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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dario Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dario Hernandez Played by Francisco San Martin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Francisco San Martin (NBC)

    Birthplace: Spain
    Real Name: Francisco San Martin


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    Why Do You Both Feel Guilty?

    Thursday, April 21 2011

    At Melanie’s Dario comforts her as she tells him that the intruder admitted to killing Arianna. Dario goes berserk and strangles the unconscious man. She pulls him off. She doesn’t want him to go to prison and wants a future with him.

    At another part of the hospital Melanie and Dario speak to the police about the incident. The intruder’s identity in still unknown. The doctor tells them that the patient is going through drug withdrawal. Melanie goes to the man's bedside and stares at him, then returns to the waiting room. Brady shows up and hugs Melanie while Dario watches them from across the room.

    You're A Tramp Again.

    Wednesday, April 20 2011

    As Melanie readies for bed, a masked intruder looks in the window at her. Suddenly she hears a noise. He’s inside and grabs her. He admits he killed Arianna and says he plans to do the same to her. They struggle, she pepper-sprays him, he threatens to kill her and she plants a vase on his head. He goes down and as they struggle Dario comes in and begins beating the man. The intruder falls and is unconscious. Dario removes his mask and Melanie recognizes him.

    Dario tells Nicole at the funeral home that Rafe took off. She hangs up and the minister joins her. He reminds her that Faye loved her. When he leaves her alone, she begins to write her letter to Faye. She sees that Taylor’s envelope isn’t sealed and reads the letter. She’s shocked to read that Taylor admits that she did something that wasn’t supposed to happen and disappointed their mom. Nicole wonders what it was.

    Damn You To Hell!

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    At the park Dario grabs Melanie from behind and she pepper sprays him in the face. He’s in pain and she comforts him saying that she is jumpy after her attack. He says all of this is all too dangerous for her and he’ll take it from here. She agrees sarcastically.

    Whack-Job Mother.

    Monday, April 18 2011

    RoboRafe tries to head out of the loft when Gabi and Will intercept him. He says he's off on holiday but Sami doesn't know. She’s fed up with him and is taking a breather from him. Dario wanders in and blasts RoboRafe for leaving. He tells everyone about Melanie's attack and that Rafe refused to help them. Gabi's astounded. RoboRafe starts cursing them out and mocking Dario, who goes off on the doppelganger in Spanish. Dario yells that Rafe's not his brother. The impostor takes off and Gabi starts to freak out. Will thinks he just needs time. Dario leaves and weeps outside.

    You Have To Know!

    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    Outside the mansion RoboRafe daydreams about moment he killed Faye when Dario calls him on his cell. Rafe2 says they'll talk later.

    At the police station Melanie and Dario show up to report the attack but RoboRafe is blasé and Dario asks what’s wrong with him. Robo puts them onto another officer and Dario says he’s not his brother. Dario decides to get to the bottom of it.

    No Tolerance For Suffering Fools.

    Wednesday, April 06 2011

    At Cheatin’ Heart, Melanie tells Dario about the reward for information on Ari’s killer. He thinks she did it out of guilt so an insulted Melanie tosses a drink over his head. Maggie arrives and congratulates her on the reward. She meets Dario, who leaves at Mel's insistence. Maggie thinks something's going on with them. Melanie calls Dario creepy and changes the subject. Maggie asks if Mel will be peacemaker for Brady and Victor, since Victor's hurt about the take over. Maggie takes a call from Victor and runs off. Mel calls Brady to meet with her. Once he turns up, Mel tries to get him to patch things up with Victor. He's honored when she says his fights are hers, and it leads to a kiss.

    Dario finds Steph at the pub. She says she's in rebound mode so has no tolerance for suffering fools. They learn they're practically related and Dario pries for information on Melanie. Steph says they were once friends but doesn't want to discuss it further.

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