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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis Played by Freddie Smith on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Freddie Smith (NBC)

    Birthday: March 1 1988
    Birthplace: Ashtabula, Ohio, USA
    Real Name: Freddie Smith


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    Days Recap: Ball Hog!

    Friday, November 21 2014

    From TBD, Sonny makes a call to Will. He's frustrated because he can't get a hold of him. He hangs up and Victor thinks his marriage is in trouble. Sonny thinks his husband is just busy and takes half the blame since he's been busy with work, too. Victor asks how far in debt he is to Chad and reminds his grandson that he's a Kiriakis and Chad's a DiMera, "And that never goes away."

    Days Recap: Sick Poodle.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014

    At TBD, Sonny tells Ben that he and Chad want him to manage the new restaurant but Ben says school starts in January. He should put Tad in charge. Outside, Lucas has returned from Los Angeles and tells Adrienne the kids are well but he didn't see much of Will who was putting in 18 hour days at the studio. Adrienne passes judgement and Lucas shuts her down. They head in to greet Sonny and look at photos of Arianna. Lucas goes and Adrienne shares that Will's been working a lot. Sonny reminds her dad's been gone a long time. Her face falls. She apologizes. This is why she judged Will. She misses Justin and doesn't want anything to come between Will and Sonny.

    Days Recap: I Hate You!

    Tuesday, November 11 2014

    Outside the pub, Ben gripes about Chad getting Abby's old job at the hospital back. Sonny thinks Chad's just trying to make things right. Ben feels it's a competition. Sonny drags him away.

    Sonny takes Ben to an apartment the Kiriakis clan owns. It's available. The landlord says no references necessary if Sonny Kiriakis says he's a good guy. He can move in today! Ben's stoked. Later he moves boxes in and misses Abigail.

    Sonny finds Abby at the square. She brings up her fight with Ben and calls herself a jerk. She needs to find him. Sonny tells her where his new pad is.

    Outside the club, Sonny tells Chad that the new club will cost a lot to put in the electrical. Chad's still in. Sonny is thankful Chad got Abby her old job back but hopes he did it for the right reasons. He calls Ben good for Abigail.

    Days Recap: He Probably Plays The Banjo.

    Friday, November 07 2014

    At TBD, Sonny gets in Ben's face for fighting with Chad DiMera. Ben apologized for that but will try to keep his temper in check. When he hears Chad's at the hospital, he gets touchy and Sonny suggests he find a new place to work if he can't handle working for Chad.

    Victor shows up at TBD and encourages Sonny to head to L.A. to see his husband. He doesn't believe Will's just there to help his family and wants his grandson to hang on to Will.

    Days Recap: I'm Not A Player.

    Tuesday, November 04 2014

    In the park, Sonny calls Will and leaves a message. Marlena strolls over. She asks him if Will being away is really okay. It's not. He and Will have been having problems for awhile. She urges him to jump on a plane and surprise his husband. He'll see what he can do. She's sure they'll be fine as long as they keep talking. They hug. Later, Abby runs into Sonny and hands him the gift she got for Ari.

    Days Recap: I'll Be Back In A Flash.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

    Adrienne visits Sonny and learns Will's leaving Salem for a while. Adrienne's surprised. Sonny explains that he's going for Sami and to write the screenplay for "The Sami Brady Story." "God help us, I can only imagine," Adrienne groans. She thinks it's odd that he's leaving after a mere six months of marriage but Sonny defends Will's decision.

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