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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dario Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dario Hernandez Played by Francisco San Martin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Francisco San Martin (NBC)

    Birthplace: Spain
    Real Name: Francisco San Martin


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    Finger-Wagging Girls.

    Monday, March 14 2011

    Dario meets with a man on the pier who asks for the money. Dario pays what he has. Melanie arrives with her new necklace showing on the outside of her coat. Dario stares at it longingly.

    Dark Side Of The Moon.

    Friday, March 11 2011

    Dario takes Gabi’s earrings to a pawn shop. Dario’s upset to get a mere hundred bucks for them. Meanwhile, Gabi sees Kinsey walk into Java with her earrings on and blasts her for stealing.

    Stripped Away The Pretensions.

    Wednesday, March 09 2011

    Will and Gabi finish busting tables at the pub and start kissing. Somebody watches from outside. Will notices Gabi’s missing one earring. They find it on the floor and she decides to put them away. Outside, Dario Hernandez watches. He enters the closed pub while the two are in the back room and steals Gabi’s earrings.

    On the pier, Dario looks at the earrings. "Sorry I had to steal from you chica," he says, but they’re worth something.

    A Real Burden Being Perfect.

    Thursday, March 03 2011

    Will and Gabi wander the pier and Will hands Gabi a present – earrings. She refuses to accept them because they’re too expensive. She thinks he bought the earrings because she’s poor but Will saved his money and bought the gift because they’re romantically involved. Will can’t stop thinking about her. She says she feels the same way. "Cool," he replies. As they kiss, somebody watches.

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