who would have a tube. Billie arrives. She just saw John at the Salem Inn. Marlena runs off and stares at the lipstick thinking Kristen played her for the last time. Inside, Billie's sorry Kate's hurting though she thinks the divorce is for the best.

    In her office, Sami stares at the flowers Rafe gave her and calls him. EJ cuts her off with work. When Rafe returns her call she ignores it and takes off with EJ to the rectory.

    At the rectory, Nicole is busy at work on her first day. She jokes about her conservative attire and sleeping in a twin bed for the first time since she was nine. She slept like a rock. Eric flashes to his nightmares. He brushes off her concerns that they may lose donations for the school if people learn she works there.

    At the pub, Will tells Gabi he hasn't made a decision yet. Rafe interrupts after hearing Gabi talk about what a difficult decision this is. Why is Will in the center of this again? Will wanders off and Gabi reminds her brother that Will's her best friend. He's being unfair. Gabi admits it was nice to see him with Sami. He should probably make a move. Rafe grins. It's complicated. He leaves and Will returns. Will thinks it's wrong to lie to his son his whole life the way he was lied to. Gabi thinks there are thousands of reasons why they can't raise the kid together. They think if they tell the truth they could lose the men they love.

    Sami introduces EJ to Eric at the rectory. EJ hands over a check that Kristen forgot. Sami's pissed that Nicole's working there. Has Eric lost his mind? Sami kicks everyone out and berates her brother. She can't believe he took Nicole in after what she did to her. Eric calls her on being a hypocrite. Sami accuses Eric of having poor judgement so he reminds her she's working with EJ. She's been making lousy judgements since she was three. Sami wants Eric to get along with EJ, her boss and the father of her kids.

    In the square, Nicole watches as EJ laughs in her face about her new job at the rectory. How can she live there with her voracious sexual appetite? She tells him, "You sure are talking a lot of smack." It's not like she's becoming a nun. She just wants to become a better person. If she doesn't make these changes now she never will. EJ thinks she's hardwired to have self-destructive ways. She looks pointedly at him and brings up him going after Sami. He can't compete with Rafe because he and Sami share a "real love."

    John turns up on Kristen's doorstep at Salem Inn. Later, Marlena hears moaning outside the door and opens it...

    Back at the rectory, Eric reminds Sami of the Sydnapping. She knows about the terrible things EJ did but he has changed. Nicole walks up and hears Eric defending her. Sami leaves and Eric reassures Nicole that he knows what he's doing.

    Sami finds EJ at the square. She rants about Nicole ruining her brother's life but EJ won't let it happen. She calms down and laughs just as Rafe spots them.

    Sneak peek!

    Sami and EJ enjoy working together, but Sami is pulled towards Rafe.

    Sonny believes Nick and Gabi's marriage is the secret Will's been keeping.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by bearigan at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:13 AM

    Funny how Sami, EJ, and Nicole can all see the bad the others have done to people but their own sins are nearly as bad. Call the kettle black.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:14 AM

    Good seeing you back Chrissi!!

    Yep.....people can't see the evil in themselves...just
    in others!!! What a crock!!

    Posted by bearigan at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:14 AM

    That should have been their own sins aren't nearly as bad as the others.

    Posted by bearigan at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:17 AM

    Plus Sami would say Nicole will never change and doesn't deserve to be given a second chance, She has made the same statement about EJ, but gives him the benefit of the doubt over and over, Nicole will say the same thing. I do believe they all have double standards and I bet Holding would agree. Oh and EJ well we all know he will never admit to doing anything wrong even though everyone knows he has.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:28 AM

    Bringing over my comments posted under yesterday's recap (re today's show) . . .

    LOVING today's show so far!!! Kristen's lines to Brady are PERFECT - lol!!! I'm really enjoying these two Poor Brady ... Why does he always want what he can't have?? First Nicole (who always wanted another guy), then Madison (who was mixed up with Ian the entire time), and now Kristen (this is so "wrong" .... Almost "biblically" wrong!! - lol!!!!)

    Re: nick and gabi ... I see "little bears" point about two young ones who made a horrible mistake during a temporary moment if insanity, an that's why they worked for me too .... In the beginning. I never liked Gabi (or Nick) until these two hooked up. But what's bothering me is how FAST their relationship has gone. An the biggest red flag for me is that Nick has such issues with Will and his sexuality (to the point that he wants Will to give up ALL his rights as a father to his unborn child, and Gabi (who just announced that Will is her very best friend) is OKAY with this?????

    She loves Will and Sonny and values their friendship. They should be talking about co-parenting (Wilson and Nabi) instead of denying Will his own flesh and blood :-( But this will never happen as long as Nick is in the picture because he'd never allow his wife's child to be raised by two gay men (even if only part-time). I just feel like there so much of this storyline that's not being addressed. I dislike Nick's influence on Gabi, and I dislike that he seems to have turned her brain to mush to the pint she can't even think for herself. I find him creepy and manipulating, an while Gabi made one HUGE mistake with Melanie, I don't think it's in her personality or her nature to be creepy and manipulating ALL the time, but Nick certainly is!!! :/

    I will be furious if Will for along with this ludicrous idea of nick's. he's right to think that EVERYONE will eventually find out the truth, and if they're not honest up front, this is going to be one giant DAYSASTER ;-)

    Omg - just lost about ten minutes worth of typing to the refresh monster :..-(
    Will try again ...

