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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Quinn Hudson

    Full detailed profile on Quinn Hudson Played by Bren Foster on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bren Foster (NBC)
    Quinn Hudson

    Actor: Bren Foster

    Who played Quinn Hudson over the years

    Bren Foster - (May 2011 - February 22, 2012)

    Useful information on Quinn Hudson

    * Is Vivian's son.
    * New drug lord of Salem.
    * getting into pimping.


    Current Drug Lord
    Past Unknown


    Quinn came to Salem in May of 2011, where he met Chloe, and promptly took her to bed. Once they finished having sex, he left her some cash and told her he was a business man, off on a trip out of town. Once he returned, he came across Chloe, who pointedly let him know she's no prostitute. They began dating, but Quinn only did so in order to further his agenda which turned out to be blackmailing Chloe into becoming a prostitute. He ran into Vivian Alamain in the park, where it was revealed that she's his mother. His father, an Australian man Vivian had an affair with, was said to be a dastardly man who has passed on.




    Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas (Fling)


    Vivian Alamain Mother




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    Wednesday, February 22 2012: Stale Crackers.

    Kate asks Quinn about a display at the gym. He turns to Madison, who urges him to tell Kate about their new arrangement. Kate says they had a deal. Quinn says it was never in writing, and Madison offered to take him international. Kate accuses Madison of doing this to get back at her. Madison asks, "For what?" Kate says for stealing Sami away maybe, but it seems more personal. Madison slams her for her age. Ian walks in and says to Madison, "Hello, lovely wife." Kate says it's all starting to make sense now - Madison knew about her relationship with Ian. Madison says she's still married to Ian and her company is way ahead - she's beat her at every turn. Madison wonders if Kate told Stefano that her ex-lover is in town. Kate reminds her what she did to Brady - she's not the disloyal one. Kate warns Madison if she keeps making things personal there will be war - and she'll lose. Kate goes, and Madison has words with Ian about him seeing Kate.

    Quinn spots Abby outside the cafe and says he's glad she's friends with Melanie again. He asks about her situation. She looks at Austin and Carrie at the next table and flirts with Quinn. He talks about going to Europe and finding Taylor. Carrie leaves, telling Austin she's excited about their getaway. Austin approaches Abby, who has said goodbye to Quinn, and asks what that was all about. Abby informs him she can date who she likes. Across the way, Brady looks up to see Madison.

    Thursday, January 26 2012: If I Can Inspire Just One Person.

    Quinn approaches Melanie at the spa and encourages her to make-up with Abigail. Abby and Madison turn up and Quinn sends Abby to Melanie. Things are awkward between the girls. In another room, Madison tries getting Quinn to ditch CW and buy from MadWorld. They walk the square and Madison offers to take his spa national. They return to the spa and Madi tells Abby and Melanie that she'd like both of them to model for her in a new 'friends' campaign. Problem is, she heard they're on the outs. They'd have to patch things up for real in order to work for her. Madi and Quinn step aside and Quinn says he needs time to consider her offer to go national. She puts on the pressure. Nearby, Mel opens up about Daniel leaving town. Abigail's sensitive to her feelings. They go over their issues and though Melanie chooses Abby over Chad, Abby doesn't like that Melanie still has feelings for Chad. They're back to square one.

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