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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker (Past) Played by Natalia Livingston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (NBC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Fogs The Lenses.

    Friday, February 11 2011

    Taylor bumps into Abe and Lexi at the hospital. She’s looking for a job. Abe doesn’t think that sounds very interesting but Taylor doesn’t like mooching. She says Nicole doesn’t know she decided to stay but she won’t let Nicki force her into leaving town. She plans on being there for Nicole whether she likes it or not. Lexi laughs that she’s nothing like Nicole and Taylor wonders if Lexi feels out of place at family reunions. She’s nothing like the rest of the DiMeras. They chuckle. Theo comes by and Taylor plays with him while Lexi and Abe smile happily.

    Stefano meets Theo, Abe, Lexi and Taylor at the pub. He tells Theo one day he’ll surpass everyone at this table. Stefano meets Taylor and calls her lovely. He’s glad she’s there for the wedding. Abe, Lexi and Theo leave and Taylor admits she doesn’t like her sister marrying a DiMera again.

    EJ wanders the pier and bumps into Taylor. They make goo-goo eyes at each other in slow motion.

    Little Mary Sunshine.

    Thursday, February 10 2011

    Outside the pub, Sami grins as Nicole caves and asks Taylor to be her bridesmaid. Taylor agrees and Nicole glances at Sami and gives her a condition. She can’t side with anyone other than her. Sami thinks their truce must be a crock. Nicole denies it. Taylor brings up Nicole kidnapping Sydney and there’s a huge blow up. Taylor doesn’t want to be in the middle of this. She’d rather be on some smelly bus than there, so Nicole hands her some cash and Taylor leaves. Sami admonishes Nicole for ditching her sister and then pesters her about how she thinks EJ’s using Nicole and Nicole admits things are better between them. Sami accuses Nicole of being in love with EJ.

    Brady drunkenly stumbles over Taylor’s suitcase on the pier. He apologizes to Taylor, who hands him cash. "Don’t be offended but you look like you could use a hot meal and a shower." Brady tells her he comes from a wealthy family. She’s not convinced so he shows her his gold card. She starts to laugh and he enlightens her to why he looks that way. He just got off a long flight and didn’t have time to shower or shave. He introduces himself and she realizes he is Nicole’s ex. She tells him she’s there to see Nicole but doesn’t fit into Nicole’s lifestyle right now. Brady knows Nicole needs a friend and tries to convince her to stay. Later, he’s gone and Taylor calls Lexi to ask if she can stay with her.

    Magic Carpet Ride.

    Wednesday, February 09 2011

    EJ chats with RoboRafe on the phone. The impostor uses a slight southern accent that goes in and out when he says he did the deed with Sami. He’s not sure if she suspected anything amiss. EJ reminds him that Rafe’s a real sap and to play it up. RoboRafe hopes Sami doesn't figure out the truth because this job’s friggen’ awesome. He lets EJ go. It wouldn’t look good him being on the phone with another guy after taking Sami on his magic carpet ride.

    Downstairs, Nicole tries to get rid of Taylor, who dropped in on her doorstep unexpectedly. Taylor thinks Nicole’s making a mistake shutting her away. Nicole reminds her she’s never going to be that sister Taylor needs. Taylor tries to repay Nicole the money she borrowed and then leaves. EJ runs down the stairs and is surprised to hear Taylor’s in town. Nicole says she left and she's not invited her to the wedding. She wants it to be perfect. They make out and she wants to go back to bed. He reminds her she has a wedding to plan. She takes off and calls her mother about Taylor.

    Sami bumps into Taylor outside the pub. She’s surprised Taylor’s leaving before Nicole’s wedding and urges her to stick around. Nicole runs into them and tells Sami to butt the hell out.

    Two Minutes Or Three?

    Tuesday, February 08 2011

    Lexi and Taylor say goodbye on the pier. Lexi tries to get her to try once more to see Nicole. Taylor says that door has closed.

    In EJ’s shirt, and nothing else, Nicole gets drinks for herself and EJ in the great room, thinking they certainly clicked. She wonders if they’ll go for round two. Nobody else is around, so she gets the door to her sister, who she’s unhappy to see.

    Name Your Poison.

    Friday, February 04 2011

    EJ wakes Rafe up in his cell by pounding an ashtray. He smokes his cigar and taunts Rafe, who wonders if Sami’s worried about him. EJ doesn’t think so. Upstairs, Nicole receives a call from Lexi, who has to work and can’t make it to the party. Nicole offers to take care of Theo. Lexi almost mentions that Taylor is doing that but Taylor motions for her to keep mum. Back in the dungeon, Rafe assumes EJ wants to make the moves on Sami while Rafe’s out of the picture. EJ laughs. He has no designs on Samantha and is marrying Nicole. Rafe assumes this is about the kids. EJ taunts Rafe about not being able to attend the party today. Rafe tries to grab EJ through the bars. After EJ leaves, Rafe takes out his chain with the key on it from the hiding spot in the bed and wonders what EJ’s playing at.

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