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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed Played by Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lisa Rinna (NBC)

    Birthday: July 11, 1963
    Birthplace: Medford, Oregon, USA
    Marital Status: Married Harry Hamlin March '97 – present (2 kids)
    Real Name: Lisa Rinna
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Stop The Risky Behavior.

    Friday, December 28 2012

    At the pub Jenn and Daniel joke about it being a special place. Inside, they flash to when they met and laugh about him being a dork. They flirt and banter while playing darts then Daniel takes a call. Anne wanders over to tell Jenn she doesn't look like a grieving widow. Billie pulls her away and Jenn and Daniel leave. Outside the pub Will catches up with Kate. She tells Will she doesn't trust Nick.

    A Very Merry Christmas.

    Wednesday, December 26 2012

    Lucas greets Billie at the cafe. She says Chelsea sends her love. Kate arrives in a great mood. Lucas tells them they are joining him at the Horton's for Christmas. He quips, "If Gabi Hernandez can get an ornament, we can go."

    Lucas arrives with Billie and Kate at the Horton house. Julie greets them. Kate answers the phone - it's Bill. Lucas gets on. Will and Sonny enter and exchange pleasantries. Lucas spots Jennifer coming in with Daniel and tells her she missed Dad's call - he's concerned about her. Jenn says it's been a tough Christmas, but a great one too. Julie fusses over Gabi. Victor tells Daniel he'll never get used to seeing his name on the Horton tree.

    Abby brings Chad into the Horton house and Nick asks why she'd bring him there. She insists they all get along because it's Christmas. Lucas gives Sonny a gift - a donation to PFLAG in his name. Lucas admits he goes to the meetings. Sonny and Will are blown away. Maggie asks Doug to do her a favor. He gets everyone's attention - Maggie has something to say. Maggie says Alice and Tom must be so proud right now. To them, family was family, whether you were born into it or not. "We wish you a very Merry Christmas."

    Safe Travels.

    Monday, October 29 2012

    Billie and Bo meet by chance in the cafe. They discuss Caroline. Billie mentions Chelsea not being there to say goodbye. Bo says Caroline will be back. Billie hugs him. "Safe travels." Marlena and John appear. Marlena embraces Bo, and they talk about Caroline. John says she's the only woman he recalls calling 'Mom'. Marlena takes a call and John and Bo discuss the frustration of pursuing Stefano. John's pleased to hear Bo isn't giving up - just putting Ma first. Marlena returns and they wish Bo luck. Bo leaves, and Marlena reminds John they need to talk about Kristen later. He goes to a meeting.

    Will sits with Caroline at the pub. They agree they'll miss each other. Caroline talks about faith and mentions how happy Will seems. She tells him to keep it up. After, Will talks to Nick and Gabi about Caroline. Gabi says she's there if he needs to talk. Will goes, and Nick tells Gabi he owes Mrs. Brady so much. Billie appears. She gives Nick an envelope containing a job offer. After, Gabi and Nick marvel at the big salary, but Nick doesn't trust Kate. Gabi says she feels he knows Billie. He tells her not to be jealous.

    Lucas comes upon Billie outside the pub. She has just hung up from Kate. He tells her about the scene at Sonny's place and declares that Sonny is using Will.

    The Waltons.

    Monday, October 15 2012

    Nicole cries over her loss at the hospital. Daniel arrives. He won't let her be alone and gives her his condolences. She bawls and accuses Jennifer of killing her son and plays on his emotions, talking about what ifs. Later, Billie comforts Daniel. He asks for details, so she tells him what she saw at the square. He wonders where Jenn is and is shocked to hear she was arrested for murder.

    He Didn't Make It.

    Thursday, October 11 2012

    Nicole and Jenn struggle at the top of the steps at the square. Jenn tries to get Nicole to let go of her arm when Nicole goes flying down the stairs. Brady and Billie watch and rush to Nicole's side. Nicole accuses Jenn of pushing her and then goes into labor while Billie yells for Nic to do Lamaze breathing. The EMS arrives and Jenn starts to cry and swears she didn't do this. Brady barks at Jenn to stay away from Nicole. Roman arrives and Jenn makes a statement even though she can't recall the sequence of events. Billie suggests she get a lawyer and Roman heads to the hospital. Jenn wants to go along but is told to stay put. She cries, worried for the baby.

    Back at the square, Billie tells Jennifer the bad news. Jenn starts to bawl.

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