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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker (Past) Played by Natalia Livingston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (NBC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    You Don’t Wear Slippers.

    Friday, February 25 2011

    EJ and Nicole are pronounced husband and wife at Chez Rouge. Family congratulates them and Nicole takes a moment to ask Taylor how she met EJ. They’re interrupted when Chad congratulates Nicole. Lexi comments to EJ that he looks happier than she has ever seen him. He tells her he is. Theo and Abe congratulate EJ and Kate uses an opportunity to make barbs at Nicole about the longevity of her marriage. Nicole notices Stefano’s gone and wonders if he’s off whacking somebody. Maggie interrupts the bickering and whisks Nicole away. Kate asks if Taylor’s staying in town and Taylor replies that it depends on whether or not Nicole needs help with her monster-in-law. Maggie asks Kate if Stefano’s returning but she doesn’t know or care. She warns that when you’re with a man like Stefano or Victor, you learn not to ask questions. Nearby, Chad says hello to ‘Mr. Mayor’, who warns him against getting close to Stefano. In a quiet corner, Nicole calls Mary to update her on Sydney, while Taylor congratulates EJ, but before they can discuss how they met, Maggie interrupts. They split up and Nicole finds Taylor and again asks how she met EJ. She makes light of their reaction to each other but refuses to say when they met and where. Johnny runs up and spills something on Nicole’s dress and she leaves the room to clean up, giving EJ a chance to tell Taylor they need to talk. Taylor doesn’t think today’s the day to tell Nicole how they met. She asks if he’s been thinking of her the way she’s been thinking of him. He stares at her intently while Nicole walks up. Nearby, when Johnny and Theo whine that they don’t want to leave the wedding, Chad offers to take them home and tell stories about dinosaurs. The kids laugh with glee and Lexi takes the kids to the car while Chad tells Abe if Lexi can handle the family, so can he. Abe welcomes him into their dysfunctional family.

    What A Delicate Flower.

    Thursday, February 24 2011

    The wedding begins and Sydney, Theo and Johnny walk down the aisle. Taylor goes next and when she comes upon EJ, they’re shocked to recognize each other. While they stare at each other as if frozen in time, Nicole walks up and confronts them, learning they’ve met before. Lexi covers a gasp and Nicole wants answers and assumes their chance meeting was more than they’re admitting. EJ can see she wants answers but he just has one. "Do you want to get married today?" The guests mill around, EJ asks Taylor to excuse them and Nicole flashes to admitting to Taylor she’s in love with EJ. They agree to marry and the wedding’s back on. While the music plays, Stefano reminds Kate it wasn’t too long ago that they married in the same spot. She flashes back. As EJ and Nicole say their vows, EJ flashes to giving Taylor his scarf. She looks dizzy and EJ grabs her before she faints.

    Back at the wedding, Kate looks annoyed. "What a delicate flower. I haven’t seen anyone swoon in years." Stefano gets a text and rushes away. Taylor gets some water in her and they continue the wedding, and Lexi flashes to EJ searching for the mystery woman as Nicole and EJ finish their vows and are pronounced husband and wife.

    Put It In Your Bra.

    Wednesday, February 23 2011

    Lexi drops Taylor and Nicole off at Chez Rouge, which is all decked out for the wedding. Nicole admits it’s unexpected that she fell in love with EJ all over again. Taylor’s stunned. She says EJ’s playing her like a poker hand and he’s dangerous. Nicole urges her sister to pretend the wedding is going to be a fairytale and that she’s marrying a prince. Taylor gives her a piece of Egyptian lace she got from a Romanian friend for the wedding. She wants Nicole to put it in her bra during the wedding. Nicole’s touched. Taylor doesn’t think she’ll meet her prince charming but flashes to EJ.

    EJ’s at home dreaming that Taylor is in bed with him. He wakes up with a start, dresses and heads downstairs. He asks Ted the goon to find the mystery woman for him. Lexi walks up and worries about him looking for a beautiful woman on the day of his wedding. He says the marriage is in name only. She sighs and wonders how the kids will feel when they grow up and learn that he’s not in love with Nicole. EJ says they have respect. Lexi grins and says, "Little brother, you’ve got it bad. And it ain’t good." Chad walks in and EJ sticks out his tongue at Lexi, saying he’s saved by the latest sibling. Lexi fawns over how criminally handsome Chad is in his tux. Down in the dungeon, Ted arrives and Stefano tells him to take care of Rafe and make sure nothing happens to him. Stefano goes upstairs where Chad tells him he’s only there for Lexi and Johnny. Lexi takes a photo of the men. She exclaims that they’re almost like a real family. Chad says maybe "The Addam’s Family." He heard they had secret passageways and dungeons. EJ grins and wonders what they’d do with those. Chad goes to help Johnny dress and Stefano asks EJ to take it easy on the kid. EJ complains that he’s so humorless. Stefano reminds him he lost his mother and pokes fun at how humorless EJ is. EJ flashes to meeting Taylor and they go off to Chez Rouge. In the dungeon, Rafe moans with a headache, so Ted opens the cell. Rafe fakes a coughing fit and grabs Ted’s cell phone, unnoticed.

