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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker Played by Tamara Braun on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Braun (NBC)

    Birthday: April 18 1971
    Birthplace: Evanston Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single (Long-term nameless boyfriend.)
    Real Name: Tamara Braun
    Height: 5' 5"


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    There’s Only One Person Who Can Set You Free.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    Melanie sees Nicolas at the hospital. They chat, then go to see Carly together. Dr. Nolan walks into Carly's room and the kids soon join them. The doctor wants Melanie and Nicolas to stay for the session. This time she wants to focus on Melanie’s relationship with her mom. Melanie says they are fine but Carly doesn’t agree. They have lots to talk about. She tells her mom even though she gave her up at birth, she never gave up on her. Melanie forgives her. Nicolas agrees and is compassionate too. He knows she loves both of them. Carly cries and apologizes for the pain she’s inflicted and says honesty is paramount. Melanie cries as she talks about being given up. Nicolas tells his mom it doesn’t erase the pain but it makes forgiving easier. Carly is frustrated and walks out on all of them. They follow her. The doctor says she needs to set herself free. Until she forgives herself, there’s no moving on.

    In another part of the hospital, Bo calls Taylor and asks her to bring the files on the case to the hospital. They need to catch this guy. When she brings the files, Daniel asks Bo and Hope to go easy on Mandy when they question her. Suddenly Brady runs in with a bloodied and unconscious Chloe. Kinsey and Nicole look on in shock. Lexi rushes into the examining room and begins working on Chloe. Brady asks so many questions, they kick him out and shut the door. He's not impressed and can't believe she was hooking. Kinsey tells him why she did it. Nicole comes along too. If this gets out Chloe will lose her chance to get Parker back and that would kill her. Bo and Hope talk to Mandy in an office. On the side he tells Taylor there was another attack. That victim is unconscious. Taylor leaves. Bo joins Hope and Mandy again. Mandy can’t find the attacker's face in the mug shot books. When they are alone Hope tells Bo their timing for the party is all wrong. Bo says by the time the party comes around the case will be solved. When they go back to Mandy they tell her there has been another victim. Hope suggests they get a sketch artist on it.

    Brady sees Roman and tells him that Chloe was brought in. Brady wants to see Chloe. Lexi forbids it. Chloe is lucky to be alive. Roman says this attack doesn’t fit the profile. Brady blames Roman for not catching the guy earlier. Lexi is called to Chloe’s room and rushes in. Roman asks Nicole, Kinsey, and Brady what they were doing in that bad part of town. They explain that they were looking everywhere for Chloe. Brady lies and says as far as he knows Chloe didn’t have any reason to be in that alley. Roman hopes Chloe comes to and remembers everything and leaves them. Nicole’s not sure they should be lying to the police. Brady is sure they should. Lexi emerges and tells them Chloe’s in a coma. Nicole goes to her bedside crying uncontrollably.

    My Kids Need Me.

    Thursday, September 01 2011

    Taylor is playing pool at the Cheatin' Heart when Quinn interferes with her game. She tells him to go away. He’s shutting down his business. She asks when he’s leaving town. He grabs her hand and apologizes for not protecting her years ago. She wants to know what his angle is. She won’t fall for it and says he hasn’t changed at all. She calls him a coward. He reminds her he knows who she is too. She’s mad and leaves. Outside she runs into Abe. He asks if everything is okay. He offers her a ride but she says she’s okay. Quinn watches them from the window. They part company and Quinn runs to Taylor. He asks her not to go. She’s afraid he’ll screw her over. She warns him not to go after her pride or her heart. She calls him a son of a bitch.

    The Kentucky Derby.

    Monday, August 29 2011

    On the pier, Taylor meets Quinn and warns that Mandy's about to talk. Quinn says no good call girl will give up her talent manager. Taylor should know that better than anyone. He brings up her shagging her sister's husband and they bicker. They talk about their history together and Taylor insists he destroyed her. She remembers it was Quinn who almost got her into hooking at a high roller party. Because of him, she has a record and she did nothing to deserve it. Now Nicole's on to her. She found her old mugshot online. She confesses she lied to her sister about why she was arrested but Nicole won't give up until she learns the truth. Quinn offers to protect her but she declines and takes off. Vivian arrives to forgive Quinn and ask if he'll be a part of her life, while Gus stands around rolling his eyes with Quinn's gift. Quinn forgives his mother and she asks Gus to hand over Quinn's gift. Gus purposely drops the antique goblet, smashing it inside the box. Vivian sulks but lightens up when Quinn offers champagne at the club. They go off ignoring Gus on the way.

