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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abigail Deveraux - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abigail Deveraux Played by Kate Mansi on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kate Mansi (NBC)

    Birthday: September 15 1988
    Birthplace: Calabasas, California, USA
    Real Name: Kate Mansi


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    Days Recap: Street Dumb.

    Thursday, January 22 2015

    At TBD, Ben tells Abigail Tad's worried they'll get laid off because the new club is taking some of their business. Abigail doesn't think they need to worry.

    Chad walks into TBD in a mood. He sees Ben kissing Abigail. She leaves and he goes to Ben. Nearby, Abe tells John that this is the third incident down by the docks. He's glad John's on board. Meanwhile, Chad taunts Ben, telling him that Abigail isn't nearly as good in bed as Ben's sister is. Ben attacks Chad and they fight. Abe and John pull the men off each other and learn this isn't the first time this has happened. Abe takes Chad to the ER and John calls Rafe over to collaborate. Rafe isn't happy to admit it has happened so John's forced to arrest Ben.

    Chad is treated at the hospital and Jordan and Abby race to his side. He blames Ben. Abby wonders what Chad did to provoke Ben. Despite Jordan's reservations, Chad asks Abe to arrest Ben. Anne, her wrap dress, and Theresa arrive and Anne chastises her friend for seeing Clint, the druggie, loser, control-freak. Theresa's turned on most by Clint because he's nothing like Brady.

    Days Recap: What's Worse Than A DiMera?

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    At Rafe's club, he tells Clyde to drink up and then get out. He's not welcomed in there. Kate thinks this is about Jordan but Rafe says as management, he reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Clyde wonders if this has to do with Kate, but Rafe denies that. Kate wonders if Rafe wants the bad publicity that would go along with banning them from the club. By the coat room, Ben tells Jordan Clyde's trying to make up for past mistakes. Jordan calls it a sham. She remembers Clyde's warning about getting in his way and tells her brother she doesn't want to lose him. Nearby, Chad tries to stop Abby from running to Ben and insinuates that Ben's lying to her. Chad's worried for her. Abby calls him a jerk. They head back inside to separate tables and Clyde and Kate take their own table. Maggie and Victor turn up. Maggie gushes over how gorgeous the club is while Victor doesn't like that "Stefano sent his bastard spawn over here to check us out." Maggie thinks he'll have to get used to serving people worse than DiMeras. "What's worse than a DiMera?" Victor asks, before spotting Clyde. Rafe walks up and Vic says he doesn't want to cater to the "Duck Dynasty" crowd. Rafe says he tried to throw Clyde out earlier. Victor admits he has ammunition against Weston they can use. Clyde goes to congratulate Victor on the club but is put on notice for attacking his employees. They argue and Clyde calls Victor a 'shadow of a man' who used to run this town. He tells him to enjoy his retirement. Nearby, Maggie learns Clyde's the one who gave the money to Abby's project and goes to introduce herself. When Clyde kisses Maggie's hand, steam comes out of Victor's ears. They part and having seen the display, Rafe privately asks Victor not to go doing anything drastic. Ben and Abby are ready to go and when Ben says goodbye, he calls Clyde dad. Clyde's visibly touched and after they're gone, he tells Kate this is the first time it's ever happened. She's happy things are progressing. Kate comments on how Victor looked at Clyde with such hatred. Clyde's not worried. Kate warns that he's lethal. As they kiss, Rafe stands nearby and shakes his head.

    In the square, Ben's quiet. He tells Abby he got locked in a room for not calling Clyde 'dad', yet it came out so naturally. What if Jordan's right and Clyde hasn't changed at all? Abby thinks he should give Clyde a chance.

    Days Recap: Beyond The Pale.

    Monday, January 19 2015

    Outside Brady's Pub, Kate tells Abigail she owes her an apology for causing a scene at the hospital. Abigail thinks she did it purposely and suggests she apologize to Jordan. Abigail calls her petty and jealous. Kate says she doesn't like Jordan and never will.

    At Club TBD, Tad and Ben worry about the nightclub taking business away. Chad appears and tells Ben he won't lose his job as long as he's dating Jordan. Ben takes offense. Chad apologizes and then baits him again by saying Clyde bought him. Ben says no one buys him. Abigail arrives as Ben has Chad by the lapels. Chad tells Ben to grow a pair and apologize. After, Tad offers to close so Abigail and Ben can leave together.

    Rafe greets Ben and Abigail as they arrive at the nightclub. He tells them it's going good with only a few bumps. Clyde and Kate enter. Through a gritted teeth smile, Rafe says, "Oh great more bumps." They invite themselves to sit with Ben and Abigail. Chad and Jordan arrive, but she spots Clyde and exits. Ben follows. She asks, "What the hell has Clyde done to you?" Chad stops Abigail from interfering. Rafe tells Clyde and Kate to drink up and go - they're not welcome there.

    Days Recap: A Wall-Eyed Pike.

    Thursday, January 15 2015

    At Club TBD, Abigail tells Ben she thinks everything will still be okay even though Jordan knows the donation came from Clyde. Ben snaps at her and they argue. Abigail thinks Jordan will stop being mad at him. Ben realizes where Jordan may have gone.

    At the hospital, Abigail complains to Chad that he let Jordan believe he was the donor. Chad says he had no idea she thought that. Abigail tells him Ben's upset with her. Chad says he's a fool if he stays mad. Jordan arrives, apologizes, and wants to get to work. Abigail is glad they're working this out.

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