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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Ian McAllister - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ian McAllister Played by Ian Buchanan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ian Buchanan (CBS)

    Birthday: June 16, 1957
    Birthplace: Hamilton, Scotland
    Real Name: Ian Buchanan


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    Better Than A Toaster.

    Monday, April 09 2012

    In his hotel room, Ian opens up about his love for Kate and how he'll never let her go again. They start kissing and make love. Afterward, they discuss what might have been. Ian wants to make up for lost time. He and Madison are through. He wants to be with Kate. Kate forgot what it was like to come first for a man. They kiss and Ian orders room service as Kate twists her ring and feels guilty. She tells Ian she has made a terrible mistake. She tells Ian she and Stefano have a kind of love that includes accepting each other. She cries for him to pretend this never happened or suffer at Stefano's hand.

    Worst-Case Scenario.

    Friday, April 06 2012

    Kate runs into Ian in the square and he accuses her of having waited for him there. She acts offended, but then asks to go somewhere private. They go to his suite and debate about their marriages. Kate admits Stefano hasn't returned any of her calls and complains about 'his precious Marlena'. Ian wonders why she came to him. Kate muses that he's not so different from Stefano - she wants him to explain why he treated her as an afterthought. Ian says he let her go to protect her - he was being blackmailed and the person hired detectives to dig into her background. Ian says nothing can keep them apart now - Madison's his wife in name only - he's only ever loved Kate. They kiss.

    Change The Sheets!

    Tuesday, March 27 2012

    Ian and Madison arrive for at the outdoor restaurant for their business dinner. She is stunned to see Brady appear. Kate arrives, followed by Marlena. Kate asks why Marlena was late. She says she ran into Will, but doesn't elaborate. Marlena and Brady watch Madison and Ian. Marlena says Madison's in love, but not with her husband. They sit down. Ian announces that he's created a foundation in Madison's name to help young ladies in underprivileged areas realize their dreams. Brady stands up and tells Ian that he's not responsible for Madison being who she is. Madison stops him from continuing. Brady walks off with Marlena on his heels asking him if he knows what he's done. Madison tells Ian he was torturing Brady and leaves. Kate tells Ian he's married to someone who loves someone else, and confides that Stefano is still obsessed with Marlena. Ian tells Kate he cares for her in a way Stefano never will. Madison catches up with Brady and tells him he should be afraid of Ian. He kisses her passionately. She stops him, warning he'll lose everything. Back at the table, Ian tells Kate he knew Madison would chase Brady and leave them alone. Kate says she's not his anymore, but Ian says he'll be waiting whenever she's ready.

    Go And Get Yourself A Ho Ho.

    Friday, March 16 2012

    Madi heads home to find Ian has prepared a romantic dinner. She rips the table cloth off with a sneer. After what he did, champagne and caviar won't fix it. She just said goodbye to the man she loves. The worst feeling was breaking his heart. Ian apologizes but she doesn't believe it. He recalls their honeymoon and remembers happier days. Was she ever happy with him then or was that a lie? Madi was happy but throws the times he was unfaithful in his face. She somehow convinced herself it was okay but when she met Brady he showed her what real love is. They argue and Ian thinks Brady has turned her into a sniveling mess. He leaves with her sobbing.

    A Watched Phone Never Rings.

    Thursday, March 15 2012

    At work, Ian accuses Madi of losing her business acumen because of her boyfriend. She calls him on acting like a jealous schoolgirl but he continues warning her to stay away from Brady or suffer the consequences. He leaves and Madison takes out her engagement ring and plays with it while flashing to Brady's proposal. Brady turns up. They need to talk. Madi flashes to Ian's threats and tells Brady her life is with her husband. She's sorry but that's the end of the story. Brady wants to know what Ian has on her. "Here's the deal: You're scared; he's strong. I understand that but I'm strong too. And I'm not scared and the two of us together are strong enough to take that guy down." He thinks what they had is worth fighting for. Madi stands firm. She loves her husband. Brady doesn't believe her so she tries hurting him and hands over the ring. Hurt, Brady runs off and Madi sobs.

    An Obsession On Your Part.

    Friday, March 09 2012

    Brady shows up at Madison’s hotel room. He tells her he found a great divorce attorney. Madison has something important to tell him and thanks Brady for everything he’s done. Soon, Ian lets himself in. Brady announces they are in love and that she is divorcing him. Ian wants Madison to be happy but he wants to hear it from Madison herself. She speaks up but instead of talking to Ian she admits to Brady that she doesn’t intend to leave her husband. She explains that they have rough patches but share a deep connection. She claims she was looking for a distraction and asks Brady not to make it harder than it has to be. He wants to know what’s going on. Madi flashes to a discussion with Ian where he threatens to implicate Brady with a white-collar crime. She then explains to Brady that he’s a great guy but Ian is the only man she’ll ever love. It doesn’t make any sense to Brady. They go back and forth until Ian announces it’s time for Brady to go. He leaves and Madison tells Ian she hates him.

    He Has A Walking Stick.

    Monday, March 05 2012

    Kate finds Ian at the square. She says she owes him for telling him Sami's a mole. It was fun to see Sami sweat while she asked for her help in ferreting out the mole. Ian chuckles. Kate warns him that she's planning to get revenge on Sami, Brady and Madi. They'll look fetching in their orange jumpsuits. Ian threatens to leave Madi to him and Kate goes pale as he reminds her of what happened in the past when she attempted to stand on her "little soap box." Ian has made his point and takes off.

    Madi finds Ian in her hotel. He found the ring. Madi tells him she's free to do what she wants. He reminds her "actions are followed by consequences." Ian threatens to implicate Brady in the espionage scheme.

    Smoke Out This Traitor.

    Wednesday, February 29 2012

    Kate finds Ian on her doorstep. She tries to close the door but he sticks his foot in it. "Katie..." he drools. She corrects his informal use of her name. He's there on business, so she lets him in. If he values his knee caps and other parts of his anatomy, he should get to the point and then leave. Ian tells her she can't trust Sami Brady. Kate laughs. Ian tells her that Sami's spying on her and reporting back to Madison. Kate's skeptical. Ian is surprised Sami pulled the wool over her eyes. Kate plans on getting even with Madison.

    Will meets Sami at the square. She makes small talk and things are awkward. She may lose Rafe but she refuses to lose him. Will points out that all of their conversations revolve around her. She knows what that feels like to carry around her mother's dirty little secret. She promises to help him if he'd like to open up to her. Will admits he's kind of messed up and confused. He has feelings he can't get rid of. Will lets Sami hold his hand as he speaks and she tells him she's there for him. It was hard for her with him speaking to Marlena instead of her. Sami assumes everyone thinks that he went to Marlena because his problems stem with Sami. This upsets Will, who accuses her of making this about her again. He gets up to leave. She didn't mean it the way it sounds but has to worry about what people think of her, knowing the DiMera's can swoop in and take her kids from her. They argue and Will thinks she wants to look like the perfect mom and wife and that's where her energies are spent. At least she has her job. He mopes away and bumps into Ian, who knows who Will is. Ian says they'll be getting to know each other better in the not so distant future and takes off, leaving Will ponderous.

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