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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dario Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dario Hernandez Played by Francisco San Martin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Francisco San Martin (NBC)

    Birthplace: Spain
    Real Name: Francisco San Martin


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    Tough Old Bird.

    Tuesday, April 05 2011

    Dario bumps into Melanie at Java and gives her a hard time about her fake date with Brady. She spots money sticking out of his pocket and comments on it. He tells her Brady gave it to him to get out of town. Some woman named Amy turns up and Melanie takes off. Amy tells Dario anything a client wants he gets. As long as he pays. He hands over some bills as Melanie watches. Later, Dario tells her the woman's a private investigator. Melanie gets an idea and takes off and later, Dario gets a call from Amy.

    Melanie finds Dario at Cheatin' Heart and tells him she put up a fifty-thousand dollar reward. He knows, but isn't impressed.

    I Smuggle Unsafe Toys For Children.

    Friday, April 01 2011

    Melanie stops Dario on the pier to lecture him about the dangers of drinking Red Bull. He tells her to give him a break. He worked all night on the docks and needs it. She assumes he's been stealing. "I smuggle unsafe toys for children," he jokes. He apologizes for the bad joke and tells a sob story about how Arianna almost choked on a marble one time. Mel sees right through him and asks why he's lying to impress her. He claims he wants to be friends, and moves in on her and asks if her heart's racing. She backs away and then Brady shows up, so and she grabs him and starts making out with him while watching Dario's reaction. She asks if Brady's ready for their 'date' and he plays along. They tell Dario to take a hike and Melanie apologizes. He says it's not so bad to have been kissed by a beautiful woman, and he feels he should take her out on a date now. They take off laughing. Dario returns chuckling to himself. He overheard it all.

    An Old Sitcom.

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    At Java, Brady yells at a client on the phone about Titan issues. Dario walks in and Brady tells him to go back to where he came from. Dario needs to find out who killed his sister and is surprised Brady's not trying to do the same. He calls Brady out for not believing in her, so Brady grabs him and tells him off. He throws money at him and says to get a new life elsewhere but Dario doesn't bite. Later, Melanie turns up and tells Brady about her visit with Parker. She's not sure she's civilized enough to be "Aunt Melanie" to the child her husband had with her step-mother and cries that she can never trust Philip again. Brady holds her.

    On the pier, Dario and Justin discuss Dario getting a private investigator. Justin says the case is cold and it'll cost him. Dario says he has a job at the docks and can pay, so Justin agrees to do some research. Dario leaves and eavesdrops when Philip arrives and mentions Melanie's name. They discuss giving Mel five million dollars plus what he already gave her in the settlement. Philip's thankful that she won't have to ever worry about money. Dario steps out and tells himself money's not going to be a problem for him, either. Nurse Melanie's worth more than what he thought.

    Scratch The Itch.

    Friday, March 25 2011

    At the hospital, Dario flashes to Stephanie bashing Melanie and spies on her laughing with Daniel. He assumes she's after him and when Mel leaves, he approaches Daniel to warn him off Mel, stating she's a player. Daniel plays along, asking what that means and Dario tells him the gossip he heard. Daniel gets angrier and angrier and then lets out a growl before punching Dario's head in. Melanie arrives and Daniel explains he's her father. He gets more pissed when he learns Dario's the thief. Security pops up and hauls Daniel off Dario, who takes off, while Daniel tries to explain what went down. Mel feels bad for her past but Daniel calls her his perfect angel. "I'm so not," she replies, wearily. Later, Jenn arrives and notices Daniel's arm is bandaged. He tells her why and she thinks he's out of his mind. She blasts him, asking if he can still do surgery. He insists he's fine and brushes it off but Jenn's adamant that he should know better. She wouldn't be there right now if it weren't for him and tries to look at it. She notices his wedding band has been removed. They commiserate over how weird it feels to remove their rings.

    Dario bumps into Stephanie at Java. She notices his bruising and he lies that he walked into a door. He wishes she'd have told him Melanie's father was a doctor on staff. Stephanie grins, realizing that's where his shiner came from. He asks if Mel's rich. Steph says her husband is, then takes off, bumping into Mel on the way in. Melanie realizes where he got his information from and he tells her he thinks she really blew it with her rich husband. She calls him a jack-ass and threatens to call Justin.

    World Of Pain.

    Thursday, March 24 2011

    Dario heads to the hospital, surprised to find Melanie at the nurse's station. She tells him Rafe's been released and tells him she misses Arianna and wants an apology for how he treated her at the loft. He talks about how Ari made him feel worthwhile. They're interrupted by Stephanie who unleashes some cattiness. Mel gets back to work and Stephanie tells Dario about how slutty Melanie is but all Dario can do is gaze at her and tell her how hot she is. She warns him Melanie's a Premier Party Girl and fiancé thief. Dario can handle himself and Melanie.

    Fairweather Wife.

    Tuesday, March 22 2011

    At the loft, Dario blasts Melanie for not finding the hit-and-run driver who killed Ari. Melanie left it to the SPD and lashes out, saying Ari never even mentioned him. Perhaps she didn't want her to know what an arrogant, self-centered jerk he is. She suggests he talk to his brother about this. Dario insists Rafe doesn't care. Melanie tells him about how hard it has been for them all and reminds him he wasn't there, so he can't pass judgment. Dario wishes he could have been there. He receives a call from Gabi and leaves Melanie at the loft while he rushes to the hospital.

    Dario and Gabi arrive at the hospital. Sami brings them up to speed. They visit RoboRafe, who apologizes and tells Dario he's glad he's in Salem and wants him to stay with them. Outside, Sami thinks something's off and she won't rest until she gets Rafe back. Nearby, Carly reads the test results, shocked.

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