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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Ian McAllister - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ian McAllister Played by Ian Buchanan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ian Buchanan (CBS)

    Birthday: June 16, 1957
    Birthplace: Hamilton, Scotland
    Real Name: Ian Buchanan


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    Friday, July 27 2012

    Bo and Hope arrive at the fundraiser and greet Abe, Maggie, and Victor. Kayla appears and they discuss Melanie. Victor hopes Daniel doesn't show up with that floozy. Maggie says if Nicole can help Daniel through this difficult time then God love her. Outside the doors, Daniel decides he can't go in. They feel a tremor. Nicole hugs him. He tries to leave on the elevator alone, but Nicole says he needs her. He doesn't want her company. Inside, everyone wonders if they felt an earthquake. Bo and Hope ask Lucas for a word - about Sami. They discuss EJ skipping town. Lucas has no idea where Sami is. Kayla has Theo say goodbye and they leave for the pub. Abby and Jack share a moment. "I'll always be your little girl." Madison arrives and Ian overhears her asking about Brady. Ian snarks that maybe he won't attend his own wedding. John tells him to get lost. Marlena says no one has seen Brady. Madison tears up and walks off. Ian follows. Doug and Julie walk Abe out. Daniel makes his apologies about not staying for the wedding. He tries calling Chad again. Nicole gets pains. Abby and Cameron are leaving, but Cameron goes back for her shawl. In the corridor, Madison accuses Ian of sabotaging her wedding.

    At the fundraiser, the explosion rocks the ballroom and chandeliers burst and fall. People are hurt everywhere. Abigail's in the elevator and the cable is breaking!

    The Temple Of Doom.

    Monday, July 23 2012

    Madi drags Brady into the Titan office to get her tablet. He'd rather get her back to the hotel and out of her dress. Kate and Ian walk in and learn Madison and Brady are getting married tomorrow. Brady flashes a brilliant smile at Ian, who narrows his eyes and tries getting under Brady's skin. Kate watches Ian's reaction as Brady promises, "I'll put your ass in traction," if Ian ever tries drugging him again. Madison tells Ian never to underestimate them and Brady makes a death threat. Lucas arrives and hears the wedding news. He congratulates the couple as they leave. Lucas gloats about EJ's arrest but says Sami thinks EJ is framed. Ian learns about the surveillance footage and flashes to taking the gloves from the bin. Pained, he rushes off claiming he has a conference call. Kate tells Lucas that for Sami, EJ is the sun in her orbit. Why is Lucas still trying to hold on to her? Lucas loves her and hopes in the end that she loves him, too. Kate doesn't think EJ will forget what Lucas did to him.

    Ian threatens some computer guy, telling him to delete the footage of him taking the gloves from the garbage bin. Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Sonny is about to try facial recognition software when the footage is deleted.

    Let The Salvation Begin.

    Thursday, July 19 2012

    In the office, Ian tells Kate he was looking after her interests by keeping tabs on the DiMera front. She asks what's in it for him. He insists he did it for her. She's skeptical. Ian says being with Stefano affected her ability to trust. Kate thinks he wants to help her get a piece of the DiMera pie and then share the windfall. She tells him to get it, and they'll talk.

    In the square, Marlena tells Lucas and John they should speak to Will about the letter before doing anything with it. Ian and Kate appear. John confronts Ian about what he did to Brady. Ian says he should have focused on his son instead of DiMera Enterprises. John says what he does is none of his business. Ian says DiMera Enterprises is his business because of Kate. Lucas snipes at him. Ian says he'll rectify what was taken from Kate. John mentions Brady and Madison and warns Ian not to mess with his family. Marlena calls him a misogynist bully. Ian wishes John luck with his family - he's going to need it. Kate tells Lucas to call her. After, John tells Lucas on with the letter - he and Marlena need to look into this Ian stuff.

    At the outdoor cafe, Kate takes Ian to task for goading John. He says he knows John is a former paramour of hers, and reminds her he'll get Countess Wilhelmina back. Ian talks about getting insider knowledge and toasts to getting what they deserve.

    All The Little Bread Crumbs.

    Monday, July 16 2012

    At Titan, as Kate frantically looks for documents. Ian notices she has the package in her bag that she originally locked into her desk. She runs to a meeting after finding the documents and Ian opens the package, and reads his Will and other papers related to his estate. Kate catches him. He wonders why she's hiding the papers. She's not but doesn't think it's necessary for him to read them. Ian doesn't want secrets from her and doesn't know why she'd want anything from that 'miserable bastard' anyway. Kate rolls her eyes. They discuss how Madi accompanied Brady to rehab. Ian's surprised.

    Back at Titan, Kate learns about EJ's polygraph and that Roman searched EJ's apartment. Ian's curious about what they expect to find there. Kate's frankly surprised that EJ's a prime suspect. Ian's not. Kate realizes he doesn't like EJ much. Ian flashes to fishing EJ's gloves out of the bin and planting the bullets and gloves in his apartment. He smiles slightly.

    Crazy Fun.

    Monday, July 09 2012

    Ian watches as Kate receives a package at Titan that upsets her. She sighs and locks it into her desk, prompting Ian to ask what she's hiding. She claims she received a personal package and apologizes. He can dock it from her salary. She asks if he'll help her find Madison and takes off for a meeting. Ian fiddles with the lock on her desk. A call comes in. He asks his minion to 'bring the materials' to him. "They can't be traced to me," he says. He looks at photos he has taken of Brady's drug transaction on his cell phone. Later, his minion shows up and hands over the drugs. Ian promises to transfer payment into his account in the morning. Ian tries once more to open Kate's desk. The minion leaves and Kate arrives. She sees the drugs and he tells her it's a protein supplement. She says that's the one Brady uses. She grabs it, wanting to see what the fuss is about. She stirs it into water and Ian panics as she puts the glass to her lips. He grabs her and gives her a kiss and purposefully spills the drink. They laugh it off and Kate has another meeting. She takes the package from her desk with her and Ian sulks.

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