    Truth Is Like A Magnet.

    Friday, August 26 2011

    Nicole finds Taylor at the pub and tells her she was up half the night on the computer and knows all about Taylor's sordid past. Taylor deflects. Nicole can see she's afraid and pulls out a mug shot of her sister. Taylor's face falls. Nic wonders what Commissioner Brady would think if he saw it. Taylor confesses she was arrested at a human rights demonstration in grad school. Nic refuses to back off, thinking there's more to it."Truth is like a magnet," she says. "The more you fight it the more you can't help but be pulled in." Taylor can see this is still about EJ and apologizes for taking her husband. Nicole wonders if she's sincere. They argue about who EJ really is and Taylor asks Nic to let it go. Nic thinks something's up with Tay and wants to find out what that is.

    Sami and Rafe arrive at the hospital for Sami's procedure. Lexi asks if she's positive about keeping this from family. Sami wants to spare them concern. Lexi tries to make Sami feel at ease. Sami tells herself she'll be fine and hugs Rafe. Bo and Hope find Roman near the nurse's station, and Roman updates them on his chat with Mandy. Hope agrees to try getting Mandy to open up while Bo tells Roman things are going well with Hope both at home and at work. Roman takes off and inside Mandy's room, she blames herself for this. Hope tells her nobody deserves this. After some chatting, Mandy feels comfortable with Hope. At the nurse's station, Roman finds Rafe and Lexi discussing Sami's surgery. Lexi goes to Sami and explains that Roman knows, before he bursts in to hug his daughter. He loves her and tells her to focus on herself right now. Sami encourages him to take a call from Bo when it comes in. She knows it's probably about the stalker case. They hug and Sami prepares for surgery. Outside, Bo calls Taylor. He asks her to stop by the hospital with some documents. Taylor arrives and hands over a flash drive. Hope turns up and says Mandy's ready to talk.

    Evil Women Must Pay.

    Thursday, August 25 2011

    Outside Cheatin' Heart, Quinn tries calling the hospital for news on Mandy. Taylor arrives and updates him. He seems worried but Taylor assumes he is more worried she'll talk. She feeds inside information that Abe is focusing on the pimps and drags him into the bar. Roman is on the television discussing the stalker case. There's a number for people to call with tips at the bottom of the screen and Taylor suggests Quinn call it. Taylor's disgusted by him. He asks her to give him back his tablet but she has no idea what he's on about.

    Taylor makes it back to SPD. Roman hands her the note from the stalker. She goes pale when she realizes the stalker is targeting prostitutes. Nicole arrives and notices Taylor's tense. She asks to help her sister. Roman tells her to hit the road so before she goes, she promises she'll find out what Taylor's up to.

    Damaged Goods.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    On the pier, Quinn reads the news and flashes to Taylor asking if this was one of his girls. Taylor turns up and he tells her if he goes down, so does she. Hope calls and Quinn forces Taylor to put the phone on speaker. Hope asks Tay to get files for her on the pimps of Salem. Taylor is uncomfortable but agrees to it. When they hang up, Quinn reminds Taylor who she really works for.

    At SPD, Hope and Bo argue with DA Woods about the attacks on the pier. They want to bring the pimps in to identify their girls but Chuck refuses. Abe arrives and sides with the DA. Abe can't send the public into a panic without knowing if the attacks are really related. Taylor arrives and watches the conversation and is asked to find Mandy's family. Bo receives a call from Rafe and tells Hope that Abe gave them the go ahead to solving this case. They agree to go see Mandy.

    Chloe finds Quinn at Cheatin' Heart. She demands he tell her if this was one of his girls. She asks him to let her go but she's too valuable. She harps on him for being unable to protect them. Quinn can't take care of her every second and says this attack had nothing to do with him. Chloe attacks him, saying that him recruiting her was personal. He denies that it was personal for him and she realizes he's protecting somebody else. Who is it? He calls her crazy and takes off, leaving his laptop behind. Chloe follows and realizes she knows who it is. Quinn tells her to pull herself together and runs back to the bar. His computer's gone.

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