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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker Played by Tamara Braun on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Braun (NBC)

    Birthday: April 18 1971
    Birthplace: Evanston Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single (Long-term nameless boyfriend.)
    Real Name: Tamara Braun
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Be My Wife.

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    Taylor finds EJ’s hospital room empty. Lexi tells her he checked himself out. Taylor tells Lexi they are in love. She hopes the man who murdered her mom will pay for it. Lexi hopes Rafe will confess and tells Taylor there won’t be a 'Happy Ever After' because her family is complicated.

    In the park, EJ kisses Taylor and says he’s fine. They sit on a bench. He asks her what she was thinking about. She was thinking about her mother being murdered and she’s worried about him. He assures her nothing else will go wrong. He knows for certain what the future has in store for both of them. EJ gets on his knees, pulls out a ring, and asks Taylor to be his wife. She is speechless.

    We Will Destroy This Monster!

    Tuesday, June 28 2011

    At the hospital, Marco tells Stefano on the phone that there’s the possibility of a witness to EJ’s attack. Later in his hospital bed, EJ tells his dad that RoboRafe is responsible for Faye’s death. He feels he and his dad are responsible. Taylor has to know the truth. Stefano sarcastically suggests they turn themselves in and forbids him from being truthful to Taylor. EJ is sure he’ll be forgiven. EJ exclaims that the imposter went rogue. Taylor walks in. EJ excuses his dad and Stefano eavesdrops by the door. Taylor asks who would want him dead. She’s sure the man who attacked him was Rafe and asks if Rafe is evil. EJ's sorry. She says there’s nothing to be sorry for but he says there is. He can’t forgive himself for her mother’s murder in his own home! She kisses him and leaves. Stefano returns and vows, "We created this monster, we will destroy this monster." Taylor returns with coffee and Stefano leaves. EJ says Nicole has agreed to a divorce. He wants them to move on. Taylor always wanted a close relationship with Nicole and they did get close. EJ thinks she has guilt issues. He has them too. They must go on with their lives even though others aren’t as blessed as they are. He professes his love and she smiles. They kiss. At the nurse’s station Stefano runs into Vivian, calls her a stupid woman and tells her to get out of his sight. He walks off and calls Rafe on his cell. Stefano says he has another assignment for him. He demands he meet him at the pier at 6 PM. Rafe figures Stefano’s taken the bait already. Down the hall, as Jennifer approaches Carly and Daniel, she has a flashback to a conversation with Carly about drugs. Carly tells them that she has something to do and leaves. Jennifer feels she interrupted something, then shows Daniel the white powder in the bag. He’s shocked and asks where she got it. She doesn’t tell him. He offers to get it checked out. Later he tells her that the test results are in. The substances are prescription drugs that are highly addictive. Jennifer sees Carly and suggests a girls' night out but Carly is too busy. Jennifer reminds her that she’s a good friend and doesn’t want anyone or anything to come between them.

    What The Hell Did I Do?

    Monday, June 27 2011

    Nicole asks Taylor at the police station if she really believes that EJ killed their mother. Nicole thinks there could have been extenuating circumstances and EJ could be the cause of his own beating. She calls him a son of a bitch. Taylor enters the room and asks why Rafe is running around free. She says she needs rock solid evidence to believe that EJ killed her mom. Hope claims they are on her side. They want the man who killed her too. She says to trust them. Taylor doesn’t. Nicole says EJ and Stefano had Rafe kill her mom and she has Rafe's DNA to prove it. Bo opens the safe deposit box, and reads the document but it’s not DNA. It’s a will – leaving everything to Taylor. Nicole's shocked. Later Hope tells Bo they have to release Taylor but Nicole is required to stay under guard until further notice. When Nicole hears this, she wants to know what the hell she did? When she and Bo are alone, Hope wonders how the DNA results were switched. She tells Bo it’s time to move on with their plan. When Sami and Rafe arrive, Bo and Hope them their plan. They want EJ to think Rafe tried to kill him but they warn him that the DiMera’s won’t stop until he’s dead.

