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    We're Both Pregnant Now.

    Thursday, November 15 2012
    John and Brady argue over Kristen, it's Jenn's first day back to work, and Eric is welcomed back.

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    Posted by feelingfrisky at Thursday, November 15 2012 12:00 PM

    Nicole, really how rude of you to Eric! And then you go running away with your tears over Sydney! Can she ever take responsibilty?! NO! and who is Taylor?

    And what exactly is Eric's game anyway????? Something is up here.....

    I am SO surprised it took ONE show and Gabi told Will. It really should be no big deal to Nick or Sonny. Gabi and Nick were not together & neither were Will & Sonny. Maybe they all be grown ups for once. LOL!

    And where is Chad? When has he been harrassing Gabi? I have not even seen him.

    Dan and Jenn, hhhmmmm better than Dan & Nic.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, November 15 2012 12:07 PM

    Taylor is Nicole's sister...that WELLS fell for with
    the big scarf!!! When he was SUPPOSE TO BE SO IN LOVE
    with Nicole!!

    Posted by Bailey Alexis at Thursday, November 15 2012 12:14 PM

    I see where Caroline is coming back. Does anyone know if a new Bo is coming back with her?

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, November 15 2012 12:19 PM

    If Caroline is coming back on the 29th....that certainly
    is one fast healing of dementia...........somebody needs
    to find out about all those suffering from it
    can get better that quickly!!! WOW!!

    She must be going to be on hand to play nanny again....
    isn't she getting too old for that!!!

    Posted by wash_08 at Thursday, November 15 2012 01:19 PM

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Thursday, November 15 2012 11:48 AM

    I do not care if Sonny & Will are gay at all. Not a big deal. BUT here is the problem: The show has them in BED ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Or MAKING OUT ALL THE FRWAKING TIME! The show doesn't even show man & woman in bed like that and never that much. ENOUGH all ready. This show will LOOSE a lot of fan base if they keep it up. There is time and place, but every time? BE SERIOUS!

    I totally agree w/you. I guess they're trying to broaden the fan base but the demographic of people who view this show are mostly women. This is wwaaayy to much.

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Thursday, November 15 2012 01:40 PM

    Hi to all, ok I think Gabe should of told Nick and Will should of let Sonny know about the pregnancy...but they will probbly do that another time, right now they both have to think about it some. Also like that Will took it so well. Agree with the poster who said Caroline coming back so soon, that someone needs to look that up....maybe where she went had some miracle meds no one else knows about, hmm?

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Thursday, November 15 2012 01:46 PM

    Also really didn't know Sami had a twin, let alone one so handsome, mmhm! But guess anything is possible on soaps haha. Wonder why Nic changed her plans to go for a visit at Taylor's for the Holidays, unless she thinks she might get another chance with EJ or some new guy, maybe even get back with Brady? Now Dr. Dan is visiting Jen in her office and grinning, hope they do get back together as I thought they were good for each other, jmo here.
    Ane yeah I remember how Brady and Madison were from the first which mde us all kinda sickish because they were so new to one another...still can't handle seeing Will kiss a guy but that's just me as I haven't even seen that in real life...yet.

    Posted by Bradygirl at Thursday, November 15 2012 01:53 PM

    Hi! Just signed up today. I've been following this site for a little while and everyone is so nice unlike other forums. I'm very excited that Eric is back! I cant wait to see how Greg Vaughan holds up. He was a very good Lucky Spencer on GH. I have also seen alot of negative feedback on Will & Sonny on other forums. Live and let live is my motto. I think they have taken alot of time to develop the relationship between Sonny & Will, more so than alot of other couples that just hit the sheets. What they are trying to portray for Sonny & Will is a love story. I love it and I think they are great actors. I thought the "sex" scene (if you want to call it that) was tastefully done and very tame as compared to Brady & Madison's soft core porn show. LOL Have a great evening everyone

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, November 15 2012 01:57 PM

    Nicole decided not to leave town....because she saw
    Eric.....and they are going to have a storyline in
    the coming days.....which is about time for Nicole to be
    on the front burner with something good happening!!

    Telling Eric she made guys do a lot of things...but
    never turn into a priest before was priceless!!:)

    Posted by everlena1973 at Thursday, November 15 2012 02:44 PM

    I see this show is sparking some fire. I am going to get caught up on the show tonight. Can't wait to see what's going on....Hey all!

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