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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dario Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dario Hernandez Played by Francisco San Martin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Francisco San Martin (NBC)

    Birthplace: Spain
    Real Name: Francisco San Martin


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    Raindrops And Roses.

    Friday, May 13 2011

    Melanie wanders into the Cheatin’ Heart for a double order of wings. Dario interrupts asking if he can have the rest of the night off to move out of his brother’s loft. Adrienne offers him to sublet her apartment since she moved in with Justin. Melanie babbles about helping him move in with her car and as they leave, Justin arrives.

    Melanie attempts helping Dario with moving a futon into the apartment but she drops it on his foot. He curses in Spanish and refuses to let her help him. They share a moment and then Melanie decides to let him finish on his own. She goes inside and wonders what just happened. Dario wonders what happens next.

    You're Lucky I Don't Have A Shillelagh.

    Thursday, May 05 2011

    Dario runs out after finding Mel's sweater at Cheatin’ Heart. Later, Adrienne's sad to see Chad go and hands over his last pay. He explains he's starting his new job with his dad in a month. She worries he doesn't know what he's getting himself into with the DiMera family. He says time will tell.

    Faking It.

    Tuesday, May 03 2011

    Dario’s upset when Nicole and Taylor rush off from Cheatin’ Heart without tipping. Melanie and Brady arrive and Dario's unhappy to see them together. While Brady's on a call, Mel apologizes for showing up there with Brady after she turned him down for a date but Dario acts like he doesn't care. Brady heads to the bar and tells Dario he's grateful that he smoked out the guy who killed Arianna. He'd like to do something for him. Dario's jealousy gets the better of him and he snaps at Brady, causing Mel to interrupt and drag Brady away. After they leave, Dario fantasizes about kissing Melanie.

    Dumb Luck.

    Monday, May 02 2011

    Sami returns to the loft and drags Rafe's stuff into their room. Dario arrives and RoboRafe is friendly. When Dario asks if he's back for good, the impostor says that's up to him. He says he and Sami are trying to work things out and he doesn't want her to find out he cheated on her. Sami listens from inside, disgusted and when Dario leaves, she confronts 'Rafe'.

    Rebound Fever.

    Thursday, April 28 2011

    At the pub, Dario tells Gabi he lost his job but will find a new one. Gabi wonders what or who is keeping him in Salem. Will rushes in and shares the news that Ciara and Theo were found. Dario says he's not staying at the loft any longer but Will insists things will be different once Sami and Rafe get back together. Dario doesn't see that happening. Will skulks around smirking.

    Dario runs into Mel outside the pub. They agree to start new. He asks her out, causing Melanie to stammer and admit she's not in a place to date. He assumes she's dating Brady and says he likes a challenge.

    At Cheatin' Heart, Justin and Adrienne are making googly eyes at one another when Dario interrupts asking for a job as bartender.

    Rafe Is Rafe.

    Monday, April 25 2011

    At Sami’s and Rafe’s RoboRafe and Alicia bask in the afterglow of their night together. She suggests another romp and they kiss as they walk to the bedroom. Dario suddenly walks in and sees them. He tells the woman to get the hell out. She kisses RoboRafe and leaves. Dario lashes out at RoboRafe. RoboRafe says to get off his back. Dario calls him a bum and a cold son of a bitch. He says that RoboRafe had a chance to talk to Troy and help solve Arianna’s murder but found a whore instead. Gabi walks in. They speak in Spanish but say that Rafe is Rafe. RoboRafe agrees and goes to leave. He tells Dario he’d better find a place to live before Sami gets back. Dario tells Gabi that the brother he knew isn’t the same. She asks if Dario is going to stay in Salem.

    I Could Mow Them All Down.

    Friday, April 22 2011

    Brady is hugging Mel by the hospital nurse’s station as Dario walks over to them and says sarcastically that she’s in good hands and walks away. Brady blames Dario for this mess. In another part of the room Daniel comes over to Mel and she tells him that her apartment was broken into. Meanwhile Brady looks at the perp and recognizes him. He’s a drug dealer named Troy that Arianna was working for. Daniel suggests to Dario that Rafe can help but he says that won’t be happening. Daniel thanks Brady for looking out for Mel. In a private area of the hospital Dario and Melanie argue about Brady. She tells him she won’t be letting him run her life. He tells her not to come crying to him if her life goes to hell and leaves her there. Brady finds her and tells her to stay away from Dario. He wants her to come home with him. He says that Philip and Parker are in Chicago. Brady says she needs to be safe tonight and that’s with him. Daniel thanks Dario for rescuing Mel. Mel and Brady announce they are leaving. She hugs Daniel and leaves Dario standing there looking frustrated and staring after them.

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