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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Quinn Hudson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Quinn Hudson Played by Bren Foster on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bren Foster (NBC)

    Birthplace: London England
    Real Name: Bren Foster


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    Scheming And Plotting...

    Wednesday, September 21 2011

    At SPD, Gus holds a knife to his throat and threatens to off himself. He grabs Nicole when she walks around the corner and takes her hostage in the interrogation room. Bo and Roman beg him to let her go. Nicole screams for Gus to let her go but things are about to get worse, he promises. EJ inches toward the door but Gus yells at him to stop and appeals to Vivian. He says they were happy together, scheming and plotting. Quinn tried to take her away from him. Vivian's astounded. Under her breath, she calls him messed up so Hope takes her aside and warns her to play along with Gus to save Nicole. EJ will hold her responsible for what happens if she doesn't comply. Viv tries talking Gus down. He tells her he loves her. She cares for him and asks him to come away with her. He weeps and Vivian rolls her eyes, making Gus freak out. Roman and Bo rush Gus and Nic falls to the floor. Gus screams for Madame while EJ cradles an unconscious Nicole.

    In the cells, Quinn maintains his innocence. Taylor believes him and thinks EJ should represent him. She reassures him that her relationship with EJ was a mistake and that she was with EJ in order to forget him. They discuss a future together and learn from Officer Landry that the police have called for backup upstairs. Landry locks them up together for safety and rushes upstairs, where Hope tells EJ that the paramedics are on the way. Roman arrests Gus and Vivian nearly passes out. She tells Abe she didn't know Gus was so disturbed and orders the cops to get "that monster" out of her sight. Nearby, Nic is up and crying on EJ's shoulder. He saved her life and she's thankful. "I thought that whack job was going to kill me." Meanwhile, Roman tells Vivian that Taylor and Quinn are being released. Vivian tells Gus to rot in hell when he asks for her support. "Don't leave me again mother," he says, scaring Vivian. She fires him and Quinn stops him to give him a piece of his mind, too. Gus reminds Quinn that he's not much better being a drug dealer and a pimp! Back in the interrogation room, Nic and EJ rehash their history. EJ's glad she's okay and wants to take her home. She needs to be alone. Quinn and Vivian reunite and Roman offers an official apology. Vivian wants more. Roman says the DA is willing to drop all charges if he leaves town. Taylor decides to go with him but Vivian worries she'll be alone. Just then, Ivan and three Bollywood actresses show up. Ivan tells her she won't be alone. "Madame, I have come for you."

    Incompetent Cowboys.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    At the SPD, Bo and Hope sneer at Quinn, who refuses to confess to a crime he didn't commit. They remind him they've proof and juries have convicted on less. Bo learns by phone that forensics have found the blood on the nightstick to be Chloe's. In another room, Taylor maintains Quinn's innocence. Roman wanders in and asks if she impeded their investigation. She admits she had certain access.

    He’s My Blood.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    Bo and Hope pull Quinn into the police station. He’s arrested. Vivian and Gus arrive and she is aghast. Bo says DNA doesn’t lie and it’s Quinn’s. Gus remembers planting the evidence. Vivian protests. Taylor doesn't know how the nightstick got into Quinn's hotel room. Bo and Hope don’t believe Taylor. Vivian plans to arrange bail immediately. Gus suggests she look into the facts about her son. He's a drug dealer. She gets angry. She says, “He’s my blood.” She will never abandon him again. Bo shows her Quinn’s rap sheet. Taylor admits she was with Quinn when he was arrested. Vivian accuses Taylor of starting Quinn in the pimp business. Taylor says she had nothing to do with Quinn’s arrest. Bo tells them Taylor got arrested for civil unrest. She recalls that Quinn altered her record. Bo and Hope claim Taylor started working at the police station to gain information on her boyfriend. Taylor protests and says it isn’t true. They have no proof. Bo arranges visitation for Vivian. Hope sys they can hold Taylor for twenty-four hours while they find out the truth. In another part of the station they take him away. Bo and Hope converse quietly about Quinn and Taylor and their involvement together. Dario and Mel walk into Rafe’s office. He tells Rafe he got a promotion and Rafe congratulates him. He says it’s Argentina and he's going. It’s a big opportunity so he has to quit the police job. Rafe tells him not to take the job. He wants Dario to spend more time with the family, then changes his mind and hugs Dario. He says the opportunity is fantastic. Rafe’s cell rings. He has to leave to do some work on the case. The kids leave.

    In his jail cell, Quinn tells Bo he’s not the guy they’re looking for and says Taylor will vouch for him. Vivian visits him and he says he has no idea how the nightstick ended up in his closet. Gus has a guilty look on his face.

    Pushed To The Edge.

    Friday, September 16 2011

    Quinn goes into his room and Gus is forced to hide in the closet. Quinn gets a call and leaves the room long enough for Gus to slip out. In the hall, he listens to his police radio and learns they're waiting for an address for the attacker. After Quinn returns to his room, Gus knocks on the door and tells Quinn that Vivian is on her way to talk to him and asked him to meet her there. He sits on the bed to wait. Quinn makes small talk for a moment. Gus recalls attacking Chloe. Quinn decides to call Vivian. Right then, Bo, Hope, and Rafe show up with a warrant to search Quinn's room. Gus watches as Quinn says he has nothing to hide. Before long, Rafe finds the baton Gus hit Chloe with and planted in the closet. Quinn says he's never seen it before and protests as they arrest him.

