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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Ian McAllister - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ian McAllister Played by Ian Buchanan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ian Buchanan (CBS)

    Birthday: June 16, 1957
    Birthplace: Hamilton, Scotland
    Real Name: Ian Buchanan


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    I Own You.

    Tuesday, February 28 2012

    In her hotel room, Madison looks at a photo of her and Brady on her cell phone. Ian arrives, and she's cold toward him. He goes on about how proud he was of her sparring with Kate. Madison dries her tears and sarcastically tells him that's a good reason to stay married. She's tired of playing games. Ian finds the photo of Brady and she rants to him about taking the CEO position at Titan, knowing she wanted it. She wants a divorce. She confesses she loved Ian but not the way she feels for Brady. He's her equal and her soulmate. Ian knows she and Brady are in love. He understands. Madison is relieved but Ian says he doesn't give away his acquisitions. He's not letting her go. She knows the score. "I own you. That's why I 'm not going to divorce you. Not now, not ever." He tells her to get cleaned up. They're going out.

    Stale Crackers.

    Wednesday, February 22 2012

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Victor he feels to blame for Ian ending up at Titan. Victor says it's his own fault - he didn't catch his connection to Madison. Ian arrives with cookies for Maggie. He smirks that Madison's his wife. Victor accuses Ian of wanting to takeover Titan and doesn't think stale crackers will make him feel any better about this. Ian says he just wants to run the company as he was contracted to do. Brady tells Ian that keeping his relationship with Madison a secret makes it seem he's hiding other things. Ian denies it and mocks Brady for thinking he had Madison. Ian produces his new business plan for Titan, and then leaves. Victor, Maggie and Brady discuss Madison. Maggie says Brady's the man in her heart - not Ian. Once alone, Maggie confronts Victor for saying the situation with Ian wouldn't have happened if he weren't married to her. She tells him to sleep on the couch. Victor says she's the best thing that ever happened to him - if other things don't get his attention, so be it - it's just business. They kiss.

    Kate asks Quinn about a display at the gym. He turns to Madison, who urges him to tell Kate about their new arrangement. Kate says they had a deal. Quinn says it was never in writing, and Madison offered to take him international. Kate accuses Madison of doing this to get back at her. Madison asks, "For what?" Kate says for stealing Sami away maybe, but it seems more personal. Madison slams her for her age. Ian walks in and says to Madison, "Hello, lovely wife." Kate says it's all starting to make sense now - Madison knew about her relationship with Ian. Madison says she's still married to Ian and her company is way ahead - she's beat her at every turn. Madison wonders if Kate told Stefano that her ex-lover is in town. Kate reminds her what she did to Brady - she's not the disloyal one. Kate warns Madison if she keeps making things personal there will be war - and she'll lose. Kate goes, and Madison has words with Ian about him seeing Kate.

    The Disappearing Woman.

    Monday, February 20 2012

    Kate and Ian kiss passionately at the square until she pulls away and slaps him hard across his face. She's not doing this again! He pulls her in for another round and then tells her he can't give in to her like that. Kate's taken aback and tells him she won't bend to his every whim. She's not the same woman anymore. He insists no other woman has made her feel the way she makes him feel. Kate tears up. When he states how much he has missed her, she retorts, "Oh God you're annoying." He wanted to remind her of how well they fit together and with that, saunters off.

    Back at the hotel, Brady softens. He can now understand why she said it was so complicated but he doesn't understand why they're still together. Ian walks in and overhears. He'll never let Madison go. "Divorce is not an option."

    Ciara's EarthWorms.

    Friday, February 17 2012

    Victor leads Madison into the mansion, where they find Brady. He's not happy to see Madi and downright angry when Maggie brings Ian in. Victor tells the gang that Ian's the new CEO of Titan. Brady flies off the handle and Maggie's eyes widen as Ian explains that Brady's jealous because he took Brady's former job and took his wife back. Brady tries punching Ian, but is pushed to the sofa. Ian presses his walking stick to Brady's chest, and threatens that he'd better watch his temper, especially around him. Victor's eyes narrow and he demands to know what's going on. Brady explains Ian's Madi's husband. Victor finds him duplicitous and rescinds the offer. Ian says it's too late. He signed the contract. He takes his leave and Brady stomps off with Madi at his heels. Victor and Maggie return to the den and Victor chastises himself for leaving his guard down. He almost lets it slip that it wouldn't have happened before he met Maggie. Outside, Madison stops Brady to apologize and declare her love for him.

    Kate bumps into Ian outside the office. He can see that she's working late in order to free her memory of thoughts of him. He thinks they've still got chemistry and proves it with a lingering kiss.

    Dads Against Daughters Dating Ever.

    Wednesday, February 15 2012

    Kate's working when Ian steps into her office. She's surprised to see him. He comments that she never changes except to get more beautiful. Kate's bitter. Why is he there? He left her without reason or a forwarding address. He tries charming her. She shrugs that she hasn't thought of him in years. He reminds her of their time in Paris and she tells him she's had many lovely times in Paris with many interesting men. She becomes perturbed with him. He tells her nobody gets him the way she does, and moves in for a kiss but she tells him there's no chance of that. She's a devoted wife to Stefano DiMera. She shows him the massive bouquet he sent and threatens that Stefano would kill him if he knew he was here. Ian calls Stefano a sugar daddy. She tries hitting him but he grabs her hand and kisses it. She pulls away but he pulls her closer. He never should have let her go. He caresses her face and says he has moved back. "It's not Paris but it does have you." Kate looks affected.

    Rearranging Your Face.

    Monday, February 13 2012

    Brady walks into Madi's hotel room where Ian introduces himself as Madison's husband. Brady's jaw drops. He thinks it's a joke. Ian gets everyone drinks and asks how Brady knows Madi. Brady's speechless and hurt. He ignores Ian and finally asks Madison what's going on. Madison shakes her head. Ian demands to know if Brady's her lover. Brady reminds Madison he proposed to her. Ian says, "Congratulations, but...that is unfortunate." Madison admits Ian's her husband and Brady walks out on her. Ian stops Madi from chasing Brady and scolds her.

    A Supercouple.

    Friday, February 10 2012

    Brady drops Madison off at her hotel room and leaves. Madi finds a man in her room. Ian greets Madi. "Hello my darling. I've been waiting for you." She's surprised to see him and reluctantly hugs him. He missed her. Didn't she miss him? "Of course I did," she says and shakily offers to get take-out. He grabs her arm. She's not going anywhere. He asks what's new. She says Victor hasn't found another CEO yet. She really wanted that job. Ian doesn't care. If she does what he says, she won't get in trouble. Madi wants to start making decisions on her own. She shrugs him off when he tries touching her hair.

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