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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis Played by Freddie Smith on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Freddie Smith (NBC)

    Birthday: March 1 1988
    Birthplace: Ashtabula, Ohio, USA
    Real Name: Freddie Smith


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    Days Recap: Where's The Baby?

    Tuesday, April 14 2015

    At the pub, John and Sonny talk about how difficult this situation with Paul is for them both. John brings up seeing Paul hitting on Sonny but Sonny says that's not how it happened. John asks Sonny to tell him about his son.

    At Will's, Marlena tells her grandson she and John aren't on speaking terms. She asks him why he trashed Paul to John but Will says he didn't. She knows better. Will says maybe Paul did seduce him and he didn't see it until now. Marlena says, "Don't do this. Don't make me sit here and watch you turn into your mother." Will's offended. Marlena loves her daughter but "if she were here she'd be the first one to point out the similarities in your behavior." Will wonders what's wrong with going out and getting what you want. Marlena doesn't like when it hurts someone in the process. She wants to help him save his marriage and asks him to remember this isn't about Paul. She goes and Sonny arrives. He tells his husband he's so angry that it's taking everything in him not to break everything in the apartment.

    Days Recap: You're Lucky To Have Him As A Father.

    Monday, April 13 2015

    At TBD, Paul demands answers from his mother who finally blurts that she met his father in Salem. She turns to John whose jaw drops. "Oh my God." Tori yells at Marlena and Will, "You did this to him," then passes out. She comes to and admits she hasn't eaten today. Sonny gets her food while Will admonishes Sonny for setting this up. Sonny lays into Will for lying about his new article and Paul brings his mother to Sonny's office. Meanwhile, John confronts Marlena who explains her suspicions and that Tori denied them. John worries that he has already managed to make Paul hate him and spouts off about how Paul came to Salem with one agenda: to rip Will and Sonny apart. Marlena's shocked and asks what Will told him. In Sonny's office, Paul asks if John Black is his father. At the counter, Will falls all over himself lying to Sonny about why he kept this from him and then finally admits he did it in order to try to get rid of Paul and Tori. Paul and Tori return and John asks for the truth. Paul doesn't think he has a right to know but admits, "You are my father." John asks why she didn't tell him the truth earlier. Tori says he was dead to her. She was ashamed when she learned of her pregnancy and she attempted to tell him in person but she saw he was a priest and praying at the church. She didn't want to be the reason he abandoned his vocation. John still thinks she should have told him. Marlena tries to intervene but Paul just wants to get out of town. John can't let him walk out of his life but that's exactly what he does. Sonny follows and tells Paul he had no idea. He urges Paul to give John a chance. "You're very lucky to have him as a father." Paul and Tori go. Inside, Marlena chastises Will for painting Paul in the worst possible light. He says he'd have done anything to save his marriage. John and Sonny return and John asks them to keep this a secret before he tells Belle and Brady that they've a brother they never knew about. Marlena and John go and Sonny's hostile to Will. He unleashes his anger about Will cheating on him and the article and asks if Will thinks he can hurt whomever he wants. Will chokes up. Sonny tells him to go home.

    Days Recap: Harmless Hillbilly.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    Back at TBD, Paul asks Sonny to get Will there. Sonny calls and Will and John leave. Tori arrives, hell bent on leaving but Paul urges her to sit. Outside, Marlena meets Will and John. Will heads in and John says he's glad 'that jerk' Paul is out of their lives. Marlena can see Will has made Paul out to be the villain. Inside, Paul confronts his mother as Will and Sonny watch. Marlena and John arrive and John greets Tori. Paul's confused as to how they know each other and John's surprised when Marlena explains Paul's Tori's son. Paul puts two and two together and Tori confesses John's Paul's father. John's mouth drops. "Oh my God," he breathes.

    Days Recap: Iron Man.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    From home, Sonny finds Will's next article on Paul on his tablet. Will walks in and he questions him but Will lies. Sonny tells him his grandma recommended a therapist but Will wants to fix things on his own, first. Sonny heads out, upset that Will's lying again. He texts someone.

    Paul meets Sonny in his office and wants to talk about his mother who hasn't been honest with him...

    Days Recap: You're A Clone Of Your Mother!

    Wednesday, April 08 2015

    Marlena watches in silence as Zoe thumps on Will's door, yelling for him. Sonny answers and introductions are made. Marlena doesn't think much of Zoe who is looking for Will. She's excited to praise him for sleeping with Paul. Sonny asks if that's why she asked Will not to wear his wedding ring when he interviewed Paul. She says no it was a bonus, and makes light of Will and Sonny's issues. She asks Sonny to tell Will to send in his new article and once she's gone, Marlena gives Sonny the name of a counsellor. He's thankful. He wonders about Will's new story but Marlena raises her voice saying to forget it. She goes and Sonny's curiosity gets the better of him. He looks at Will's tablet and finds an article entitled, "Mommie Dearest" which has a photo of Paul on the cover.

    Days Recap: The Old Coot Played You.

    Friday, April 03 2015

    At home, Will apologizes for everything and tries to call Zoe who he knows will fire him. Sonny’s offended that it’s his priority. “Happy anniversary,” Sonny says before going off to bed alone.

    Days Recap: A Complete Diva.

    Thursday, April 02 2015

    At the square, Rafe tells Aiden he admires what he and John are doing for the kids. Nearby, Hope watches Chad with Abigail. Chad and Abby go off to get supplies and Sonny asks if Rafe has seen Will because the photographer needs him. Abe shows up to help and Paul meets Theo, Ciara and Chase. Ciara tells Theo that Paul’s career is over and embarrassed, Hope apologizes. Paul doesn’t mind. His pitching career is over. Ben appears and Sonny sends him to get supplies. Marlena goes to find John and Rafe asks if Sonny’s okay. Sonny blurts out that he met Paul before. He didn’t know Paul was the one to donate blood or that Will was doing the article on Paul until it came out.

    Back at the square, Marlena finds John and he’s about to tell her about seeing Tori but Ciara needs him to help her win ring toss. Paul teaches Chase how to pitch. Will returns and watches John with Paul. Chad appears and asks where he was. Will claims he had work to do and Chad comments that his interviews come with benefits. Will’s startled but Chad says the last one saved Sonny’s life. Will walks away and finds Marlena. He says he deleted the article. Chad interrupts and drags Will off to talk to the photographer who is being a complete diva. Later, Theo asks if Uncle Chad will come with him and Abigail rollerblading. Chad reminds Theo that Ben’s Abigail’s boyfriend now. Theo is upset so Abe takes him away and Chad apologizes to Ben, noting that Theo gets into a routine. Ben gets it. Nearby, Rafe asks Marlena what’s going on with Sonny and Will. Her silence speaks volumes. He tells her he’ll step in if Arianna is affected. “Understood,” she says. Nearby, Sonny brings Paul coffee and thanks him for the carnival’s success. Chad brings the photographer over and shots are taken of the guys. Chad boasts about Paul saving Sonny’s life. Will returns and watches. Chad asks the photographer to get a shot with Sonny and Will together and Will says this isn’t how he pictured their first wedding anniversary. Sonny thinks it’s fun. Will notices the kids love Paul. Sonny says they always have and looks chastened. Will says it’s okay. He knows they share a past but he and Sonny share a future. Sexy guitar music plays as Will hopes for more anniversaries to come. The photographer takes photos of Hope, Aiden and the kids and assumes they're married. He goes and Sonny asks them to get the water gun prizes from his office. Meanwhile, Chad watches Abby and Ben kiss and looks pensive.

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