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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Celeste Perrault - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celeste Perrault Played by Beverly Todd on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Todd (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: July 11, 1946
    Birthplace: Chicago, USA
    Real Name: Beverly Todd


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    Goodnight… Sweetheart.

    Friday, June 29 2012

    Abe, John and Marlena arrive at Chez Rouge. They mention how much good Lexi did in the world. Abe laments, "It shouldn't have been her time. It's just not right." Nearby, Jenn and Jack wander over to Kayla who's receiving a text from Steve offering his condolences. Jenn thinks he should be there. Bo and Hope overhear when Kayla admits her marriage is over. She confesses she’s getting a divorce. Meanwhile, Sydney and Johnny run over to hug EJ before sitting down. Soon Celeste, Cameron and Theo arrive followed by Abby, Chad and Gabi who catch up with Cam. Abby tells Cameron that Theo is lucky to have him in his life. Cam mentions how everyone knew his sister better than him. Gabi and Chad reassure him that everyone will share stories of Lexi which prompts Abe, who wanders over, to suggest that's what the party should be about as Lexi would like that.

    The group continues to mingle. Abe talks about dealing with Theo's autism. Lexi wouldn't let him be in denial. He flashes to a memory of Theo completing a train puzzle. He tells everyone about a foundation he's created in Lexi's name to support families dealing with autism. He hopes he has what it takes to raise Theo on his own. The group offers their support. Later Abby asks Chad if Mel knows about Lexi. He left her a message. Abby looks upset when Gabi comforts Chad. Bo and Hope wander over to Abe who is just finishing a call with Brandon. Bo tells him they forgave Lexi for trying to keep Zack for herself. Meanwhile Celeste sits down with EJ to share that Lexi wanted them to get along. EJ asks her, since she has a sixth sense, if they will catch Stefano’s killer. She says it will come out - is that what he wants? She believes EJ when he says he didn't kill him.

    Really Good At Being Bad.

    Thursday, June 21 2012

    John and Marlena show up at Abe's door with tears and hugs. In the garden, Cameron tries to get Celeste to head in to talk to Abe. She's not ready. She's sorry Cameron didn't have much time with Lexi. Cameron assures her he won't leave her. He's staying in Salem. Celeste assumes it's because of Abigail. She still has misgivings about Abigail and warns her son not to let Abby's darkness envelope him. Cam thinks he can protect her. Inside, Abe mutters about the flowers he and Lexi grew in the garden and how brave she was. They're surprised to learn Lexi was exposed to a toxic gas in the tunnels that caused her tumor. "She died because of Stefano," he tells them and Lexi knew. Still, she forgave him. Marlena receives a text about Will's release. John scoffs that the media doesn't check their facts but Marlena admits Will is gay. John's surprised she knew but it doesn't matter. Next time he sees him, he'll tell him he loves him. Abe respects those who learn their truths. So did Lexi. Abe realizes Chad may not know about Lexi so Marlena goes off to call him while John tells Abe it's okay not to stay strong. Abe figures he's still in shock. John cries and Abe talks about how Theo knew, the moment Lexi passed. Celeste and Cameron walk in and hug Abe. Everyone takes off and Theo asks, "Daddy, what do we do now?" They look at photos of Lexi together and flashback to better times.

    Abigail watches Chad sniffling at the square. He tells her about the argument with Melanie and that she left. What does he do? Abby's just as baffled as he is. It's not like Melanie. Chad says he was angry that he didn't let his father into his life sooner and took it out on Mel. He's considering going to Europe to apologize in person. Gabi walks up and tells him it's a bad idea. She and Abby argue and Abby eventually agrees he should give Melanie time. Chad receives a call from Marlena, telling him Lexi's dead. He holds back the tears and hangs up. Abby hugs him while he cries. Later, she finds Cameron and Celeste and gives her condolences to them. Celeste gives her a chilly reception. Cam feels cheated and hopes he can be the kind of uncle Theo needs him to be. Nearby, Gabi offers to lend him support. Chad needs his sister more than ever now, and she's gone.

    No Rainbow Flag For You!

    Thursday, May 24 2012

    At the Carver's, Celeste and Theo play with her Tarot cards. Celeste, Lexi and Abe get uptight when Theo draws the card of death which he thinks shows his mommy. Celeste explains that it can mean a new beginning. Theo's excited to see his uncle at the luncheon today.

