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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Quinn Hudson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Quinn Hudson Played by Bren Foster on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bren Foster (NBC)

    Birthplace: London England
    Real Name: Bren Foster


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    Fine Champagne And Paper Cups.

    Friday, August 19 2011

    Quinn takes Mandy to the pier where she's to meet her first john. He assures her the man was screened well and she'll be safe. A gloved person holds a baton nearby as they watch. After Quinn leaves, Mandy gets a scare when the stalker slams his baton on the side of the pier.

    I'll Pound The Politically Incorrectness Out Of You.

    Thursday, August 18 2011

    Taylor and Quinn exchange tense words outside the Brady Pub. He thinks it's amazing the universe brought them together again. He talks about what a survivor she was, but she insists she was scared. She says she's turned her life around. He talks about their shared secrets. Taylor reminds him she knows more about him than he does about her, and tells him to stay clear. He walks away and Abe appears. He tells Taylor she looks like she saw a ghost. Taylor rants about her dysfunctional family and says she's running out of reasons to stay. Abe offers her the administrative assistant position at the station.

    Quinn meets with a nervous officer at the pier and questions him about the girls who were attacked.

    Roman goes into the pub and introduces himself to Quinn. Roman tells him he's the police commissioner and says Quinn will be safe there as long as he's not one of the bad guys.

    Some Show.

    Wednesday, August 17 2011

    At the pub, Quinn worries after hearing about the second attack on a prostitute. Later, Chad and Abby turn up. Chad's waiting to talk to Maggie about renting a room. Outside, Mel takes a call while Carly goes to get coffee. She bumps into Quinn and slaps him across the face. She confronts him about being Vivian's son and he attempts to tell her his side of things. Nearby, Taylor watches as he apologizes to Carly, who walks out on him. Taylor covers her face with a menu. Outside, Carly finds pills in her pocket and quickly shoves them in her mouth. Quinn leaves the pub and calls Vivian to ream her out. Taylor stops him and they exchange barbs. "That was some show," she says. She ought to know. "You've been the star of a few of your own," he recalls.

    The Woman I love Is Dying.

    Tuesday, August 16 2011

    At the pier Quinn runs into Vivian who slaps his face. She screams at him and wonders how he could do this to her. Quinn says Carly isn’t the monster she thinks she is and he wanted to do the right thing for once. She can’t believe he chose Carly. She asks how she’s supposed to avenge Lawrence’s death now? He thinks Carly’s life is ruined. Mission accomplished. He leaves her standing.

    I'm Done With Both Of You.

    Monday, August 15 2011

    In the club, Quinn watches Melanie's plea. Vivian talks about how high she feels over Carly's disappearance but Quinn's mind is elsewhere. He takes off upstairs but can't find Carly. Meanwhile, Vivian reads the news and sees the sketch of Quinn. She goes off to find him.

    Quinn finds Carly in the alley. She tells him about Vivian showing up at his door and how everything came crashing down. She admits a bum asked her for drugs but she didn't take him up on it. Quinn's relieved. She sobs that she needs help and begs him to take her to rehab. Vivian wanders by and finds them together.

    Dropping Like Flies.

    Friday, August 12 2011

    Quinn arrives to the hotel room and finds Carly ready to go. She allows him to get her breakfast before she leaves. She stares at a photo of Mel as he leaves. Vivian arrives and bangs on the door. She says, "I know you're here." She takes off and Carly gasps. "She knows I'm here?" Downstairs, Quinn and Vivi sit for breakfast and Quinn questions why Nicholas won't speak to his mother. Back upstairs, Carly turns on the tube and cries as she watches Mel giving her plea for Carly to come home. Carly realizes she wasn't just dreaming. Her family knows the truth. She runs off. Back downstairs, Quinn watches the plea as well.

    How Could We Not Have Learned By Now?

    Monday, August 08 2011

    In the hotel room, a disheveled Carly calls her drug dealer. The dealer is with Quinn. Quinn tells him to give her the drugs. The drug dealer agrees but Quinn needs a favor first. Later, Carly holds the pills in her hand and wonders what she's doing. She thinks of Melanie. Carly’s has severe pain and begs it to stop. Quinn come into the room and asks her if she took the pills. They were placebos. He paid the drug dealer to substitute the pills. She retorts she didn’t take them because she knew they were fake. They argue and she says he doesn’t get it. She feels like a burden. He apologizes for being harsh. He’s concerned and cares for her. She goes to leave but he stops her. He goes on about his painful childhood. He’s forgiven him mom to a point but he grew up angry and bitter. He wants to help Carly get her life back. She cries and he hugs her.

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