    I have to respectfully disagree with my dear friend "little bear" re dannifer. I think Jenn was absolutely head over heels in love with Daniel, and I don't think those feelings ever went away ... Even after jack "fell" back into her life. They were so totally adorable when they first hooked up: like giddy school children in a budding romance I know their storyline is a little slow now, but I'm happy the focus is on Daniels health and career rather than the romance. When he close the door on Jenn, and she stood there with tears in her eyes, her feelings for him were soooo clear!! I will enjoy watching them get back to that great place they were in before Jack's return, and I hope Chloe's return doesn't mess it up!!

    I don't get why Gabi is so worried about how Sonny will react. I'm SURE he wants to be a father some day, and how else is he gonna get a kid?? If he ends up with Will, what better scenario than to raise his own lover/husband's biological child??? It's almost a perfect scenario for a gay couple. I don't think I agree though with you, bearigan, that Will is still confused about his sexual identity. I think it's very clear in his mind, but what's making him think twice about nicks offer is his own insecurities about what he went through being passed around from father to father and home to home. But he should remember that this was because of all the lies involved!!!! If they are all honest up front, they should be able to work out a very happy and stable family life for this child. Jmho

    and OMG - what a cliffhanger today!!!!! WOWEE!!!!! Can't WAIT to see what Marlena walks in on!!!! ;-)

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:36 AM

    And I cannot WAIT for Chloe and Nancy to come back, and if Craig follows, that would be the icing on the cake!!!! They were the "BEST" DAYS family!!! So entertaining and fun to watch!!! If Parker is Daniels kid, I'd rather see Chloe be with Philip and dannifer stay together, and the four of them can coparent little Parker ;-)

    Bearigan wrote:

    "I guess the reason I say that about Will, 25yearsofdays is it seems he really has some deep feelings for Gabi also and he just doesn't seem the same with Sonny anymore to me. I don't know, maybe I am missing something, so I will watch closer. I know Will and Gabi are best of buddies, but it just seems to me the feelings they have for one another is something pretty darn special."

    ITA!!! I think WABI is an AWESOME couple, and I LOVE how Will has been so incredibly supportive of her since the moment he knew the truth. I guess that's part of what's bugging me so much about Gabi now . . . the fact that she's so willing to just cut him out entirely :-( I WISH to death that Will wasn't gay and that Sonny wasn't even in the picture and that somehow Will and Gabi could hook up and raise this baby together. But, in the absence of that, I don't want to see Will lose his child because of Nick :-(

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Tuesday, December 04 2012 11:38 AM

    I have to sign out now but look forward to checking back later tonight to read everyone's thoughts on today's show! There was soooo much going on!!! Not a boring moment in the entire hour!!! ;-)

    Posted by SassieAnn at Tuesday, December 04 2012 12:22 PM

    Kristan can't get John, so she will settle for his son?? This is gross on so many different levels. EEEEWWWWUUUUU!!
    And of course our dear, perfect Sami doles out accusations to everyone else, but sulks when her past is brought up. Come on! I guess a good defense is a pathetic offense. I'm tired of EJ and Sami. They are so predicable. Oh yeah, he's a good father but a rotten human being. Give me a break.
    Marlena is falling right into Kristen's trap. Kristan will be the poor misunderstood victim and Marlena out to get her. John is such an idiot for getting anywhere near her. She knows his weakness and is playing on it. Just how lame is this? Wow, can see this one coming, too.
    Will probably will go along with this line. He can have sex, but not be man enough to own up to the consequence or be honest with the person he is suposed to love. He will let Nick and Gaby talk him into keeping quiet. Its the easy way out. Surprise, surprise. I'm waiting for Chad to find out Gabie is pregnant and see what he does, not knowing it's Wills kid and not Nicks.

    Posted by margecan at Tuesday, December 04 2012 12:25 PM

    hey everyone I haven't posted in a long time so there is a lot on my mind that I need to get out.

    First I hate the way that Bo is just being shoved to the side and is probably just going to be mentioned but never actually going to be there. They should have given him a way better exit s/l he deserves way better! What are they going to do for the holidays? Just keep saying he's in the other room. Isn't he going to have to hang up his christmas ornament on the tree at the horton house? Come on writers please try harder!

    Posted by margecan at Tuesday, December 04 2012 12:28 PM

    Marelna - I am starting to like her character again! She was getting so boring with John and now finally she gets an interesting storyline. I love the way Kristen is making her look crazy who knows she may even end up in the loony bin or something. I'm sure Kristen will love that! John is stupid like all men and will believe anything that a pretty face tells him. How long did it take him to forgive and forget? All but two seconds! Come on John are you really that dumb?

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