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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis

    Full detailed profile on Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis Played by Freddie Smith on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Freddie Smith (NBC)
    Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis

    Actor: Freddie Smith

    Who played Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis over the years

    Freddie Smith (June 23, 2011 - present)

    Useful information on Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis

    * Sonny is his nickname. Jackson's his given name.
    * Is Adrienne and Justin's son.
    * Backpacked around Europe.
    * Has been to college.
    * Set up a sports website at Salem U that was hacked.
    * Changing Cheatin' Heart to a cafe.
    * Dating Will Horton


    Current: Student/Runs and co-owns The Coffee Bean
    Current: Opening new cafe "Common Grounds" to replace Cheatin' Heart.
    Past: Student


    Sonny showed up in Salem to see his parents after backpacking around Europe. He became a student at Salem U, met and befriended Will Horton who was gay though not out of the closet. Sonny opened The Coffee Bean with Chad DiMera and some of the investment money came from Ian McAllister. Sonny helped Will when Will started to come out of the closet and they eventually dated.




    Will Horton (Current) Dating


    Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (mother)
    Justin Kiriakis (father)
    Hope Williams Brady (aunt)
    Bo Brady (uncle)
    Brady Black (cousin)
    Abigail Deveraux (cousin)
    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux Aunt
    Philip Kiriakis (cousin)
    Victor Kiriakis (uncle)




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    Friday, August 29 2014: Days Recap: I Hate Talking.

    Sonny arrives home to pick something up. Will's demeanour is chilly and petulant. Sonny feels punished. He made a mistake but wants to face it. Will says Sonny's so confident and self-assured while he's a screw up. Sonny makes excuses for Will but Will lists off his past mistakes and whines that everyone hates him for writing the article. Suddenly he doesn't want to talk. "I hate talking." He hides in his room. Sonny tells him through the door they'll get through this. He goes. Tad shows up. He offers to hear him out without judgement. They talk and Tad thinks he needs to give it time. They got through their own rough patches. Will agrees but what he did to Abigail...

    Sonny interrupts Maggie and Victor's discussion at the mansion and takes full responsibility for the article. Victor knew Will would be writing. They tell Maggie that Sami outed Abigail's name in the article, not Will. Sonny and Victor argue over who is to blame. Maggie asks them to stop. She understands. Finally. Sonny goes. Maggie can see he did all this just to help Will. She's mad but asks him to think twice about this next time. They make up and kiss.

    Sonny arrives home. Tad mutters that the first year of marriage is always the hardest. He goes.

    Tuesday, August 26 2014: Days Recap: Glorified Barista Husband.

    Sonny arrives home about to tell Will something. Will snaps that he already knows True Vista hired him because Victor owns the company. He blames this whole fiasco on Sonny. Sonny yells that the article was on Will. He thinks this whole thing was a power trip. "And you enjoyed it." Will yells that his grandma is a psychiatrist. He doesn't need his "glorified barista husband" to tell him what he's thinking. He also doesn't want to be married to anyone who wants to control his life. He runs out.

    Victor stops by Sonny's. Sonny thinks they both screwed up with Will. Victor disagrees and thinks this opportunity will give him more work. Victor leaves to tell Maggie what happened. She's not going to like it. Once he's gone, Will returns. Sonny didn't think he'd come home tonight. Will sneers, "I came home to put my little girl to bed. I don't think we should talk tonight."

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