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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed Played by Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lisa Rinna (NBC)

    Birthday: July 11, 1963
    Birthplace: Medford, Oregon, USA
    Marital Status: Married Harry Hamlin March '97 – present (2 kids)
    Real Name: Lisa Rinna
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Cold, Ruthless, And Unforgiving...

    Monday, May 14 2012

    At the park, EJ assures Billie that Stefano claims not to be involved in clearing John Black's name. Billie fills him in on Alice's IOU and Bo and Hope calling in the debt. EJ wonders why Billie is trying to drive a wedge between him and his father. Billie thought EJ had a right to know. EJ reminds her she hates him as much as she hates Stefano. Billie thinks since Stefano just murdered six people, EJ's looking better and better.

    Billie returns to the ISA office and gloats over her talk with EJ. She wouldn't be surprised if EJ and Stefano are at each other's throats right now! Shane contacts someone and learns that the markings on the coin were made by a private family jeweler in Perugia. Santo DiMera used that same jeweler. Bo and Hope want to follow the lead. Shane refuses. He's more worried about smuggling them back to the safe house. Shane decides to leave them locked alone in the office to do more research for a while. Billie and Shane leave and Bo uses that moment to kiss Hope. Moments later, Harmon turns up and cons Becky to let him into Shane's office. Hope hears the door being jiggled. Harmon gets Becky to unlock it and he goes inside. He's alone and rifles through Shane's things when he hears a noise. He takes out a gun and goes to the other room, where Bo and Hope are hiding.

    Enough Wallowing.

    Friday, May 11 2012

    Hope and Bo follow Billie into the ISA offices. Billie chastises Shane for allowing the couple out in the open. Billie confesses she's working at bringing Stefano down. She tells them about the bill of sales for arms dealing and how EJ's clueless. She tells them how EJ set John up and Stefano double crossed EJ and used the pension money for arms. Bo and Hope gasp and snicker about the turn of events. Billie wants to find a way to split up Stefano and EJ. Hope suggests Billie tell EJ the truth about Stefano's betrayal. Billie calls EJ to set up a meeting.

    Billie and EJ meet at the park. She tells him she knows he framed John Black and stole the pension money to help get him elected as mayor. EJ tells her to get to the point. She admits she knows Stefano made it possible to get John freed from jail. "Your own father betrayed you to help his sworn enemy." EJ's eyes narrow.

    Hanging Traitors In A Public Square.

    Thursday, May 10 2012

    Sami pauses outside the pub with Lucas, wondering why Roman wanted them to meet. She worries about what to say to the kids and muses about not telling her mother she loved her. Inside, Brady admits to Madi and Nicole that he was going to ask his father to be his best man. Nearby, Doug and Julie are devastated. Austin rehashes his issues with Carrie to Billie. Outside, Sami stops Gabi and Will with kind words and an olive branch for Will, who doesn't want it. Sami promises to Lucas that she'll change and make her mother proud. Inside, Nicole thanks Daniel for taking her to the service. She's heart-sick about Rafe. Nicole thinks she should disappear and gets worked up so Daniel calms her and makes her think rationally. Madi takes off to work and Sami hugs Julie. Billie leaves and Gabi tells Will she can't get in touch with anyone from her family. Will assures her she's not alone.

    Shane finds Harmon at the park outside the square. Harmon asks how he's doing. Shane says the loss of those people undermines the ISA's efforts to bring down Stefano. Everything they had on Stefano was gone in the explosion. They've got to start from scratch. Harmon agrees to be the center of the new investigation. Later, Billie sees Shane, who whispers to her that the six are alive and to stay quiet. She offers help with the ISA and he leaves. Daniel finds her and they go off to get coffee.

    A Sick Small Man.

    Wednesday, May 09 2012

    When Austin doesn't answer his door at the hotel, Billie lets herself in and finds him sitting on the floor crying in his underwear. Billie finds a crumpled photo of Carrie in the bin and Austin sadly admits he's so "frikkin' furious" with his wife. He rants about Carrie being at the safe house, assuming she was there for Rafe. Austin throws stuff around the room and admits he misses Carrie.

    Sami and Lucas arrive at the pub. She's apprehensive about going inside, knowing she made her sister's life a living hell. Kayla is talking about how some family couldn't make it, sent letters. She asks everyone to pay tribute by getting up and reminiscing. Gabi talks about what a great big brother Rafe was. She breaks down and Mel motions for Chad to comfort her. Sami talks about feeling blessed to have known Rafe. Victor loved Bo and is glad Bo grew up with such a fine family. Jennifer gets up and remembers how adventurous Hope was when they were kids and how she was her best friend. Austin speaks about falling in love with Carrie over and over and how they discussed having a family recently. Will reminisces about Marlena befriending half of Salem and how she was the one person he could talk to. Brady talks about John always doing the right thing. Brady's going to try to live his life in a way John would have been proud of. Sami suddenly jumps up and talks about wanting to give anything for another chance to have her mother put her arms around her. EJ shows up outside with Stefano. EJ wants Stefano to see the pain he has caused. Stefano growls, "Since when have you been so damned sanctimonious?" He walks away. Inside, everyone decides to head to the memorial.

    They Are Coming For You.

    Tuesday, May 08 2012

    Everyone gathers at the pub, sobbing over Roman's news that Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Carrie and Rafe are dead. Brady and Madison arrive and Brady goes into denial. Gabi and Nicole are in shock. Shane and Roman try to comfort Sami while she sobs and blames Roman. Brady yells that this is not Roman's fault. Will interjects to scream at Sami until Austin grabs him and reminds him Carrie and Sami loved each other no matter what he thinks. Will cries and apologizes while Roman tells Billie why everyone was in the safe house. Brady calls this murder. He's going to make Stefano pay. He runs out and Madi, Shane and Roman dash after him. Brady wants Stefano dead but Madi and Roman mange to talk him down. Back inside, Nicole, Kayla and Sami comfort Gabi. Lucas and Will discuss Sami and Marlena's difficult relationship. Shane returns and Billie demands answers but he has nothing to tell her.

    Jenn and Jack run into the pub with Abby. Kayla tells Jenn it's true, Bo and Hope died together. Kayla tried to reach Chelsea and Max and Caroline and Ciara are on a trip. Roman wants to tell them himself. Jenn calls Shawn and Belle. Abby apologizes to Austin while Roman is in pain over the lies. Shane says it's the only way to get to Stefano. Kayla overhears the last bit and warns that if they don't get to Stefano, one of them will. Jennifer yells that if Stefano did this, she hopes he burns in hell. Roman learns that EJ's making a public statement and rushes to watch. Everyone gathers around the television.

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