    Agent Negative.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    Vivian greets Taylor and Quinn at the restaurant. They sit down and Vivian remarks on the change in Gus. Taylor and Vivian exchange compliments. Vivian says if she's trying to get on her good side - don't stop. Taylor invites Vivian to join her at the fashion exhibit at the museum. Vivian declines - she's too worried about Gus. Quinn says he has to go back to the hotel - he's misplaced his key card. Vivian talks to Taylor about her relationship with Quinn after he's gone. Vivian tells Taylor they could be friends, and then asks about how comfortable she and Quinn seem together. Taylor admits there's some history there. Vivian wants Taylor to tell her Quinn's life story.

    Gus lets himself into Quinn's room and seems upset when he finds a card he received signed, 'Your adoring Mother'. He finds a photograph of Vivian and Quinn and tears it in half, destroying the half with Quinn. He looks at the half with Vivian and says someday she'll understand that he did this all for her. He takes a dry cleaning tag off a suit and says, "Just in case I need a little something extra." Turning on the light, he takes a baton from his bag and looks for a place to hide it where Quinn won't find it before the cops. He puts it in a suitcase in the closet and turns to go, but hears Quinn approach outside.

    I’ll Kill Him.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011

    Quinn and Taylor wake up in their hotel love nest. She can't believe this really happened. He asks if she regrets it. She says no. She tried to hate him but can't. He never got over her either. He wants to start over. She coyly introduces herself and shakes his hand. He shakes back and kisses her passionately. She tells him the latest attack wasn’t on a prostitute. It was her sister’s best friend, Chloe. He’s shocked and asks if Chloe can help the police. No, she’s in a coma. Quinn is visibly upset and threatens to kill the bastard who’s doing this. The next victim could be someone he knows and cares about. Her leans over and spills her drink. She gets out of bed to clean up and he calls Chloe and leaves a message. He hopes she’s okay. Taylor returns and they smooch and giggle. There’s a knock at the door and it's Vivian and Gus. She yells surprise but it’s Taylor who’s surprised. Vivian and Gus walk in and the lovers go to another room to get dressed. Vivian approves of this. Gus points out that Taylor will take her place in Quinn’s heart. He brings up Carly’s name and tells her to do the math. He suggests she find out more about Taylor. Taylor and Quinn return and Vivian says she’s pleased when someone makes her son so happy. She’s sure she and Taylor will be very good friends and thinks champagne is in order. Quinn asks ‘Russ’ to order it. Gus is annoyed and asks if Quinn is a comedian. Vivian changes her mind. She and Gus leave for lunch. Gus lifts Quinn's key card on the way out and smirks as he walks down the hall. Quinn picks up Taylor and carries her to bed.

    You’re Starting To Make Mistakes.

    Monday, September 12 2011

    At the pub, Gus daydreams about planting Quinn’s hair at the crime scene when Quinn comes along and interrupts him. He says Viv wondered where he went. Gus leaves and Taylor joins Quinn. She has regrets and while Nicole hovers around the couple, she asks what her regrets are. Then she introduces herself to Quinn and asks how they met. He says it's none of her damn business. She asks him if he is one of Taylor's secrets and calls Taylor up for her tryst with EJ. Taylor admits she and Quinn were in a relationship in Europe. Nicole addresses him as Quinn Hudson. They ask how she learned his whole name. She says she knows all about them. She’s seen the mug shot of Quinn. She contacted the police in Europe and knows everything. She knows they were arrested at a human rights demonstration. Nicole leaves and Quinn admits he covered for her. He says he really cares for her. If so, why did he have her hooking? He’s says he was stupid. He goes to kiss her and asks if she’ll regret it. She says probably.

    Weeding My Own Garden.

    Friday, September 09 2011

    Vivian and Gus arrive at Chez Rouge. Vivian informs Gus that Quinn is joining her. When he shows up, he calls Gus "Russ" and is told to get them champagne. Later he returns with it and Quinn spills it on him. Vivian pulls Gus aside, telling him sometimes three is a crowd.

    Jennifer, Maggie and Victor stroll into Chez Rouge. Jenn greets Daniel, who compliments her dress. He's a little down and admits Chloe was attacked. Jenn feels terrible. Maggie and Victor are seated and Sami and Rafe enter. She worries they can't afford dinner so he cracks jokes about her finding a way out of paying the bill. Vivian saunters over to Victor's table and starts insulting Maggie. Maggie gets rid of her. At their table, Sami gushes about having the best flower arrangement while Rafe checks out his teeth in his knife. He admits he went to a florist. Their song plays, causing her to beam. Maggie and Victor watch Sami and Rafe dance and Maggie admits she's bored at the mansion when he's not home. She likes weeding her own garden. Jenn and Daniel watch Sami and Rafe. They're happy they've worked out their issues. Charles comes by with a covered tray for Jenn which boasts gorgeous earrings. She's shocked. Daniel kisses her. Nearby, while Quinn's on a call, Vivian ushers Gus over to make reservations for her to go away. He sighs, upset at his task and glares at Quinn. Jenn and Daniel get up to dance. Jenn compliments Rafe and Sami on their happiness and Sami invites them to share a bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, Victor asks Maggie to move in with him. She does her best thinking when she's dancing, so they head to the dance floor. At Sami and Rafe's table, the couples toast to life. When Vivian and Quinn are ready to leave, Vivi can't find Gus to pull the car around.

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