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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker Played by Tamara Braun on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Braun (NBC)

    Birthday: April 18 1971
    Birthplace: Evanston Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single (Long-term nameless boyfriend.)
    Real Name: Tamara Braun
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Things Were Starting To Get Boring.

    Friday, July 08 2011

    At the mansion, Bo's upset when Sami calls to say she’s on her way over, since she can’t find Taylor. They listen to what’s going on inside. Rafe walks into the mansion, acting like RoboRafe. He’s not going to be their little bitch anymore and wants a raise. RoboRafe wanders in and EJ and Stefano’s jaws drop. "Just when things were starting to get boring," Rafe comments. RoboRafe tells them Rafe’s been pretending to be him and playing games with them. Taylor walks in, shocked to see two Rafes. Rafe comes forth and tells Taylor that he’s the original and RoboRafe is the one who killed her mother. Taylor confronts EJ and Rafe encourages EJ to be a man for once. Suddenly, Sami arrives and punches EJ in the face, twice. Sami confesses EJ's crimes to Taylor. EJ and Stefano think Sami has lost her mind. RoboRafe says they're all lying and tries to leave. Bo and Hope stop him and they bicker about whether or not EJ and Stefano did anything wrong. EJ and Stefano pretend they have never seen RoboRafe before. Sami starts ranting at EJ and demands to know why he did this. She yells that she had sex with Robo and Bo calls it rape. Taylor turns white and Sami warns her against marrying EJ. Taylor says EJ was shocked at hearing Faye was dead, causing Sami to think the ring has made her stupid. Taylor needs proof. She confronts EJ.

    Bad Enough There's One.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    EJ arrives at Taylor's hotel. She awaits in bed, wearing a sexy negligee. He's quiet, so she massages him and they make out, winding up having sex.

    Back at the mansion, Stefano tells Johnny a bedtime story and relates it to EJ's mistakes. Taylor and EJ arrive and Stefano congratulates the happy couple. EJ thinks he's being sarcastic and they bicker. They calm down and drinks are served. Stefano tells her they're a passionate family. She's ready for it. Johnny gets out of bed and is excited to see Taylor. They go see his train collection and Stefano notices that Johnny adores Taylor.

    Charlie Sheen's Phone Number.

    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    In the park, Taylor returns as Stefano tells EJ they need to eliminate Rafe. Taylor wants him brought to justice, but doesn’t want them to take the law into their own hands. EJ explains that Rafe took Johnny home from school and they're trying to figure out what to do about it - legally. Taylor falls for it and takes off. EJ tells his father that he made a promise to Taylor but it’ll take effect after they deal with this.

    Brady and Nicole wind up at Cheatin' Heart. Nic worries they'll never get back what they once had. He thinks she has an idealized view of what they had and advises her to take a romantic time out. She jokingly asks for Charlie Sheen's phone number and makes Brady laugh. He takes off and she orders more drinks. Brady bumps into Taylor and suggests she stay out of the bar because Nicole's in there. He spots her engagement ring and tells her if she marries EJ, she'll be as miserable as Nicole is right now. She spies on Nicole drinking a dirty martini and removes the ring before heading in. Nicole offers her a drink and Taylor confesses she and EJ are engaged. Nicole tells her to go to hell and calls her a buzzkill. She turns away and starts to cry. She's glad their mother's not there to see what Taylor has turned into.

    At the park, Taylor tells herself she doesn't have any doubts about marrying EJ. Abe arrives and they discuss Rafe killing Faye and her impending marriage to EJ. He worries about her.

    She's Made Of Teflon.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    EJ gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to Taylor at the park. He's crestfallen when she says she can’t. There are too many obstacles in the way. He hopes he hasn’t screwed things up between them. Taylor isn't sure how she's feeling but wants to wait until things are settled down. EJ disagrees. If they're not going to marry, he thinks they should call it a day. She doesn't like his scare tactics but he insists it's not a ploy. He wants her to take a leap of faith. If she has doubts about them, he doesn't think they've a chance.

    Back at the park, Taylor tells EJ she has faith and then says, "Yes, I will marry you." They laugh and make out as Stefano watches. EJ officially proposes again and puts the ring on her finger. EJ spots his father and yells at him to go away. Stefano wants to congratulate them and welcomes Taylor to the family. Tay leaves and Stefano tells him about the note they received. When Mary calls EJ to tell him Rafe was at the house, EJ jumps.

    Taylor goes to Lexi at the hospital and shows off her engagement ring. Lexi looks worried but congratulates Taylor anyway. Taylor brings up Faye and her killer. In another room, Jenn turns down Daniel for a trip to San Francisco after she thinks about helping Carly.

    Taylor returns to the park and overhears Stefano telling EJ that they need to eliminate Rafael right now.

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