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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker (Past) Played by Natalia Livingston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (NBC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Dark Side Of The Moon.

    Friday, March 11 2011

    Rafe seizes in the dungeon and Stefano's henchmen hold him down and then prep him for a procedure. Afterward, they say the brain scan looks as empty as the dark side of the moon. Meanwhile, upstairs, EJ makes a move on Taylor. She pushes him away, panting heavily. He moves in again and she slaps him across the face. He admits he’s worried about what she can do to the fragile equanimity of the household if she were to move in. Nicole returns from the loft, talking about her strange conversation with Rafe. She asks if Taylor is moving in but Taylor again refuses. Nicole asks EJ to make her stay. He always forces people to do what they don’t want to do. Nicole eventually begs Taylor to move in and she agrees after EJ promises to make it easy on her.

    Herman Munster And His Daddy.

    Thursday, March 10 2011

    At the mansion, EJ’s fine with Fay moving in to the guest house but not Taylor. Nicole’s insulted and wonders what the issue is. She reminds him family means a lot to him and Taylor's family. She takes off to bring the kids to Sami’s loft while Taylor and EJ discuss their attraction for each other. She tells EJ she won’t hurt her sister. No man is more important. In fact, she could sleep in the same bed as him and nothing would happen. EJ invites her to put it to the test. Taylor stammers and stutters.

    Stripped Away The Pretensions.

    Wednesday, March 09 2011

    Taylor’s near the pub when she realizes she lost EJ’s scarf. She figures it’s just as well since he’s her sister’s husband. Nicole calls and demands she head over to the mansion.

    EJ returns home and gives Nicole the okay to move Fay in after learning she’s ill, but he's not happy to hear Taylor's moving in with her.

    Steal Your Soul.

    Tuesday, March 08 2011

    EJ and Taylor run into each other at Java. He notices she’s looking for an apartment and she asks if he plans on telling her where to live now. They bicker and she tells him she took the job with Brady. He’s angry, saying Brady gave her the job to get to him. Taylor argues that she’s got a great degree from a top University and she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him or Nicole. She turns to go and EJ grabs her hand. She has trouble letting go but runs away. He finds his scarf that she left behind.

    No Regrets.

    Monday, March 07 2011

    EJ runs into Taylor by the door of the DiMera Mansion. She says she's leaving. Nicole appears and says the job offer from Brady is still good. EJ says Taylor won't be working there. An argument between EJ and Taylor ensues as EJ runs Brady down and says this is about him, not her. Taylor says she's outta' there. Nicole asks EJ why he was so mean, and wonders what it is with the two of them. EJ firmly says he doesn't want her sister working for Brady. Nicole isn't buying it. EJ says, "Fine. It's about time you knew." He tells her he met Taylor before the wedding. Nicole says she knew that. EJ is about to elaborate on what happened, when Sydney calls out. The mood changes and they share a kiss over Nicole and Sydney loving each other. She brings Sydney down, and asks EJ about Taylor. He lies that they got off on the wrong foot, that's all.

    Taylor arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Brady if the job offer is still open, she's all his. They discuss how he wants to turn things around at Titan. Taylor promises to do her best and work hard. He asks if his and EJ being enemies will be a problem. She says it won't be, as long as she's not expected to report on Nicole. Brady advises Taylor to stay away from EJ. She laughs that he said the same about him.

    The MRI Hiccup.

    Friday, March 04 2011

    Taylor shows up at the DiMera mansion and flashes to EJ giving her his scarf. She tells herself she can't do this and turns to leave but Nicole opens the door and welcomes her in. Nicole babbles on about the romantic wedding night she had with EJ and hopes they'll fall in love again. Taylor hopes so for Nicole's sake. Nicole thinks Taylor is hiding something. Taylor reveals that Brady offered her a job at Titan but she doesn't feel right about accepting since Titan is DiMera Enterprises' enemy. Nicole says she should accept the offer and promises to stick up for her if EJ gives her trouble. Nicole says she has to get ready and asks Taylor to see herself out. As Taylor opens the door to leave, EJ enters and they gaze at each other.

    Was EJ Packing Heat?

    Tuesday, March 01 2011

    At Chez Rouge, Taylor flashes to EJ at the wedding when Brady wanders in. He snidely tells her to throw the wedding memorabilia away that she’s setting aside, stating neither Nicole nor EJ are sentimental. She thinks he's cynical. Brady starts making jokes and asks if the bride was glowing and if EJ was packing heat, if anyone got hurt... He knows once EJ hurts Nicole, she’ll come running back to him to pick up the pieces. Taylor tells him to look in the mirror. They drink champagne and though Taylor feels bad, she admits she’s worried about Nicole, who thinks she’s in love with EJ. Brady knows she’s capable of deluding herself and doesn’t want to discuss it further. He wants her to work for Titan. She worries he’s offering it to drive EJ nuts. Truth is, he has many reasons and that's one of them. Taylor agrees to consider it.

    Broken Doll Head.

    Monday, February 28 2011

    At the reception, though Taylor admits he’s all she can think about, EJ says he hasn’t thought of her since they met. She takes off and Nicole wanders up asking how he knows Taylor. He laughs and says they just met. He flashes to meeting her and Nicole goes to Taylor, who is drinking. She speculates that EJ’s her sister’s mystery man. Taylor evades and then assures her sister she’s wrong. Meanwhile, Lexi confronts EJ too, but he laughs it off and thinks she got the idea from reading trashy romance novels. She laughs. Lexi thinks it’s time to throw the bouquet but Nicole decides instead to give it to her sister, who she hopes finds true love. Lexi can see Taylor and EJ’s discomfort. EJ goes to Nicole to kiss her and tell her he’d like to go home to bed. He toasts everyone and takes off with his bride while the guests clap and Taylor drowns her sorrows in wine. Lexi goes to her and lets her know she knows what’s going on between her and EJ.

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