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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Quinn Hudson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Quinn Hudson Played by Bren Foster on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bren Foster (NBC)

    Birthplace: London England
    Real Name: Bren Foster


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    Sleep In A Coffin.

    Friday, December 16 2011

    Chad takes Abby to Intensity for self-defense classes. They spot Gabi and are surprised she's working there as a receptionist. Gabi tells them she signed up for the defense class. Gabi pats Chad on the back for being the hero. Abby bumps into Austin nearby and they laugh. She gazes at him as Gabi watches. Abby confides she had nightmares about the kidnapping. Quinn arrives and Austin talks to him about self-defense and takes Abby and Austin on a tour. Chad thinks they should invite Melanie to the self-defense class. They discuss Will and decide something is eating away at him. They agree it's for the best they broke up. Chad doubts she'll have trouble finding someone else. Gabi blushes. "All the good ones are taken." Quinn returns with Abby and Austin and Abby declares she wants to take Austin's class at SU. She frowns when Austin admits he wants Carrie to come in to guest lecture. Gabi strolls up and admits she finds Austin handsome. Abby acts nonchalant. Mel turns up for her interview and she and Chad talk about having nightmares about their time held. Privately, Mel apologizes for "that other thing" just as Abby overhears. Mel says she was apologizing for freaking out. Chad thinks they should all move on. Mel tells them about her interview before they go, and she goes off with Quinn and returns later after Quinn gives her the job. Outside, Chad goes off to get food for him and Abby, while she rubs Austin's toque and flashes to him. Melanie arrives and Abby congratulates her on getting the job and then worries Mel will tell Chad about the guy she's crushing on. Mel promises she'd never do that. Chad returns and congratulates Mel on her job. She runs off stating three is a crowd.

    I'm Kate DiMera And I'm Not Afraid Of Anything.

    Friday, December 02 2011

    Rafe finds Sami tense after her massage at the day spa. She assures him she's relaxed. Kate walks in unseen, and eavesdrops. Madison arrives, and reprimands Sami for taking more time off. Sami explains that nobody was at work so she took an early lunch. Madison wonders if this job was too much for her. As well, supporting the competition won't be tolerated. Meanwhile, Roman visits Quinn in his office in order to put Quinn on warning. Roman wishes he would have put Quinn's sorry arse in jail before but since he can't do it now, he will wait for Quinn to screw up. Quinn thinks Roman needs a therapist to get rid of his angst and recommends Marlena Evans. Roman suggests Quinn spend less time with Marlena. Quinn calls his relationship with Marlena strictly professional. "For now." Roman grabs him and throws him up against the wall and threatens Quinn. Roman leaves and Madison continues to admonish Sami. Sami sucks it up and once Madison's gone, Kate keeps eavesdropping as Rafe wants to know why Sami didn't defend herself. Roman passes by Kate, and they discuss meetings with Quinn. Roman advises Kate to stay clear of Quinn. He's more dangerous than she thinks he is. She assures him, "I'm Kate DiMera and I'm not afraid of anything." Kate goes into Quinn's office and shares that she has a plan to get rid of MadWorld Cosmetics. Quinn loves when she's devious and also loves her sexy lips. Kate reminds him who she's married to.

    I'd Rather Roll Around On Broken Glass.

    Tuesday, November 29 2011

    Nicole turns up at the day spa. Quinn offers her a massage but she would rather roll around on broken glass than help his business. She is there to ensure his place is legit. He tells her they're already turning a profit. They hurl insults at each other and Quinn thinks someone needs to step in and question her judgment going after EJ again. Nicole isn't interested in advice from a 'low rent criminal'.

    When Patty drops by the day spa, Quinn asks if she can help play matchmaker for him. He hits on her and she tells him he's a bad boy but one day his bad boy ways will catch up with him.

    This Stuff Could Choke A Horse.

