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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker Played by Tamara Braun on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Braun (NBC)

    Birthday: April 18 1971
    Birthplace: Evanston Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single (Long-term nameless boyfriend.)
    Real Name: Tamara Braun
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Walking Ghost.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    Sami and Rafe turn up at SPD. Sami urges Abe to keep Stefano and EJ there. Stefano and EJ tell her the police have nothing on them. She yells that they won't get away with this as Abe leads her into Bo's office. Rafe, Taylor, Abe, Roman, Bo and Hope stare at her while she demands answers. Later, Stefano and EJ are let go. DA Woods yells that Bo blew it. Sami tells them this isn't over and Taylor follows EJ out. She hopes he's not going to fight Sami for custody. He tells her it's none of her business. She says he needs to pay for what he did and he assures her he is and asks for forgiveness. Taylor refuses. Back inside, Rafe and Sami argue about what has gone down and Rafe tells her to go home. He leaves and she goes to EJ's. Rafe goes into the cells for answers. The convicts are shocked to see his face. They call him a walking ghost. Rafe goes to Hope and Bo and tells them one of the perps thought he was killing him, not Arnold. Bo's sorry they didn't come through for him but Rafe knows they did their best. He's worried about how it'll affect the kids.

    RIP RoboRafe.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Brady walks into Cheatin’ Heart. Nicole’s there, twirling pretzels on her straw. Taylor runs in after Brady and worries EJ will learn that Brady’s his assailant. Abe arrives and tells everyone the man who killed Faye will be set free tonight. He got a plea bargain. Nicole and Taylor gasp. Abe explains it's the only way to get EJ and Stefano into prison. Taylor's angry. Nicole wants EJ in prison, but Taylor insists that EJ didn't know Arnold would kill their mother. Nicole argues that EJ's partially to blame. Brady and Nicole try to talk sense into Taylor, but she's off to SPD to protest. Nicole's upset and tells Brady about how Taylor came to confess to her earlier. Nicole worries but Brady says Taylor can't change what's in motion. Nicole realizes the only time she's been truly happy is with Brady.

    At the hospital, Abe tells Lexi he thinks her father and brother will be in prison for a long time. She sighs. She’s not surprised and is sorry her family has put him in this position. Abe feels for her. He takes off back to SPD. Stefano calls and she’s cold toward him. He asks if he and EJ have to leave Salem. She can’t answer that and cries as he tells her he loves her.

    Abe and Lexi turn up at SPD. The DA goes to Lexi to tell her that the fact that Abe's putting his brother and father-in-law in prison could mean he's out in the next election. Lexi rolls her eyes and tells him her thoughts are with his son Chad, who she's more concerned about. Woods doesn't like that and tells her off. Nearby, Lopez goes to get Arnold while Bo hoots with delight that Arnold signed the statement. Meanwhile, in the cells, the convicts are let in. Arnold calls them losers and makes fun of them. One of them thinks he's Rafe, but Arnold denies it. The guys circle him. Outside, Taylor bumps into a handcuffed EJ. She doesn't want him to go to prison. Meanwhile, Abe learns that the officers put the string of convicts with Arnold and rushes down to the cells with Hope, finding Arnold dead.

    Death By DiMera.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    Brady finds Taylor at the mansion and shows her the DiMera news. He’s in shock. She admits she already knows the Rafe impostor is the one who killed her mother. She thinks this is his chance to say he told her so. She hates that she believed in EJ. Finnegan's not talking so Brady assumes he's taking the choice of prison instead of 'death by DiMera'. Brady confesses he's the one who laid that beating on EJ. Taylor worries EJ will remember.

    On the pier, EJ tells his father he thinks Rafe is the one who beat him. Stefano says it's impossible. It's not in Rafe's character. Taylor walks up unseen and Stefano threatens to take care of whoever did this to EJ DiMera style. EJ laughs and hugs his father, who tells him he may be the last friend he has. He leaves and EJ spots Taylor. They discuss what happened and Taylor brings up the beating. EJ is trying to trigger a memory. She asks if he's planning revenge. EJ says it's out of his hands, causing Taylor to roll her eyes. Taylor has nothing more to say to him and leaves. EJ flashes to the beating and remembers a woman being there.

