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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Ian McAllister - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ian McAllister Played by Ian Buchanan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ian Buchanan (CBS)

    Birthday: June 16, 1957
    Birthplace: Hamilton, Scotland
    Real Name: Ian Buchanan


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    For Better Or Worse.

    Thursday, May 03 2012

    At the square, Ian wishes they could go away together. Madison interrupts and Kate leaves them alone so Madison can rant at him about delaying their divorce proceedings. She thinks he's trying to use the company to distract her but it won't work. She wants to work out a property settlement. Ian admits he found someone else. Madison's realizes he's with Kate. Ian calls her thick. She must have known.

    Ian paces the square and tells someone on the phone that Madison finally believes he's giving her a divorce. He laughs and tells the person on the other end to get what he requested and pretty soon he says, "She won't want to have anything to do with him." Kate finds him and asks if he's done with Madison. Ian tells her this isn't a game and kisses her. He loves and wants her.

    Rent A Clown.

    Monday, April 23 2012

    Kate sneers at Ian's offer for Kate to Co-CEO MadWorld with Madison. He admits he gets a kick out of watching the women argue. She refuses to be the source for his entertainment. "If you're so bored, rent a clown." Ian thinks Kate and Madi's shared hatred of Sami will help motivate them. Lucas asks them to leave Sami out of this. Ian claims Kate and Madi are more alike than they know. He won't fire Madi. Lucas reminds Kate she doesn't have any other opportunities. She accepts under the condition that he hire Lucas. Ian accepts her condition but Lucas plans on returning to Hong Kong. He leaves and Kate's favorite designer, Mademoiselle Amy Accord, brings in some clothes. Kate gushes as Ian confesses he's giving her a new wardrobe.

    Cam and Celeste talk about Lexi losing her life so young at the Coffee Bean just as Kate and Ian arrive and sit nearby. Kate overhears and goes to them. She gasps and concerned, rushes to tell Stefano, leaving Ian at the cafe.

    The Door To Hell?

    Friday, April 20 2012

    Kate groans to Ian at the square that it's all over the internet that Stefano threw her out of the manse and named Sami her successor at CW. Ian retorts that when one door closes, another opens. "The door to hell?" Lucas arrives and is introduced. Lucas says, "It wasn't enough you married a career criminal but you cheated on him too?" Kate insists Stefano set her up. Lucas calls it a matter of time before Stefano destroys them both. Ian tries reassuring Lucas and confesses his love for Kate. Lucas is shocked but starts to remember they've met. Ian taught him how to ski in Gstaad. He has fond memories of that day. Ian gave him a puff of his cigar that day. Ian says he and Kate have found one another again. Ian heads to Titan and Kate spills the details about her separation. She doesn't blame Ian. They mourn losing Hearth & Home but Kate thinks they'll come out on top. Kate muses that she wants revenge on Sami.

    Madi and Brady drop by Titan and Ian toys with them before Kate and Lucas arrive. Ian brought them all together to offer Kate a job. Madison screams. They argue but Ian maintains that Sami has Stefano. He's offering Kate the position of Co-CEO of MadWorld.

    A Complete Sucker.

    Thursday, April 19 2012

    At Titan, Madison blasts a co-worker over the phone in front of Brady. He loves watching her do business. She says next order of business is to stick it to Sami Brady. They reminisce about being snowed in and eating from the vending machines when Ian interrupts their fantasy. "Sadly, those nights are behind you." He kicks Brady out and tells Madi he's granting her a divorce. She thinks it's a trick but he has consulted a lawyer. He wants to make it quick, easy and painless. "This is the end of us, Madison." She breaks out in a smile, one he hasn't seen in a while. She hugs him and he orders her to tell Brady the good news.

    Ian makes a call at Titan, telling someone he cut the ties with Madison and to set the next phase in motion. Kate wanders in. He thinks she looks awful and she opens up about Stefano taking everything from her. Ian is supportive but questions what kind of a man would throw out her belongings. Ian thinks Stefano's vicious and Kate deserves better. Kate reminds him he treats Madi the same way. Ian points out that he is giving Madi a divorce because he can't stay married to her while he's in love with Kate. "You're either the sweetest man I've ever known or you're a complete sucker." Ian laughs. They'll be together. That's all that matters. He can buy her a new wardrobe and give her a job at Titan. He offers revenge.

    Grief Sex.

    Tuesday, April 10 2012

    Kate paces at the mansion while flashing to sex with Ian. He arrives and Kate has a bird. She's not going to leave Stefano for him. He must go!

    Back at the mansion, Kate is flustered by Ian when she answers a call from Stefano. He taunts her a little and then tells her about spying on Marlena in order to get to John. Kate covers her tears as he puts on the act of the loving husband before hanging up and calling her a bitch. Kate tells Ian she made a mistake. She rails at him for ruining her life. He leaves but refuses to give up on her.

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