    Monday, November 28 2011

    Madison interrupts Quinn and Meryl at the day spa. She smells the Countess Wilhelmina cologne he's using and tells him, "This stuff could choke a horse." Kate strolls up and makes a few snide comments. Quinn goes to take a call in his office and Kate says she had a meeting with Joel Finnamen. Madison can't believe she used the time when Johnny was missing to steal a deal from her. "You're a monster!" Quinn returns and Madison hands over her business card. He's not interested. Sales have been strong with CW. Kate and Madison argue and Madison leaves, upset. Kate hopes Quinn knows who he's in bed with. He does, and offers her a tour of the spa. She enjoys the tour but hope there are no "happy endings." He assures her it's legitimate. He starts massaging her hand and she asks if he's hitting on her. She's a beautiful woman. "What is this 1970? Are you Warren Beatty?" Women like her rarely take a step down in the food chain, she declares. She asks him to watch Madison and make nice with those who carry her products, and ask them not to.

    An Offer He Can't Refuse.

    Wednesday, November 16 2011

    At the DiMera mansion, EJ’s on the phone with an operative demanding he find his boy while Nicole is busy setting up a website for tips on the disappearance. EJ gets off the phone and thanks her. She admits to loving Johnny and just as EJ laments he can’t lose his son, Quinn walks in. He came to make EJ an offer he can’t refuse. To help find his son. Nicole is skeptical but EJ wants to hear him out. Quinn mentions his friends who are great at nosing around and getting answers. Nicole tells him to go back to his karate spa but EJ accepts his offer to her dismay. She explains that he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to Quinn and that accepting his help is a mistake. He’s bad news and EJ doesn’t need that in his life.

    Roman spies Quinn at the square. He grabs him demanding to know why he’s back in Salem. Roman reminds him of the deal they made and Quinn tells him about his new legitimate business. Just as he is arresting him, Roman takes a phone call and then tells Quinn to get lost. Rafe finds him and wants to help while EJ, nearby, wonders about the call. Roman’s men found something and it’s not good. They head off to check it out.

    Hatched From An Egg In The Forest.

    Tuesday, November 01 2011

    At the square, EJ and Nicole bump into Quinn, who has returned to Salem. They're not receptive to him. He tells them Taylor's job required extensive travel, so they parted ways. Nicole leaves the men alone and EJ asks if he hurt Taylor. He didn't. EJ demands to know why he's back. He's a pariah. Roman gave him a deal to leave town or face prosecution. Quinn assures EJ his lawyer will have something to say about that. Quinn wonders what the voters will think of his sordid past. He asks for EJ's help with a legitimate business deal and in return, he'll keep his mouth shut. Nicole returns and Quinn tells them he'll join them for lunch. Quinn tells Nicole he's working on a new venture and may open a Wellness studio here in the square. Nicole asks about financing and is shocked to hear EJ's backing his venture. On the fly, EJ says it's good for his candidacy. Quinn leaves and Nicole blasts EJ for bankrolling "that pimp." EJ doesn't say either way. He assures her he has the situation under control. Nearby, Quinn texts someone, telling them he's back and thinks there's a way they can help each other.

    Starting Fresh.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    Quinn talks to Taylor in his room. He says he's at a crossroads and wonders if she thinks he can change his life. She says he has to if he wants her in it. Taylor tells him she has some goodbyes she needs to say before they leave together.

    Abe meets with Taylor at the pub. He says he loves her like a daughter, and he's concerned about her involvement with Quinn Hudson. Taylor reassures him that he's not a pimp anymore, adding that she understands him and loves him. Quinn appears and assures Abe he's going to change. Abe's eyes grow round and they all turn to see Ivan and his Bollywood women. Vivian enters behind them. Quinn asks if she's reinventing herself again. Viv says they've both been turning their back on love - but that time is over. Vivian offers Quinn and Taylor a ride on Ivan's private jet. Quinn asks, "Taylor?" Abe warns Taylor she's trying to save the soul of a pimp who has the devil herself as a mother. Taylor reassures Abe and leaves with Quinn. Viv asks Abe to tell her friends and enemies that even though she's leaving, nothing will be forgotten - particularly Carly.

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