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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Madison James - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madison James Played by Sarah Brown on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Madison James (ABC)

    Birthday: February 18 1976
    Birthplace: Eureka, California
    Marital Status: Single, daughter Jordan
    Real Name: Sarah Brown
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Med School Flashback.

    Tuesday, March 12 2013

    Back at Jenn's, Maggie arrives with recipes for Abigail and hears that Daniel crossed a line and it's over. Could there have been a misunderstanding? Maggie orders her to return to Daniel's suite and get in Daniel's face.

    This Changes Everything.

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Gabi walks down the aisle to Nick at St. Luke's and Father Eric starts the proceedings. Rafe gives her away and readings are done. Their vows are said and just as Eric's about to pronounce them husband and wife, Chad stands up. He thinks the bride should be marrying the father of her baby. Everyone gasps. Julie and Doug arrive late with apologies and Chad says he was going to let it go until they got to the part about honesty in marriage. He wants Gabi to tell the truth - for once. Rafe tries dragging him out and they end up getting physical when Rafe throws a punch. Hope drags him out into the vestibule and Rafe follows. Hope arrests Chad for assaulting an officer and disturbing the peace. Chad points out that Rafe hit him first. Hope calls for back-up. Inside, Gabi cries. Abby blames herself for bringing Chad and Julie and Doug ask Maggie what's up. Back outside, Chad tells them he overheard Gabi telling Cameron Nick wasn't the father. Rafe shoves Chad. "Lies!" Inside, Kate and Sonny wonder if Chad was telling the truth. Father Eric refuses to resume the ceremony. Will speaks up. The truth has to come out. Outside, Chad thinks the father is Andrew, Gabi's stalker. Inside, Nick begs Will not to ruin their wedding day. Will says they should have been honest in the beginning. He reveals he's the father. Back in the vestibule, Rafe and Chad argue about Gabi being a user and a slut. Hope tells him to shut up and back inside, Gabi runs out. Everyone begs Nick to explain and Sonny runs off with Will trying to follow. He tells Sami he'll talk to her later and grabs Sonny with an earnest apology. Sonny says this changes everything. Billie realizes Kate's a great-grandmother and Kate cringes. In the vestibule, a cop arrives. Sonny leaves the church and tells them it's true. Rafe and Hope head back inside and Sonny calls Chad a bastard. Victor heads out and says Stefano would be proud that he proved himself to be a true DiMera. He goes after Sonny. Inside, Nick explains to Rafe and Hope that he'd do anything for Gabi. Abby leaves and on her way out, yells at Chad for playing her. He explains he didn't plan this. He's shocked to learn Will's the father. He had no idea. Abby and Jenn take off. Back inside, Nick tells Rafe and Hope the whole story. Rafe goes after Gabi. Sami finds her in another room and lashes out at her creating a family at her family's expense. "You were trying to keep my child's child from him and me." She guarantees that won't happen. Back in the chapel, Kate fires Nick. He sighs. If she wants to buy him out, he won't need a job for another year or so. She should do what she needs to do. Hope chastises Kate for going off on Nick when he's down. Nick goes to face Chad and promises to take revenge when Chad least expects it. Meanwhile, Sami accuses Gabi of using Will and her. Gabi tries to explain in between sobs until Rafe tells Sami to stop it. Eric and Caroline snuggle in a pew in the chapel. She tells him he did well. It's not how he pictured his first wedding! He knew something was off with Nick and Gabi. Back in the vestibule, Hope hands Chad a citation. The cop leaves and Chad admits he is sorry he hurt Will. He leaves and Julie and Doug find Hope alone. She tells them Nick's optimistic about this arrangement working. Julie worries about Gabi and the baby. "This is so much to deal with." In another room, Sami and Rafe argue as Sami feels Gabi and Nick were "guilting" Will into leaving his child. Rafe tells her it was Will's decision to get Gabi to an abortionist.

    Grinding Her To Fine Powder.

    Tuesday, September 11 2012

    Melanie is upset to find Nick at Maggie's. Maggie explains she meant to call and tell her Nick lives there. Nick leaves them alone and Maggie explains. Melanie pretends everything is fine and runs away while Maggie huffs, puffs, tears up and stomps her foot. Nick returns and worries Melanie won't feel free to stop by spur of the moment. That's something else he has taken from her. He heads into town to find a job.

    It's Too Early!