    Silver Lining.

    Friday, June 24 2011

    At the hospital, EJ's shocked when Taylor tells him Rafe killed her mother. He apologizes and blames himself for not protecting her. Taylor's confused so he covers, saying he sensed something was wrong with Rafe after the accident. Taylor becomes unhinged and EJ tries to calm her but she demands the truth about why Sami, Rafe and the cops were in the mansion. In another room, Maxine hangs up on a reporter from The Intruder who wants to discuss the missing meds. When Jenn comes along, Maxine informs her about the call and Jennifer flashes to all the white powder at Carly's hotel room. Nearby, Bo tells Hope he's off to question EJ. Jenn comes along and hints to Hope that she knows something that could blow somebody Bo loves right out of the water. Bo heads in to see EJ and arrests Taylor for attacking Hope. EJ's pissed but Bo doesn't care. EJ promises to get Tay a lawyer. They leave and Carly goes to EJ and gives him pain medicine and then finds Jenn ready to tell Hope that Brady attacked EJ. They debate telling Hope and Jenn admits Brady did this to EJ and Mel's covering it up. Carly is on edge and Hope notices. Once Carly goes to take a call, Hope questions Jenn about Carly’s nervousness. Jenn passes it off as work stress. They worry about DiMera payback. Hope leaves and Carly returns, apologetic about losing it in front of Hope. She takes off to check on EJ. Later, Jenn tells Maxine she called the reporter at the Intruder and calmed her down. To herself, she wonders if Carly’s the one stealing drugs and steals Carly’s pass card. Carly checks on EJ, who is resting. Hope walks in and wants to help Melanie.

    Bo takes Taylor to SPD and questions how EJ took it when he learned about Faye's murder. Taylor's angered by the question. Bo takes a call from Hope who tells him Brady is the one who jumped EJ. Bo rushes off to the Kiriakis mansion.

    Nicole is ushered into the room with Taylor at SPD. Taylor knows who attacked EJ. "It was Rafe."

    I Hope He Kicks It.

    Thursday, June 23 2011

    Taylor paces the pier demanding Hope tell her why she’s being detained. Hope says she’s a witness. Taylor becomes more and more agitated and when Hope moves in, Taylor pushes Hope, knocking her down. Hope hits her head and loses consciousness. She gets up soon after, so Taylor runs off. Hope passes out again. Adrienne and Justin come across her and Hope gets up and calls Bo.

    At the hospital, Nicole threatens to prove she knows what Stefano did while EJ loses consciousness in his room after Bo badgers him. Lexi and Maxine rush in and kick Bo out. Stefano and Nicole confront him but Lexi interrupts to tell the family that EJ's blood pressure dropped. He's bleeding internally. They have to operate. Taylor arrives and informs Bo that Hope fell, but she's fine. He takes Hope's call and agrees to meet her later. Stefano tells Kate and Chad the beating on EJ was intentional. Chad asks if they think Rafe's a suspect, but claims he's back to his old self. Bo eavesdrops and then leaves. Nearby, Nicole tells Taylor, "I hope he kicks it." Stefano orders Maxine to bump up security and get rid of Taylor but she doesn't budge. Kate pushes her weight around but Lexi returns with good news. EJ's going to be fine. Taylor almost passes out with relief. Stefano is glad to hear his son is out of the woods and promises to keep his family out of danger. They discuss how EJ wants to be on his own. Kate thinks he'll be bored after six months with Taylor. Stefano loves that she understands him. They agree they're perfect for each other.

    Are You Accusing Me Of Doing Drugs?

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    On the pier, Taylor gets a call from Lexi that EJ is in the hospital. She hangs up and Rafe appears, telling she's not going anywhere. He grabs her to keep her from leaving and she screams wildly for help. Once he gets her calm, he asks if she's told anyone that she thinks he killed her mother. Taylor lies that she didn't. She says her mother never hurt anyone and doesn't understand why anyone would want to kill her.

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