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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dario Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dario Hernandez Played by Francisco San Martin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Francisco San Martin (NBC)

    Birthplace: Spain
    Real Name: Francisco San Martin


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    That Thing You Were Hanging Out With.

    Thursday, July 25 2013

    Daniel drops by the rectory to tell Father Eric about his new theory about his poisoning. Nicole interrupts. It's awkward. Daniel gives them privacy. Eric says he has a meeting with Daniel but needs to talk to her about their relationship. Nicole assumes it is about EJ stirring the pot by saying she's in love with him but Eric wants to discuss their conflict over his loyalty and Nic's hatred of his sister - after his meeting.

    Helicopter Dad.

    Wednesday, August 29 2012

    Marlena visits Nick in prison. He tells her he is a better man than when he was arrested. He'd like to make a difference in the world and knows he has to take responsibility for his life. Nick still cares for Melanie as a friend and can't stand the idea of causing her anymore pain.

    He’s My Blood.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    At the pub, Dario tells Melanie he can't go to Bo and Hope’s party now because he leaves tonight. Her jaw drops open. He’s sorry.

    Bo and Hope pull Quinn into the police station. He’s arrested. Vivian and Gus arrive and she is aghast. Bo says DNA doesn’t lie and it’s Quinn’s. Gus remembers planting the evidence. Vivian protests. Taylor doesn't know how the nightstick got into Quinn's hotel room. Bo and Hope don’t believe Taylor. Vivian plans to arrange bail immediately. Gus suggests she look into the facts about her son. He's a drug dealer. She gets angry. She says, “He’s my blood.” She will never abandon him again. Bo shows her Quinn’s rap sheet. Taylor admits she was with Quinn when he was arrested. Vivian accuses Taylor of starting Quinn in the pimp business. Taylor says she had nothing to do with Quinn’s arrest. Bo tells them Taylor got arrested for civil unrest. She recalls that Quinn altered her record. Bo and Hope claim Taylor started working at the police station to gain information on her boyfriend. Taylor protests and says it isn’t true. They have no proof. Bo arranges visitation for Vivian. Hope sys they can hold Taylor for twenty-four hours while they find out the truth. In another part of the station they take him away. Bo and Hope converse quietly about Quinn and Taylor and their involvement together. Dario and Mel walk into Rafe’s office. He tells Rafe he got a promotion and Rafe congratulates him. He says it’s Argentina and he's going. It’s a big opportunity so he has to quit the police job. Rafe tells him not to take the job. He wants Dario to spend more time with the family, then changes his mind and hugs Dario. He says the opportunity is fantastic. Rafe’s cell rings. He has to leave to do some work on the case. The kids leave.

    In his jail cell, Quinn tells Bo he’s not the guy they’re looking for and says Taylor will vouch for him. Vivian visits him and he says he has no idea how the nightstick ended up in his closet. Gus has a guilty look on his face.

    I’ll Kill Him.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011

    At Cheatin' Heart, Melanie leaves a nasty voicemail for Brady about Dario's faraway job placement, "Thanks for ruining two lives." Dario comes over to her. She says the message was for her mom but he overheard. He asks her to talk to him if she's upset. She's going to miss him and she cries a little. He holds her face in his hands and looks into her eyes. He was up all night thinking about her. He's made a decision. He’s not taking the job. His cell rings and he goes back to work. They agree to meet for lunch. She asks him not to talk to Brady yet about his decision. He agrees but his mind is made up.

    After working on the facial recognition software, Bo and Hope have lunch at the pub. She flirts with him and Bo says their party will be a huge shindig. He notices she’s upset and she admits she’s never made any of Gran’s recipes. Seeing her handwriting bothered her. She misses her Gran. They reminisce about people who have passed on but Bo says they will always be with them. Hope’s going to make this the best damn party ever so Gran can look on at her success. She laments that Ciara will grow up without knowing Gran. They decide to get back to work. Nearby, Dario tells Melanie he told Mr. Ming he won’t be taking the job. She’s surprised. She thought Brady offered him the job. She tells him to take it. They agree to try a long distance relationship. If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out. She whimpers and asks if it doesn’t work out, can they still be friends? He kisses her with ardor. Across the room, Vivian wonders why Gus didn't return her calls and says, "My dry cleaning has to be picked up." He's upset about how blind she is to who Quinn really is. She raves on about how wonderful Quinn is and says Gus has been blessed with being very good at service but lately he's been slipping. His obsession with Quinn has affected his work. He needs a hobby. He tells her he has one. He's a vigilante. She can't imagine him intimidating anyone.

    I Leave In A Week.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    Chad, Will, and Sonny are working on their website at the pub when Gabi interrupts Will for a game of pool. She wins the game and suggests their date be at a secluded spot by the lake.

    At another table Abigail and Melanie talk about Carly’s progress. Melanie feels lucky to have met her brother. She has a real family now. They go over to Gabi and Will. Gabi tells Melanie that Dario has never been happier working for Brady and it’s good because Brady hasn’t left Chloe’s side since she got attacked. Dario arrives and tells them he got an internet job. The girls hug him. Melanie tells him he really deserves this. They sit for a drink. He wants to prove his worth to her family. Sonny announces they got full funding for their proposal. When they are alone in a darkened part of the bar, Dario and Melanie dance, cuddle and kiss. Back at their table Sonny, Will, Gabi and Abigail talk about funding. Kinsey joins them and tells them Chloe’s still in a coma. Sonny tells the ladies to be very careful. Sonny goes to the bar and Dario gets a call. His new job is in Argentina. He leaves for Buenos Aires in a week.

    The Gay Guy Goes, Or I Go.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    Daniel and Jenn are enjoying their picnic in the park. As they kiss, Melanie and Dario join them. Kinsey and T join the group. T wasn’t expecting senior citizens to be there. The older folks kid around with the kids. Sonny and Abigail join Daniel and Jenn who are now feeling awkward. T wants to know who invited Sonny and continues to get bent out of shape, saying Sonny doesn’t fit in. T says either the gay guy goes or he goes. Will tells him to chill but T calls them losers and leaves. Jenn is shocked about the bigotry. Sonny suggests a volleyball game leaving Daniel and Jenn alone. They discuss the incident. He thinks it will be okay. After the game Will apologizes to Sonny about what happened. Gabi shows up in a bikini and invites the boys to join her swimming. Sonny passes and Will goes with Gabi. Later, the kids all sit on towels, eat and talk as T looks on.

    Melanie and Dario are at the pub and as he kisses her Abigail walks in. He leaves the girls to do some work. Abigail says her mom was very upset about the incident at the lake. Melanie says she can't find Nicolas to tell him about Carly.

    I Won't Be The One To Break The Peace.

    Monday, August 22 2011

    Brady finds Dario and Melanie at the pub. Brady tells her he can't stop the war because he can't trust the DiMera's. Brady uses Dario as a messenger and once Dario leaves, Nicole overhears Melanie accuse Brady of trying to keep her from Dario. Melanie begs him to stop self-destructing and runs off. Nicole is jealous and asks what she means to him. He doesn't think the timing is right and takes a call before heading out.

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