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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Quinn Hudson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Quinn Hudson Played by Bren Foster on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bren Foster (NBC)

    Birthplace: London England
    Real Name: Bren Foster


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    Stale Crackers.

    Wednesday, February 22 2012

    Kate asks Quinn about a display at the gym. He turns to Madison, who urges him to tell Kate about their new arrangement. Kate says they had a deal. Quinn says it was never in writing, and Madison offered to take him international. Kate accuses Madison of doing this to get back at her. Madison asks, "For what?" Kate says for stealing Sami away maybe, but it seems more personal. Madison slams her for her age. Ian walks in and says to Madison, "Hello, lovely wife." Kate says it's all starting to make sense now - Madison knew about her relationship with Ian. Madison says she's still married to Ian and her company is way ahead - she's beat her at every turn. Madison wonders if Kate told Stefano that her ex-lover is in town. Kate reminds her what she did to Brady - she's not the disloyal one. Kate warns Madison if she keeps making things personal there will be war - and she'll lose. Kate goes, and Madison has words with Ian about him seeing Kate.

    Quinn spots Abby outside the cafe and says he's glad she's friends with Melanie again. He asks about her situation. She looks at Austin and Carrie at the next table and flirts with Quinn. He talks about going to Europe and finding Taylor. Carrie leaves, telling Austin she's excited about their getaway. Austin approaches Abby, who has said goodbye to Quinn, and asks what that was all about. Abby informs him she can date who she likes. Across the way, Brady looks up to see Madison.

    If I Can Inspire Just One Person.

    Thursday, January 26 2012

    Quinn approaches Melanie at the spa and encourages her to make-up with Abigail. Abby and Madison turn up and Quinn sends Abby to Melanie. Things are awkward between the girls. In another room, Madison tries getting Quinn to ditch CW and buy from MadWorld. They walk the square and Madison offers to take his spa national. They return to the spa and Madi tells Abby and Melanie that she'd like both of them to model for her in a new 'friends' campaign. Problem is, she heard they're on the outs. They'd have to patch things up for real in order to work for her. Madi and Quinn step aside and Quinn says he needs time to consider her offer to go national. She puts on the pressure. Nearby, Mel opens up about Daniel leaving town. Abigail's sensitive to her feelings. They go over their issues and though Melanie chooses Abby over Chad, Abby doesn't like that Melanie still has feelings for Chad. They're back to square one.

    Unicorn Highway.

    Monday, January 23 2012

    While sparring at the spa, Quinn takes Brady down and lectures him about channeling his anger. Brady vents about John not being able to get any financing for Basic Black. Quinn commiserates but Brady scoffs. He blames Quinn for the attacks on hookers. Quinn says he'll always feel guilt. In fact, he's in therapy. Brady wishes him good luck and apologizes. He spoke with Chloe and knows that Quinn wrote to her with an apology and helped promote Chloe's opening night. He was also instrumental in Carly going sober.

    Your Tongue Down My Boyfriend's Throat.

    Tuesday, January 17 2012

    Chad stops by Intensity to drop off homework for Gabi. He mentions a pulled muscle and Gabi coyly asks him to take his shirt off. She grabs the Countess W sport lotion and is soon giving him a massage. Kate and Sami arrive and while they discuss work they notice both Gabi and Chad are fully enjoying the massage. Kate has a brief word with Quinn about business and Sami gets an idea. When Quinn leaves to grab a coffee Sami says they’re looking at the next face of Countess W. Kate agrees that Gabi is a natural beauty and takes it a step further by wanting Chad to be part of it as a sizzling young couple. Under the guise of it being a favor they approach Gabi and Chad with the idea of doing private testing of Countess W products. Chad hesitates but Kate says she’ll consider it a personal favor and that it has nothing to do with the DiMera’s. He relents and soon the unknowingly new models are getting full make-overs done under the direction of Sami. Kate admits that Sami might be right by getting Chad and Gabi together for the test shots. She can feel the heat. Melanie wanders in and smiles to herself while watching as sexy photos are taken of Gabi with her hand on Chad’s chest. Later Kate pulls Chad aside to ask him to stop by the mansion to talk to his dad. She tells him that Stefano loves and misses him. Then Chad takes a moment alone with Mel to assure her he cares about her and wonders what’s standing in their way.

