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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed Played by Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lisa Rinna (NBC)

    Birthday: July 11, 1963
    Birthplace: Medford, Oregon, USA
    Marital Status: Married Harry Hamlin March '97 – present (2 kids)
    Real Name: Lisa Rinna
    Height: 5' 7"


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    It's Time To Play Hardball, Will.

    Wednesday, January 30 2013

    From the cafe, Billie is on the phone accepting a job offer.

    Kate and Billie meet at the cafe. Kate learns Billie got a new position in Europe. She leaves tonight. Kate tears up. Does Billie hate her that much? Billie doesn't mean to hurt her. She needs this change for her and they'll still visit. They sob and declare their love for each other before Billie heads out.

    Playing House.

    Tuesday, January 29 2013

    At the square, Kate and Billie disagree when Kate blame Chloe for only getting supervised visits with Parker. Billie says she has herself to blame and is unwilling to change her ways. Kate's hurt. Billie's tired of being unheard and of Kate's plots and schemes, Billie needs space and has found a new job. Kate promises to stop. Emotions come to the surface as they say a tearful goodbye.

    We See All. We Know All.

    Thursday, January 17 2013

    At the pub, Nicole overhears Kate talking about seeing Jenn and Daniel talking. She assumes Chloe's sordid secret is out. Nicole takes off.

    Nancy Wesley's Aluminum Christmas Tree.

    Wednesday, January 16 2013

    Jenn and Daniel arrive at the Brady pub after buying Parker toys. Kate arrives with Billie. She needs his help as does Parker. Jenn and Billie give them space and Kate cries as she asks Daniel not to get supervised visits. Daniel won't make any promises but he'll do what she can. Kate relaxes. Jenn and Dan leave and Kate tells Billie the good news. Kate says that's not all. She wants Chloe to be in a living hell.

    This Changes Everything.

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Gabi walks down the aisle to Nick at St. Luke's and Father Eric starts the proceedings. Rafe gives her away and readings are done. Their vows are said and just as Eric's about to pronounce them husband and wife, Chad stands up. He thinks the bride should be marrying the father of her baby. Everyone gasps. Julie and Doug arrive late with apologies and Chad says he was going to let it go until they got to the part about honesty in marriage. He wants Gabi to tell the truth - for once. Rafe tries dragging him out and they end up getting physical when Rafe throws a punch. Hope drags him out into the vestibule and Rafe follows. Hope arrests Chad for assaulting an officer and disturbing the peace. Chad points out that Rafe hit him first. Hope calls for back-up. Inside, Gabi cries. Abby blames herself for bringing Chad and Julie and Doug ask Maggie what's up. Back outside, Chad tells them he overheard Gabi telling Cameron Nick wasn't the father. Rafe shoves Chad. "Lies!" Inside, Kate and Sonny wonder if Chad was telling the truth. Father Eric refuses to resume the ceremony. Will speaks up. The truth has to come out. Outside, Chad thinks the father is Andrew, Gabi's stalker. Inside, Nick begs Will not to ruin their wedding day. Will says they should have been honest in the beginning. He reveals he's the father. Back in the vestibule, Rafe and Chad argue about Gabi being a user and a slut. Hope tells him to shut up and back inside, Gabi runs out. Everyone begs Nick to explain and Sonny runs off with Will trying to follow. He tells Sami he'll talk to her later and grabs Sonny with an earnest apology. Sonny says this changes everything. Billie realizes Kate's a great-grandmother and Kate cringes. In the vestibule, a cop arrives. Sonny leaves the church and tells them it's true. Rafe and Hope head back inside and Sonny calls Chad a bastard. Victor heads out and says Stefano would be proud that he proved himself to be a true DiMera. He goes after Sonny. Inside, Nick explains to Rafe and Hope that he'd do anything for Gabi. Abby leaves and on her way out, yells at Chad for playing her. He explains he didn't plan this. He's shocked to learn Will's the father. He had no idea. Abby and Jenn take off. Back inside, Nick tells Rafe and Hope the whole story. Rafe goes after Gabi. Sami finds her in another room and lashes out at her creating a family at her family's expense. "You were trying to keep my child's child from him and me." She guarantees that won't happen. Back in the chapel, Kate fires Nick. He sighs. If she wants to buy him out, he won't need a job for another year or so. She should do what she needs to do. Hope chastises Kate for going off on Nick when he's down. Nick goes to face Chad and promises to take revenge when Chad least expects it. Meanwhile, Sami accuses Gabi of using Will and her. Gabi tries to explain in between sobs until Rafe tells Sami to stop it. Eric and Caroline snuggle in a pew in the chapel. She tells him he did well. It's not how he pictured his first wedding! He knew something was off with Nick and Gabi. Back in the vestibule, Hope hands Chad a citation. The cop leaves and Chad admits he is sorry he hurt Will. He leaves and Julie and Doug find Hope alone. She tells them Nick's optimistic about this arrangement working. Julie worries about Gabi and the baby. "This is so much to deal with." In another room, Sami and Rafe argue as Sami feels Gabi and Nick were "guilting" Will into leaving his child. Rafe tells her it was Will's decision to get Gabi to an abortionist.

    Here Comes The Bride

    Friday, January 11 2013

    Lucas bumps into his mother in the park and asks why she’s back. Kate tells him Chloe is back. Lucas is happy and then Billie joins them and Kate asks her to tell her brother to stay away from Chloe. He says he’s not interested in her, he is only happy that Daniel may end up leaving Jenn alone. They discuss what would be best for Parker.

    Four Guys And A Bunch Of Coffee.

    Tuesday, January 08 2013

    At home, Jennifer walks out on a discussion about Daniel with Lucas and trips over a box left on her doorstep. She falls unconscious and Lucas helps her to the sofa. Billie walks in after them holding the box. She quickly realizes Jenn's fall is her fault. Jenn comes to and wants to rush out to Daniel's but Lucas and Billie would rather take her to the hospital. Lucas reluctantly heads to the bachelor party. Jenn gets a text from Daniel who needs more time.

    At the hospital, Billie and an impatient Jenn wait for the doctor. Jenn checks her purse. She can't find her cell phone. Billie goes to get the doctor but Jenn can't wait and rushes to Daniel's. Later, Gabi goes to see Cameron who has gone back to work. Someone eavesdrops as Gabi confirms that everything Cameron knows about her pregnancy is confidential. Cameron knows Nick is not the father. She confirms that he's out of the picture and Nick knows.

    Stop The Risky Behavior.

    Friday, December 28 2012

    Billie, Eric, Kristin and Brady arrive at the rectory. Brady steals a kiss from Kristen when Billie and Eric head into a room. He wants to take her away from Salem for awhile but Kristen claims they're done - for now. They should stop with the risky behavior but they agree to meet up later. Eric wanders out to talk to Brady. He wants some help but realizes he has a date with a special someone and tries to quiz him on it. Later, Gabi shows up. Eric reminds her anything she says will remain confidential. She admits she wants to tell him something.

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