    Lexi arrives at Chez Rouge. In Maggie’s office, Nicole tells her that this time the marriage will be different. She goes off to dress and Lexi tells Taylor she’s not sure things will be as great as Nicole wants. Philip and Kate have words near the bar about Chloe, and Abe and Lexi show up and watch Chad playing with Theo and Johnny. EJ worries Chad, asking where the ring is, and when he looks worried, Johnny tells him he was punk’d. EJ hands over the ring and they share a laugh. Philip sees Maggie and wonders why she’s there without Parker. He rushes off, worried. The wedding begins. Taylor walks down the aisle and she and EJ are surprised to recognize each other.

    Come And Get Her.

    Tuesday, February 22 2011

    Taylor is daydreaming as she sits with Nicole in the pub. Nicole asks if she was thinking about her crush. When Taylor spills her coffee and heads to the ladies room, EJ enters and sits down with Nicole. He gets a call from Stefano about Rafe. He tells Nicole, who is fielding calls about the wedding, that he has to leave. They kiss.

    Chloe arrives at the pub and Nicole introduces her to her sister. Chloe tells Nicole something bad happened and she needs to talk. She says she can't go to her wedding - she can't handle it. Chloe storms out and Taylor asks Nicole if Chloe is alright. Nicole doesn't know, but can't worry about it now. Arrangements are quickly made for Taylor to be Nicole's maid of honor, and they toast happily.

    Johnny’s New Eye.

    Monday, February 21 2011

    Kate finds Melanie working at the hospital. She and Allie are giving Johnny support because he’s getting his prosthetic eye today. She thanks Melanie for getting back with Philip and for helping her with her scheme to take Parker from Chloe. Nearby, Taylor arrives with balloons for Nicole. Nicole is surprised Taylor’s working at the hospital gift shop. Inside Johnny’s room, Sami and Lexi watch over Johnny. Sami hopes EJ will arrive soon.

    EJ’s in another room in the hospital with RoboRafe, yelling that he didn’t have permission to beat up Rafe. RoboRafe blames EJ for not paying attention but EJ reminds him who the boss is. Nicole walks in on them, wondering what’s going on. They cover and EJ runs off to Johnny’s room while Nicole confronts the impostor. RoboRafe covers and says he’ll try to trust EJ more, for the kids’ sake. Nicole goes to check on Johnny. Stefano calls and tells the impostor to make sure Johnny goes home with Elvis and Samantha. He should offer to take Allie home himself. In Johnny’s room, he’s surprised his new eye looks like the old one. It feels great, he says. Allie hugs him and Nicole comes in with balloons. RoboRafe waltzes in and tells Sami that it’s Johnny’s turn to go home with EJ. He tries to lift Johnny’s spirits by telling him he’ll have servants waiting on him hand and foot. Sami’s floored by RoboRafe’s sudden change in behavior.

    Daniel meets Philip and Chloe at the hospital. Daniel doesn’t want to be involved but Philip begs him to examine Chloe. Melanie wanders by and overhears and when Chloe goes off with Maxine, Mel asks if Chloe’s sick. Philip takes her aside and tells her what Chloe did. Melanie’s shaken and angry.

    Nearby, Taylor fantasizes that EJ gave her flowers. Lexi interrupts and she takes off. EJ turns up and tells Lexi Johnny can’t wait to show off his new eye at the wedding. EJ’s excited to marry Nicole. In another examining room, Daniel orders tests for Chloe and she tells him she doesn’t think she has post-partum depression. Daniel explains it’s a hormonal imbalance. With counseling and medicine, she’ll be alright. Chloe wishes he could love her but realizes it’s really over. He confirms that and goes to Philip with Chloe’s prescription. Melanie reads Chloe’s file and learns she has post-partum depression. She calls Kate, and fills her in. Chloe overhears her say Chloe’s too dangerous for her own son. She’s angry. Melanie doesn’t think she loves and protects her kid and suggests she give Philip full custody. Philip overhears.

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