    Break Out The Rubber Hose.

    Wednesday, July 13 2011

    EJ arrives to see Nicole and finds Taylor at her hotel. Both ladies are cold toward him. EJ professes his love for Taylor and wishes he had met her first. Nicole rolls her eyes. Taylor tells him he ruined any feelings she had for him. Nicole reminds him he's responsible for their mother's murder. EJ denies it but apologizes if his actions hurt them. Nicole spits that his hell's just beginning and reluctantly agrees to leave while Taylor talks to EJ. Later, Taylor asks why EJ lied. EJ hopes she'll forgive him but that won't happen. He tells her how desperate he was and professes his love again, but she backs away, stony-faced. She kicks him out and breaks down.

    Sex On A Stick.

    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    Nicole wakes up to Taylor at her door. Taylor says Nicole was right about EJ and she can't believe that EJ replaced Rafe with a miserable look-alike just to get to Sami. She shares with Nicole what went down at the mansion last night and thinks Nicole should take the opportunity to tell her what a rotten person she is. Nicole learns that the Rafe in the warehouse was the fake. Taylor can't get over the fact that EJ's a liar. Nicole admits she let the Rafe impostor go. Taylor beats herself up over allowing EJ to sway her against her own sister. Taylor breaks down in tears and Nicole refuses to kick her when she's down. She explains she always knew EJ was a lying SOB and unfortunately thinks she's better equipped to handle it. Taylor asks why she needs to get drunk. Nicole says it's because she has had to hide so much and because their mother has died. Taylor's sorry. Nicole thinks they should let everything go. After all, they're family. Nicole holds Taylor's hand and they agree to start taking better care of each other than they have. Nicole won't forget but she will forgive Taylor, not EJ. EJ turns up on their doorstep.

    What The Firecracker Is That?

    Monday, July 11 2011

    Taylor demands the truth from EJ, at the DiMera mansion. EJ hems and haws and says he had nothing to do with RoboRafe killing Faye. Taylor calls him out for dodging the question and asks pointedly if EJ brought the impostor to Salem. Sami speaks up and Taylor tells her to shut up. EJ reminds Taylor he told her he had done things he regrets that can’t be undone but none of what they say is true. Sami steps up and assures Taylor that EJ's lying. Hope and Bo back Sami up. They have proof. Taylor suggests EJ's a victim too. Everyone tries to tell her that's not true. Taylor asks Stefano and Robo to explain themselves. Stefano refuses and Robo just wants a lawyer. Taylor realizes EJ's lying and her mom's dead because of him. EJ tries to reach for her but she pushes him away. She can tell he's lying. RoboRafe smirks. Sami calls to God, as Taylor accuses EJ of being responsible for her mother's death. She screams and cries and tells him the only person he loves is himself. Rafe starts in on him just as Johnny runs down the stairs. He hears Rafe telling EJ that the people he tortured will watch him suffer now. Taylor and Rafe realize Faye found RoboRafe's secret out and that's why he killed her. Rafe says EJ kills people and doesn't give a damn. He feels sorry for EJ's kids. Johnny rushes in, asking what's going on and everyone's eyes pop out. Rafe picks him up and Johnny asks why his daddy hurt people. Rafe tries to cover and Taylor runs off. Bo and Hope take RoboRafe away when Johnny sees him, and EJ tries to hold Johnny, but he squirms away. Sami and Rafe go after him and Stefano blasts EJ for taking the family down. He's disgusted with his son and takes off. EJ becomes upset when Johnny wants to go to Sami's. EJ promises he'll fix it and professes his love for his son. Johnny just wants to go, and snuggles into Rafe. EJ's eyes bug out and he looks scared. Sami smirks at him.

    There's a montage at the end of the show. At SPD, Bo and Hope lock RoboRafe in jail, Stefano goes into Johnny's room at the mansion and stares at his photo sadly, Taylor wanders the streets of Salem, crying, Sami, Rafe and Johnny snuggle at the loft, and EJ stands alone crying over his kids' photos.

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