    In the square Mel catches up with Abby. She denies that there’s anything going on between her and Chad but Abby angrily demands that she stop lying. She saw them holding hands and blasts her for kissing him while he was her boyfriend. Mel calls Abby her best friend and Abby retorts that she should have thought of that when she jammed her tongue down her boyfriend’s throat. Mel wants Abby to trust her again and although Abby appreciates her trying to make amends but she’s betrayed her, there’s no going back. Abby leaves and Quinn sits with down with Melanie while she shares details about Abby and Chad. Melanie admits that she wants both them but doesn’t know how to make that happen. Quinn suggests things sometimes either work out or they don’t and heads back to Intensity. Nearby Madison talks to Brady about an internship with MadWorld. Abigail overhears and when Brady leaves she comes over to tell Madison she wants the job. They sit down as Abby shares her credentials. Marlena happens by and soon betrayals by friends are brought up. Madison talks about Sami working for Kate prompting Marlena to declare she can’t see anything good from Kate and Sami being together. Madison heads off to take a phone call and tells the mystery caller she needs help deciding what to do about Titan. While alone, Abby confesses to Marlena that even if she didn’t think Chad and Mel were still seeing each other she doesn’t know if she could be friends with either of them again. Madison comes back, says good bye to Abby and chats Marlena up about Brady. Marlena sees that Madison really does care about him.

    I'm Sober.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    Brady massages Madison at Intensity spa, when the masseuse is late. Quinn gives them a discount and says the masseuse will be there soon. Madison shows him out, locks the door and rips off Brady's towel. She gives him a sexy massage and they make out.

    Happiest SOB On The Planet.

    Thursday, January 05 2012

    Gabi and Melanie receive martial arts instruction at the spa. When Chad arrives, Melanie accidentally kicks him in the head. Chad goes down. Gabi gets him water and he seems rather disoriented. He thinks Melanie should trade in the white belt for a black belt. He cracks jokes and Quinn asks if he should brace himself for a lawsuit. Everyone laughs. Quinn offers to call Abby to give him a ride home but Chad informs them they broke up. Gabi seems almost pleased momentarily. She offers him a ride and lunch. Quinn takes Gabi aside and Mel apologizes but says if it was recorded, it'd be a video sensation. Chad's happy they can still joke this way. He admits he was only there to say hello. Though he agreed to back down, he didn't agree to stop seeing her.

    Quinn, Mel, Gabi and Chad arrive at the pub. Quinn ponders Melanie's relationship status, making Chad uncomfortable. Nearby, Gabi asks if Mel thinks Abby would mind if she went out with Chad again. Mel struggles with her answer. Later, Mel looks jealous as Gabi flirts with Chad. When Quinn offers to train Mel one-on-one, she accepts.


    Tuesday, December 27 2011

    At Intensity, Quinn trains Daniel as Brady, Melanie, and Maggie walk in. Quinn shows Brady and Maggie around as Melanie asks Daniel why he's not on the surgery schedule this week. She's worried that he got positive results for Myasthenia Gravis. The tests came back negative and he's waiting for other test results from Lexi. Melanie is upset that he didn't tell her and makes him promise that he'll let her know when he gets his results so that they can fight it together. Maggie and Brady return. After Maggie and Melanie leave the spa, Daniel asks what Brady would do if he suddenly couldn't do the one thing he's wanted to all his life. Brady tells Daniel that he still has options once he gets the results back. Daniel just needs to figure out how to change his life. Quinn walks by and says if he could do it, so could he. While they stretch, Quinn tells Brady and Daniel that he came back to Salem to reinvent himself. As Quinn walks away, Brady says if one guy could change his life, it's Daniel. Brady asks if Jennifer knows about this health. Daniel doesn't want to worry her. Brady tells Daniel that he's a fool for letting Jennifer go and she's a fool for taking Jack back. Later, Daniel gets a page. His results are in.

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