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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abigail Deveraux - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abigail Deveraux Played by Kate Mansi on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kate Mansi (NBC)

    Birthday: September 15 1988
    Birthplace: Calabasas, California, USA
    Real Name: Kate Mansi


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    Days Recap: Justice Will Be Swift.

    Tuesday, April 28 2015

    At the DiMera mansion, Chad kisses Abigail. She kisses back then pushes him away but he thinks this is what she wants. They kiss again and she stops him. He says he won't play this game with her anymore and locks them in. He can't keep fighting his feelings for her and admits when he first returned to Salem he planned on getting back at her for sleeping with his brother but that's all over. He's sick of the lies and would do anything to get her back. She realizes he's the one who got the FBI after Ben but he denies it. He unlocks the door and she rushes out.

    Abigail pounds on Ben's door and when he opens it, she jumps into his arms and kisses him. They make love and when it's over, she sees Chad's face.

    Days Recap: She's Out Of My Life.

    Monday, April 27 2015

    At the square, Abigail overhears Kate mention her return to MadWorld. Abigail questions Kate since Uncle Lucas didn't mention it. Kate says Lucas is no longer employed there and blames Victor. They discuss Kate getting fired from DiMera Enterprises and Abby says Chad's taking it well. Kate isn't surprised. He's nothing like Stefano or EJ. He may be the only DiMera there's any hope for now that Lexi's gone. She goes and Abby considers that Chad told her he's not his brother.

    On a call with Stefano at the mansion, Chad tells his father about Wolensky's murder. Stefano thinks they poked a hornet's nest digging into Ben's past and it's lucky they weren't the ones to get stung. Stefano tells his son things are still going in his favor regarding Abigail's feelings. Stefano's adamant he needs to be with Abigail but when Chad questions why he cares, Stefano backtracks. They hang up and Stefano peruses a document with Abby's name. "You can't let her go Chad. We need her too much." Abby arrives unannounced and Chad's happy to see her. She apologizes for telling him EJ ordered a hit on Nick. She admits she's still messed up about him. In the end she thinks EJ was trying to change and knows Chad's not EJ. He tells her it's not necessary and asks her to leave. She's thrown and upset. She thinks he's trying to get rid of her. He kisses her to show her otherwise.

    Days Recap: Blah Blah Blah.

    Tuesday, April 21 2015

    Ben goes to Abby's and admits he knows what he was doing in Florida was illegal. He finds irony in the fact that he has to take Clyde's help. Aiden calls and tells Ben the Florida authorities won't be bringing him in for questioning because Wolensky was stabbed to death during a prison transfer. Ben's shocked. Later he relays the conversation to Abigail.

    Days Recap: I Would Never Sabotage My Own Son.

    Monday, April 20 2015

    At Ben's, Aiden tells Ben and Abby that the FBI took an interest in him because he left the same day that a gambling ring was busted. He mentions the name Wolensky and Ben admits he knows the name when he used to receive kickbacks for giving the gamblers tips. Aiden coaches him on what to say to the investigators. He goes and Abigail accuses Ben of lying. He apologizes and offers to call in sick to discuss it further. She refuses him. They'll discuss it later.

    Chad sees Abigail at TBD looking distant and questions her. She claims she's fine and they discuss his business dinner with Zoe. She apologizes again for eating her dinner and warns that Zoe's a shark. Chad asks how things are going with Ben and that Florida situation. She makes light of it and says they'll figure it out. She runs and he grins. He calls Zoe with Stefano's idea for a new article - about Clyde Weston.

    Days Recap: I Like Trouble.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    Eve finds Ben at Salem U. "It is. It is really you," she exclaims. Ben remembers her from Miami. She calls him Kevin and he corrects her. He goes by Ben now. He explains why and she's kind. She learns he knows JJ just as Abigail intervenes. She wants to know what's going on. They explain how they know each other and Ben goes to take a call. Abigail accuses her of telling 'other people' Ben's in town. Eve's baffled by her accusation and denies it. She goes and Ben returns. Abigail explains her suspicions to Ben that Eve might have told the FBI he was in town. Ben doubts this.

    Days Recap: You're Lucky To Have Him As A Father.

    Monday, April 13 2015

    At the DiMera manse, Abigail's cocky and accuses Chad of setting up a romantic dinner for them. She calls him predictable and eats sushi until Harold announces Zoe Browning. Abby almost chokes on the sushi when she realizes it was meant for Zoe. She runs off, mortified. Chad gets Zoe another dinner and tells Zoe he has admired her for a while. He announces that DiMera Enterprises now owns Sonix. She laughs and thought he was wining and dining her because of her good looks and scintillating personality. He says those assets haven't gone unnoticed. He tells her he'll have suggestions for future articles and she doesn't seem to mind.

    Abby returns to Ben's with ice cream and toppings for sundaes and he feeds her a cherry as she confesses to Ben about her visit with Chad. They eat ice cream on his bed and then get naked. They have sex and talk about his old aliases. He says he's sticking with Ben Weston. She likes that.

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