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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed Played by Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lisa Rinna (NBC)

    Birthday: July 11, 1963
    Birthplace: Medford, Oregon, USA
    Marital Status: Married Harry Hamlin March '97 – present (2 kids)
    Real Name: Lisa Rinna
    Height: 5' 7"


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    I'll Need Hazard Pay For That!

    Monday, March 26 2012

    Daniel meets with Billie at the pub and tells her Kate is concerned about the two of them. Billie can't believe it. Daniel smirks that Kate will likely warn her from falling for his charms. Billie laughs and orders a beer. Billie gets a call from Agent Spencer. She and Daniel exit and agree to do this again sometime. Agent Spencer appears and Billie says Daniel is just a friend. He tells her they have to keep pushing their case against Stefano. Billie says, so far, the paper trail leads to EJ. Spencer says it's time for her to up her game.

    Still at the square, Agent Spencer tells Billie they've decided she will be moving into the DiMera mansion to keep tabs on Stefano. Billie gasps, "You want me to move in with my mother? I will need hazard pay for that!"


    Monday, March 19 2012

    Billie wanders into the spa and watches Daniel working out. He needs a break. She gathers that since he's been going at it so intensely. "Go intense or go home," he quips. They discuss Bo and how he has a lot to fight for. She tells him how Bo was a big part of her life in the past but that's history. Later, Daniel has showered and watches Billie boxing. She tells him Austin taught her. He thinks she could use some footwork. He tells her about his hand tremors and admits he's no longer a surgeon so doesn't have to worry about boxing. He teaches her a few moves and she punches him in the gut, not realizing her own strength. Daniel groans in pain. She doesn't hold back! He remembers she worked in the ISA and when she hurts her hand he offers to look at it. She refuses, remembering his track record with romancing his patients. He's been with her daughter and her mother. Is he trying to keep it in the family? He tells her she's hot but she's nuts. He's trying to get over Jennifer right now anyway. Billie apologizes. Both are trying to put this year behind them. They agree to be friends.

    Go And Get Yourself A Ho Ho.

    Friday, March 16 2012

    At the CW offices, Sami's dumbfounded to learn Billie has returned as co-CEO. She tells Billie how good she looks since her accident and wonders if she still has a job there. Kate laughs. Why has she done something wrong? Sami's startled but denies it. Billie can't wait to see Sami's kids. Kate tells Sami to find the mole and she'll find her a very special place. "I guarantee it," she finishes. Sami asks if Billie wouldn't mind doing the company travelling but Kate thinks Sami's doing such a good job. Sami wants to go home to her kids but Kate hands her a file and orders her to keep looking for the mole. Sami hasn't eaten so Kate suggests she go get herself a ho-ho. "When you find that mole, you're going to get everything you deserve and more." She and Billy will take the kids out for dinner tonight and put the kids to sleep because Sami will be there all night. They take off leaving Sami stunned. "Bite me bitches," she snarls when they leave.

    Billie and Kate arrive at the pub to get the kids. Billie's dying to know what Kate is up to, so Kate confesses Sami's the mole. Kate's going to make her suffer.

    I Like Dogs.

    Wednesday, March 14 2012

    Austin arrives at the hotel with a sigh. He tells a sleeping figure under the covers how he was drunk off his ass. "Or I'd never cheated on you." Billie gets up from underneath the covers. "You dog. No, I take that back. I like dogs," she says. Austin's incredulous to see his sister in his bed and hugs her tight. Billie laughs and assumes he knew she was there and was playing a joke on her. His silence speaks volumes. He finally admits what happened. Billie thinks he blew it this time. Billie calls the hospital for news on Bo and tells Austin he's in a coma. She worries that she hasn't been able to get through to Hope to tell her Bo's doing better. Billie reminds Austin that he forgave Carrie for Mike. Austin remembers. It took years. Since it was only one night, and Austin's not a serial cheater, Carrie will remember that. "As soon as she's done hating your guts," Billie finishes, laughing. Austin starts to laugh but he stops, admitting he doesn't know how to fix this.

