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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Ian McAllister - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ian McAllister Played by Ian Buchanan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ian Buchanan (CBS)

    Birthday: June 16, 1957
    Birthplace: Hamilton, Scotland
    Real Name: Ian Buchanan


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    Are You Out Of Your Mind?

    Thursday, July 05 2012

    In the square Ian invites Kate for champagne. Unfortunately she needs to be clear headed for her meeting with Brady and Madison. Ian says especially if Brady is stoned again. Kate wonders if he's doing that to Brady. She wants the truth. Ian suggests that addicts relapse and that's what happened - Brady is obviously weak. Kate wonders if he's trying to keep Brady away from Madison. He claims to not care about them. Kate gets a text saying Brady can't make it to the meeting then leaves. Ian makes a call and says that Brady will need something soon.

    Back at the square Ian receives photos of Brady’s drug deal.

    You Set Me Up!

    Thursday, June 28 2012

    Brady barges into Ian's office telling him he'll kill him. "You set me up! You've been slipping me drugs, McAllister." Ian denies it, accuses Brady of being high and thinks he's paranoid. Brady admits he is high and wonders how Ian set him up and why? Ian plays with Brady. "I have been sneaking into your room for weeks and sticking you with needles like a pin cushion. Good thing you and Madison aren't light sleepers or I'd never have gotten away with my diabolical plan," he says sarcastically. He offers to book Brady into an addiction facility. Brady laughs. Ian just wants to get rid of him but he's going nowhere. Ian starts belittling Brady and his relationship with Madi and attempts to call her. Brady throws the phone. Madi loves him and he's keeping her! Brady lets out some steam and kicks Ian's furniture over. He'll prove what Ian did. Ian wishes him luck and takes off.

    Your Nose Has Grown.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012

    At the office, Ian notes that today's not an easy day for Kate. She remembers Lexi as a lovely woman who was kind to her and refuses when he asks to accompany her to the memorial. He hopes Brady doesn't turn up high as a kite. Kate's puzzled. Why does he care? Ian points out that Brady's shenanigans are costing him money. Ian suggests Brady's back on drugs but Kate doesn't think that makes sense considering his life is coming together. It suddenly dawns on her that Ian's setting Brady up. Ian calls that absurd. Kate accuses him of trying to keep him away from Madi but Ian snorts that Madison's welcomed to "marry that junkie." Kate heads to the memorial.

    Brady arrives at Titan and finds Ian. "I'm going to kill you." Ian says, "Excuse me?" Brady claims he knows what Ian did.

    Sweating Like A Street Junkie.

    Monday, June 18 2012

    Brady slurps the rest of his protein shake at Titan as he, Ian and Madison discuss an ad campaign. Brady starts sweating and pacing and Ian leaves. Madison asks Brady what his problem is. Since she thinks he's high, he calls Daniel to schedule a drug test. They agree to meet and Brady assures Madi he values their relationship. Everything will be fine. He leaves and Ian returns. He tries finagling information about Brady from her but she doesn't bite. He knows Brady was high. He was 'shaking and sweating like a street junkie'. Madi doesn't want to discuss her private life but Ian insists he cares about her. She scoffs but Ian reminds her of the first time they met. He cared for her then and still does today. He accuses her of settling with Brady but she denies this. He accuses Brady of using and Madi explains where Brady is now.

    I Say Jump...

    Thursday, June 14 2012

    EJ stares at Stefano's portrait at home. Ian lets himself in with condolences. EJ says his father's remains are on their way back to Italy. Ian's not there to gawk. He came to see EJ. He knows what it's like to be the son of a powerful man. EJ lashes out about Ian taking Kate to bed. Ian tells EJ he knew Kate before Stefano did. EJ ponders why Ian found her memorable. He didn't. Ian discusses the war between DiMeras and the Kiriakis families and Ian would like to find a way to publicly support each other in their business ventures. EJ's offended. Ian suggests they have dinner another time and leaves.

    Ian returns to Titan and spots Kate listening at the boardroom door. She explains Brady is in there with Madison. She's waiting for Brady's confession which hasn't come. Ian acts surprised and concerned for Madison. In the boardroom, Madi says she still loves him. He wishes he didn't have 'this crap' in his past and swears on his mother's memory he didn't use drugs before that lunch. Madi asks Brady to postpone the wedding, which makes Brady panic. He asks that she not give up so they table their postponement discussion.

    Picking My Carcass Clean.

    Tuesday, June 05 2012

    Kate reads the news at Titan and remembers threatening Stefano with a gun. She tells Ian it's hard to think of Stefano as gone. Ian wonders if she must be a little relieved. Kate rehashes what Stefano did to her. They debate about whether or not Stefano can get to Ian from the grave. Ian smirks but Kate's sure Stefano would have gone for Ian next, after he finished 'picking her carcass clean'. Ian argues that no man cheats death but Kate knows he's wrong. Stefano has been "dead" so many times, she has lost count. She starts to cry. She feels terrible about it. He holds her hand and asks her to let it go. Did she kill Stefano? The cops interrupt. Ian excuses himself and Roman questions Kate. She was furious enough to do it but she didn't kill Stefano. She claims she doesn't know why her fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Ian pokes his head in just as Kate sobs, "Why would I murder someone I am so deeply and desperately in love with?" Stefano was the only one to pick up the pieces when "that happened with Bill Horton." Ian raises an eyebrow. Kate knows it wasn't conventional but their relationship evolved. Roman's sorry Stefano hurt her. Ian comes in and Roman asks for a gunshot residue test. The cops leave. Ian tells her it's time to exorcise her demons. Kate knows but she loved Stefano and now he's gone. She feels sad and guilty. Ian again asks if she killed Stefano.

    My Father's Dead?

    Monday, June 04 2012

    Kate arrives to Ian's office at Titan looking upset and guilty. She doesn't want to discuss Stefano.

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