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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker Played by Tamara Braun on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Braun (NBC)

    Birthday: April 18 1971
    Birthplace: Evanston Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single (Long-term nameless boyfriend.)
    Real Name: Tamara Braun
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Kittens, Rainbows, And Sunsets.

    Friday, August 05 2011

    Brady finds Taylor crying on the pier. She's happy. EJ told her the vendetta is over. Brady doesn't believe it. Taylor's insistent and thinks it's time for Brady to find true love. He mocks her.

    Back on the pier, after a call from EJ, asking for a meeting, Brady takes off.

    Nicole paces her hotel room. Taylor arrives and they discuss EJ walking away from taking revenge. Nicole's still tense. It's been a long day and seeing EJ isn't always easy. Taylor's sure EJ and Brady are finding a way to put this behind them. Taylor discusses having Nicole in her life in the future.

    Hold The Bloodshed.

    Thursday, August 04 2011

    Nicole and Taylor wander into the pub separately, calling to find out if EJ has stayed away from Brady. Taylor insists EJ won't retaliate against Brady but Nicole's skeptical. "You are such a dreamer," she insists. Nicole suggests Taylor tell EJ she forgives him in order to stop the impending war. Taylor's against that idea.

    EJ meets Taylor on the pier and shares that he returned Brady's gun and says he isn't going to retaliate. Taylor gushes. She's thrilled to hear. EJ doesn't need this on his plate and Taylor realizes EJ gave up custody of the kids partially because he was worried for their safety. Taylor's proud of him. EJ realized that what Taylor said about him gliding through life not worrying if he'll get caught is true. Taylor deserves better than him. He is ultimately responsible for her mother's death and she can't forgive that. He can't forgive himself. He kisses her goodbye. She cries and flashes to their time together. Brady arrives.

    I’m Hanna Montana.

    Tuesday, August 02 2011

    EJ sees Taylor at the pier and she quickly puts the gun back in her bag. He asks what she's doing there and suspects she's hiding a gun. His instinct for self preservation tells him she's protecting someone. She says she’s protecting him. He says Brady attacked him. She is trying to stop a Kiriakis DiMera blood bath. He screams at her and recalls his fight with Brady. She knows how her mother died so she understands why Brady did what he did. She wants to know what kind of a man EJ really is. They continue to argue but nothing will stop EJ’s revenge. She warns that if a war happens, innocent people will get hurt. She admits she’s still in love with him. He asks her to marry him but she says no and pulls out the gun. She says tossing the gun into the river won’t stop the war. He grabs the gun out of her hand. She believes he’ll do the right thing and leaves.

    Nicole sees Brady lying unconscious on the Kiriakis living room floor. She screams for help and he comes to. He says Taylor did it. She’s glad. It saved her the trouble. They agree that Taylor won't rat him out. EJ didn’t tell Stefano what he remembered because he knows that would start a war. She says she's clear-eyed and hard-hearted. He says if that's true, he’s Hanna Montana.

    Nicole and Taylor meet at the pub. She tells Nicole she gave the gun to EJ. Nicole thinks she’s messed up and decides to warn Brady.

    Go To Hell EJ!

    Monday, August 01 2011

    At home Brady toys with a gun. Taylor comes in and asks if he's out of his mind. She suggests he take off with Nicole and never come back. He suspects she’s running away from herself. She picks up the phone and begins to call the police. He grabs the phone and it breaks. He tells her to butt out and she pretends to leave, grabs a vase and smashes it over his head. As he’s unconscious she apologizes and tells him she’s going to take care of this on her own.

    Taylor winds up in the park with Brady's gun and EJ sees her. She puts the gun away and stares at him.

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