    Lame Duck.

    Tuesday, March 13 2012

    Billie receives a call in Bo's hospital room from Hope just as Bo goes into cardiac arrest. Billie yells and Lexi comes running. She works on Bo and yells for Billie to leave. Billie tries to tell her she's on the phone with Hope, but the line goes dead and she is forced to leave. Billie attempts to return Hope's call but can't get through. Kate arrives and Billie relays what just happened. She leaves Chelsea a message. Kate suggests Billie may not be the one to give Hope news if Bo's dead. Billie admits she still cares for Bo but she didn't return for his sake. Lexi turns up. Bo's stable. Billie worries Lexi's keeping something from them. Lexi urges her to have faith, which seems to calm Billie. When Kate asks, Billie turns down her offer to stay at the mansion with her. She notes that Kate seems happy. Is she? Kate thinks the good outweighs the bad and she and Stefano care about each other a lot. Billie wonders if that's enough for her. Kate lists off reasons as to why she's comfortable with her life. They discuss Ian and Madi and MadWorld and how Ian breaks hearts wherever he goes. Lexi lets them in to see Bo. Lexi promises that he'll be just fine.

    Immoral And Unethical.

    Monday, March 12 2012

    Billie finds Daniel outside of Bo's room at the hospital. She realizes he's Chelsea's old beau and tells him if he takes care of Bo, she'll give him a clean slate. She heads in to see Bo and cries. She can't believe she's seeing him like this. She flashes back to a time Bo had her back. It's her turn now. She gives him a pep talk, hoping he'll wake up but he lies motionless. She tells him to come back to his loved ones and lists off those who love him, including her. Maggie and Victor arrive and catch-up. Daniel returns with no news. They discuss the shock of Daniel being Maggie's son. Daniel leaves to get test results while Victor gives Bo his own pep talk, telling his son how proud of him he is and how much he loves him. Maggie tears up and goes to get air. Victor lets Billie know Hope's out of the country with John getting a divorce. Victor shares details and shocks Billie. She implores Victor to help her stop Stefano. Victor's sorry she has left Titan but knows CW is her baby. He jokes that she should stay away from Ian and Madi but Billie calls herself a sucker for a challenge. Maggie finds Daniel in his office. She tears up. It kills her seeing Bo in the hospital and Victor in pain. She can't help thinking, "What if it were you?" She's sure she couldn't survive that. Daniel assures her he's not going anywhere and hugs her. He admits Bo's brain function hasn't changed. Maggie returns to take Victor home and Billie stays behind with Bo.

    From Alamainia, Hope finally gets through to University Hospital. Billie picks up the phone in Bo's room just as Bo has a seizure. Billie screams for help and yells that Bo's dying as Hope listens, helplessly.

    An Obsession On Your Part.

    Friday, March 09 2012

    At the square, Kate is organizing a photo shoot with Gabi and Chad. Kate mentions taking the campaign in a new direction and her new co-CEO is the brains behind it. Lucas wanders over. Billie Reed strides over and Kate introduces her daughter as the new co-CEO of CW. They all shake hands before Chad and Gabi get to work. When they go off to model, Lucas and Billie hug and she explains that coming back was a last minute decision. She missed CW. Kate wonders how Chelsea is taking it but Billie assures her she’s fine. Kate is thrilled to have both Lucas and Billie in town. Lucas leaves to phone Will. Billie and Kate watch the photo shoot but it’s too clean for Billie so she heads over to Gabi and Chad to create sexier looks. Kate’s impressed. While watching the shoot, Billie comments on their great chemistry but Chad explains they’re not a couple. Later, Gabi eavedrops on Chad chatting with Mel on the phone then invites him to get a bite to eat. While looking at the proofs, Billie mentions she thinks Gabi has it bad for Chad. Soon Kate, Lucas and Billie sit down. Billie shares that she and Bo are in a good place and Lucas tells his engagement news. They laugh about Kate trying to annihilate MadWorld. Lucas takes a call from Will. He shares the news about Bo and Billie takes off for the hospital.

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