    Monday, August 13 2012

    At the fundraiser, Abigail heads for the elevator while Carmen goes back for her shawl, and Madison speaks with Ian, who tells her if Brady loved her, he would have called her. The explosion happens. Afterward, John dusts off a bloodied Marlena and pulls her to her feet from the debris. Nicole calls for help from under the rubble. Bo and Hope help get injured people out. Kate asks if anyone's seen Ian or Lucas. Outside, Bo and Hope find Roman who tries to tell them something before passing out. Back inside, Ian coaxes an unconscious Madison to wake up and not to leave him. Jack and Jennifer search for Abigail. They spot Cameron and learn that Abigail is trapped in the elevator. Jack and Cameron are about to go help from upstairs when the roof caves in more. Daniel locates Nicole and begins trying to dig her out as she puffs that she's going into labor. He coaches her to be strong as he works to get to her. She cries, "It's too early!"

    Bo returns to the fundraiser site and helps Daniel unearth Nicole. Nicole flashes back to losing her baby before. Daniel tries to calm her, but she stops answering. Nearby, Ian cradles Madison and begs her to wake up. He cries that she's the only woman he's ever loved. Kate appears behind him and overhears as he continues pledging his love and says he was using Kate to get the DiMera fortune. Madison whispers, "Brady I love you." She appears to die. Ian cries, "No!" Kate has tears in her eyes as Ian sobs. By the elevator, Cameron springs into action to douse a small fire, and Jenn comforts Jack who freaking out because it was like a bomb. Jack gathers his wits and helps Cameron pry the elevator doors open. Jack winds up inside with Abigail as the elevator cable begins to break.


    Friday, July 27 2012

    At home, John and Marlena search for the rings. John finds them and they laugh. They reflect on Brady getting married. John says he can be his best man when he walks Marlena back down the aisle. Madison appears. Marlena admires her beauty. Madison admits she hasn't been able to reach Brady. Madison tells a story about missing her sister. Marlena says she's getting her life back. John husks, "Welcome to the family, daughter." Madison says she'll never let Brady down.

    Bo and Hope arrive at the fundraiser and greet Abe, Maggie, and Victor. Kayla appears and they discuss Melanie. Victor hopes Daniel doesn't show up with that floozy. Maggie says if Nicole can help Daniel through this difficult time then God love her. Outside the doors, Daniel decides he can't go in. They feel a tremor. Nicole hugs him. He tries to leave on the elevator alone, but Nicole says he needs her. He doesn't want her company. Inside, everyone wonders if they felt an earthquake. Bo and Hope ask Lucas for a word - about Sami. They discuss EJ skipping town. Lucas has no idea where Sami is. Kayla has Theo say goodbye and they leave for the pub. Abby and Jack share a moment. "I'll always be your little girl." Madison arrives and Ian overhears her asking about Brady. Ian snarks that maybe he won't attend his own wedding. John tells him to get lost. Marlena says no one has seen Brady. Madison tears up and walks off. Ian follows. Doug and Julie walk Abe out. Daniel makes his apologies about not staying for the wedding. He tries calling Chad again. Nicole gets pains. Abby and Cameron are leaving, but Cameron goes back for her shawl. In the corridor, Madison accuses Ian of sabotaging her wedding.

    At the fundraiser, the explosion rocks the ballroom and chandeliers burst and fall. People are hurt everywhere. Abigail's in the elevator and the cable is breaking!

    The Temple Of Doom.

    Monday, July 23 2012

    Madi drags Brady into the Titan office to get her tablet. He'd rather get her back to the hotel and out of her dress. Kate and Ian walk in and learn Madison and Brady are getting married tomorrow. Brady flashes a brilliant smile at Ian, who narrows his eyes and tries getting under Brady's skin. Kate watches Ian's reaction as Brady promises, "I'll put your ass in traction," if Ian ever tries drugging him again. Madison tells Ian never to underestimate them and Brady makes a death threat. Lucas arrives and hears the wedding news. He congratulates the couple as they leave. Lucas gloats about EJ's arrest but says Sami thinks EJ is framed. Ian learns about the surveillance footage and flashes to taking the gloves from the bin. Pained, he rushes off claiming he has a conference call. Kate tells Lucas that for Sami, EJ is the sun in her orbit. Why is Lucas still trying to hold on to her? Lucas loves her and hopes in the end that she loves him, too. Kate doesn't think EJ will forget what Lucas did to him.

    Brady and Madison snuggle in his bed at the mansion as Brady flashes back to their life together. They discuss the confrontation with Ian, which they could have done without. Brady was glad she was there in rehab with him. She's sorry she doubted him, especially about Ian. They start making out.

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