    EJ walks in on Stefano on the phone, speaking with the Italian jeweler about the coin. He is willing to pay any price for what he needs. EJ exclaims that he won't use the money he stole from him. Stefano points out that it's not his money anyway. EJ still wants it returned. Stefano smirks. It'll never happen. Besides, John Black's pension plan has given him the mayoral seat. EJ goes off on Stefano. The only reason he hasn't strangled him and stuck his body on the table as a centerpiece is because he still cares about him. Stefano tells his son he made him and if he wants, he can break him. Lexi walks in and immediately gets a headache. She orders them to their corners. Theo and Abe turn up and Stefano takes Theo and Celeste into the garden while Abe makes a call. EJ makes light of the argument. Lexi worries for his future. EJ tears up and Lexi tells him he's the only brother she has ever truly known. She loves him so much. They hug. Theo, Celeste and Stefano walk into the foyer. Theo runs to his mom while Celeste and Stefano think about how much they love Lexi. Celeste returns to the great room and Abe confronts Stefano about the gases making Lexi ill. Abe refuses to tell Lexi the truth but this won't end with her life. He'll never forget nor forgive it. Chad shows up. Stefano's thrilled when his son asks to be a part of the family again - just not like EJ. They hug and EJ watches, sadly. Lexi greets Chad and tells him to keep Father at arm's length. They hug and Melanie turns up with hugs and kisses and some acceptance. Mel takes Theo to the kitchen while Lexi makes a speech. She hopes everyone will try to get along after she's gone. For Theo. A photographer, Mr. Chambers, arrives and starts taking portrait photos.


    Wednesday, May 23 2012

    Abe takes Lexi home and Celeste learns she collapsed at SPD. Lexi allows Abe to call Daniel even though there's nothing he can do for her. Celeste gets a blanket and tells Lexi that she and Theo read a book before bedtime. Daniel shows up and Lexi sends Abe and Celeste off to get her soup from the Mandalay. Lexi feels lousy. Her headaches are getting worse and every muscle in her body aches. She feels her time running out. It's a matter of days, not months. She asks Daniel to keep it quiet. She doesn't want family to worry. Lexi cries that sometimes there are days when she wants to get into her car and drive into something or scream at the top of her lungs, "This isn't fair. Why me?" She stays strong for Theo. Daniel offers her support if she needs to rant. She nods and cries in his arms.

    Abe and Celeste walk the square and talk about making Lexi's last months stress-free. Celeste gets the soup and Roman arrives to show Abe documentation on the gases in the tunnels. Abe knew it. It's all Stefano's fault. Roman reminds him it's Andre's fault but Abe says all bets are off. Lexi's the last of Stefano's victims.

    Abe and Celeste return to the house and Daniel privately tells Abe that if he needs to talk, he's there for him. Daniel remembers taking things one day at a time during Rebecca's illness. Later, Lexi and Abe snuggle. "I wish we could have danced forever," Lexi says before falling asleep.

    Check And Mate.

    Friday, May 18 2012

    Lexi is thrilled that EJ, Abe, Chad, and Cameron brought Paris to the square. She feels special and thankful. EJ says, "Well done, Abraham," and Abe says Melanie tutored him in French. He croons, "Je t'aime," and in turn gets a kiss and a dance. Abby's glad EJ and Abe aren't at each other's throats and mentions being close with her own brother. She learns that Cameron knows JJ from St. Albain school. EJ takes off while Melanie and Chad have their caricatures drawn. Gabi shows up and Abby and Cam stare at Abe and Lexi wistfully while Abby notices Gabi's jealous gaze on Mel and Chad. Gabi asks to take Chad aside. Lexi goes to her brother. He tells her Paris becomes her. She thanks him for Paris and for getting along with Abe. She asks if he's alright and he reluctantly confesses he's not. She assumes it's about Nicole. He admits he misses her more than he could have imagined. Nearby, Celeste consults her Tarot cards and Chad tells Abby that Gabi's been getting phone calls from her stalker. Abby wants to see Gabi's phone but Gabi gets uptight and refuses. She deleted the calls, which were blocked, anyway. Elsewhere, Lexi tells her brother that she sees him living a wonderful life. As much as he screws up, she sees good things happening.

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