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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis Played by Freddie Smith on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Freddie Smith (NBC)

    Birthday: March 1 1988
    Birthplace: Ashtabula, Ohio, USA
    Real Name: Freddie Smith


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    Days Recap: A Ghost Just Stole Your Lunch Money.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    From TBD's office, Chad leaves a message for Stefano asking for reassurance that Marlena is okay. Sonny walks in and they discuss Paul's return to Salem and how Paul hit Will in the face. Chad gets a call and jumps. He has to go.

    Back at TBD, Paul visits Sonny who doesn't want to talk to him because he hit Will out of jealousy. Incredulous, Paul confesses he hit Will after he called his mother a whore. He tells Sonny he knows there's still something between them. He holds Sonny's hand. "Tell me you don't still love me."

    Days Recap: I Wouldn't Cross The Street With You!

    Tuesday, May 19 2015

    At Will and Sonny's, Paul plays with Arianna on the sofa. Will arrives. "Get away from my daughter," he says, while smiling at Ari. Paul explains Sonny stepped out for a bit and he's there to clear the air between them. He mentions being in town to get to know his father. Will scoffs at that. He trashes John, saying he seduced Marlena while she was married to Roman and calls Tori a whore. Paul warns Will to stop it but when he doesn't, Paul belts him across the head. Sonny walks in and yells, "Will!" Will's out cold. Once he comes to, Sonny tells Paul to get out. Paul apologizes and goes. Will refuses to go to the hospital. Sonny asks what prompted Paul to hit him and Will claims he doesn't know but says clearly Paul will do all he can to get Sonny back. Sonny professes his love for Will. Will says he needs him - he missed him. They kiss passionately.

    Days Recap: Take The Bait.

    Monday, May 18 2015

    At the coffee house, Justin and Sonny discuss Paul being back in town. Justin isn't impressed that Will took off for work rather than working on his marriage. His son accuses him of itching for his marriage to fall apart. He tells him not to worry.

    Days Recap: Suck It Up.

    Wednesday, May 13 2015

    At the apartment, Sonny takes a call from Will who made it to Poplar Bluff. Paul shows up wanting to get the awkwardness out of the way with Will but Sonny admits he never told Will that Paul was returning to Salem. He lets Paul hold Arianna and Paul spills baby food on his shirt. He removes it and Sonny loans him one.

    Abby and Melanie stop by Sonny's, surprised to see Paul unbuttoned and holding Arianna. Paul tells them he's John Black's son. He says he met his half-brother Brady and it didn't go very well. He mistakes Theresa for Brady's girlfriend and Abby sets him straight. Melanie tells him he also has a nephew. She tells him Brady's a great guy and has to go. Paul leaves soon after. Abigail calls him a complication but Sonny refuses to give up on his marriage.

    Days Recap: Helping Yourself To My Wife.

    Wednesday, May 06 2015

    In the park, over the phone, Sonny encourages Paul to make a relationship with John whom he calls a good man. Paul warns that if that happens, he'll likely return to Salem. Sonny says he heard Justin visited with Paul and knows what was said. This has to be his decision.

    Clyde arrives at Will's. Before Will can tell him he decided against writing about him, Clyde meets Arianna and calls it a 'shame her momma is in prison'. "It's a very dangerous place to be." Will's smile fades. Clyde makes a few more veiled threats and Will puts the baby to bed. He returns to tell Clyde he is having the article reassigned but Clyde would feel more comfortable if he wrote it rather than someone else. Will gets a call from Zoe who tells him to go to Poplar Bluff - today. "I must be a hotter story than I thought," Clyde quips. Will's upset. He hasn't run this by Sonny yet. Clyde issues another concealed threat about Gabi and thinks Will's editor will be disappointed. After he's gone, Sonny returns to see Will packing. He explains what's going on and Sonny shakes his head. Will says he has had no choice. "You never do," Sonny says, resigned.

    At home, Sonny keeps Paul's text to himself as Will leaves for Poplar Bluff.

    Days Recap: I'll Be The Judge Of That.

    Tuesday, May 05 2015

    Justin arrives at Sonny's, excited to see his son. They ponder where Adrienne is and Justin fills him in about his visit with Paul and John in San Francisco. Sonny shakes his head and reminds his father he was with Paul a long time ago. He chose Will! Justin just wants Sonny to be happy without regret. Justin goes and Sonny reflects on his father's advice and flashes to hugging Paul, then marrying Will.

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