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    A Really Rotten Night.

    Wednesday, October 03 2012
    Sami eavesdrops on EJ and Chad, Caroline eavesdrops on Jenn and Nicole, and Nicole eavesdrops on Brady and Daniel.

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    Posted by Bwarner24 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 01:57 PM

    Well I'm clearly in the minority but I LOVE SAFE and I LOVE AGENT HOTTIE and I just get tired of all the negative crap on here! I have NEVER called EJ names and I won't. Back in the day, we had lots of other posters on here besides Rafe haters(I could name them for hours)but I think all of them I used to talk to on here don't visit the site anymore...wonder why?? I used to love to comment on here but I RARELY do any more and I'm not dissing any ONE of you, I just notice the comments and read them everyday and just shake my head...but I'm gonna say it again...I LOVE SAFE and I LOVE AGENT HOTTIE! WOO HOO!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:01 PM

    Bwarner24, you are not alone, ChiSox1 and some others on here are die hard Rafe/Safe fans...and we have all been pretty open to feedback when we start get too snarky! We would LOVE to have you posting regularly! To us it's the more the merrier!!!!!

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:04 PM

    Ok I will stay then Engineer! and I hope no one is offended..if you are, I'm sorry! as long as I can keep typing I LOVE SAFE and I LOVE AGENT HOTTIE, I will be fine! LOL

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:06 PM

    Bwarner24, please feel happy to type it until your fingers hurt And yay, one more poster!!!! is back!!!

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:08 PM

    Bwarner - you GO girl!!! you should absolutely stick around AND voice your opinions!! You have just as much right as us ejami fans to say what you love about your couple. I kept asking (last week or the week before) for the safe fans to share on the board what makes safe work for them (cuz I just don't see it). I really try hard to understand the other side, and in fact, when safe first came together in the safe house, I LOVED them. But for me, their relationship just fizzled and died from that point on. Also, mate you personally don't trash EJ but others on here sure do ;-) I don't have a problem with that. I think this is exactly the type of forum to come to for venting about what you love and what you don't love about characters an storylines!!!

    Engineer mom - I agree with your last three comments wholeheartedly

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:09 PM

    Oops you guys wrote more while I was typing - lol. EM - I meant I agreed with your last three comments in the previous page!! I have yet to read why you just wrote while I was typing

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:14 PM

    OMG the typos!!!!! LOL!!! Hope it was understandable!!! LOL!!

    I forgot to comment how much I LOVED Jenn, Daniel, Nicole today .... Especially Jennifer!!!! She's doing awesome in her role these days, and I love how the writers are being true to her character!!!

    I also love the storyline with grandma c!! It's soooo real. I just lost my grandma (last living grandparent) in August this year, and she suffered from memory loss for the past 5-6 years :-( LOVE that days is tackling another "real life" disease as they've done in the past and bringing awareness to it

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:15 PM

    aww, yall are sooo sweet and I think it's great that this show means so much to all of us as it does! I look forward to DAYS. It's my comfort zone and my "me" time every night...:)

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:41 PM

    My suggestion to make everyone happy: A spin-off of DOOL, similar to the TLC show Sister Wives, starring: Sami, her three husbands and their four children! Something for everyone!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:45 PM

    LOLOLOL ChiSox1...see, it's really all in fun!

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