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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker (Past) Played by Natalia Livingston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (NBC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Team Carly.

    Monday, April 04 2011

    RoboRafe throws a screaming Faye down the stairs of the DiMera mansion. She lands as Nicole and Taylor arrive outside. Robo snatches Faye's necklace and goes upstairs to hide. The girls let themselves in and gasp at what they see. They call 911. Nicole blames herself for leaving their mother alone. RoboRafe hides in Faye's room while Nic goes to get the medication Faye was on. Nicole runs back downstairs and Taylor shows her Faye has a serious head wound and is bleeding out.

    Nicole and Taylor bring Faye into emergency. Taylor tries to stop Nicole from blaming herself. Nicole calls Brandon, who wants to get on the next flight, but she asks him to hold off until they know more. EJ arrives and comforts Nicole. She goes to see Faye and when EJ asks if he can comfort Taylor, she runs off. In Faye's room, Carly says her mother will need surgery. She may lapse into a coma. Daniel arrives and takes Carly to look at the lab results and later, they learn that Faye wasn't on medication. Inside her room, Faye wakes up and flashes to EJ, Stefano and RoboRafe. She starts having issues breathing.

    I Smuggle Unsafe Toys For Children.

    Friday, April 01 2011

    At the pub, Taylor tells Nicole she's moving out. Nicole becomes miserable that she's leaving because she doesn't like EJ. Did he hurt her? Taylor says no, Nicki's the one who will get hurt by her and EJ. She's about to explain why.

    Faye stands in the foyer quietly, eavesdropping on Stefano, EJ and RoboRafe discussing how Robo's doing such a great job convincing Samantha he's Rafe, while the real Rafe's locked up. Faye gasps and RoboRafe hears. EJ goes to investigate but finds nothing. Stefano receives a call. He and Elvis have an appointment so EJ says the minute things are over with Samantha, he should get out of town. They all walk out and Faye heads down the stairs, in shock, wondering if Nic knows about this. She tries to calm herself and calls Nicole. RoboRafe grabs the phone from her and hangs up on Nic and asks how much Faye heard. Faye acts innocent and RoboRafe notices she called Nicole. He taunts her about her daughter's porn past and wouldn't mind some alone time with her. Faye yells she would die first before she'd let him touch her daughter. He realizes she must have overheard everything, and drags her to the stairs and throws her down. She screams all the way down and then whimpers before going unconscious. Nicole and Taylor arrive outside.

    An Old Sitcom.

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    In the park, Taylor informs EJ this has to be the last conversation they have about their feelings. EJ can see how much this hurts her. It has to stop. He calls himself a persuasive man but she's resistant to him. He admires her integrity and loyalty and will keep his distance. Taylor wonders if he's playing her but he insists he's not, though he had thought of it. He could never do that to somebody he loved. Taylor softens and he admits he has loved her since the first moment he saw her. He's trying to be a better person and doesn't want her miserable. Taylor sighs as he walks away.

    Taylor arrives at the hospital to pick up notes for Brady from the last meeting and finds Lexi, who wonders why she looks upset. Taylor denies it at first and then tells her about her meeting with EJ and admits she loves him more than ever. Lexi thinks he's playing her but Taylor believes in him. She's going to move out of EJ's house and life for good. She has to tell Nicole the truth, first.

    At the pub, Nicole's surprised to learn Marco took Johnny to the shooting range. The kids eat ice cream and Nicole tells them mommy will pick them up later. She drones about how they're one big happy family. Nicole drops the kids off upstairs and meets Taylor back in the pub. Taylor's got something to tell her...

    The Radiator Has Stopped Barfing.

    Tuesday, March 29 2011

    Taylor pulls her mouth off of EJ's when she realizes that he just asked her to have an affair. She pants and explains that she doesn't have affairs. She's about to open the door. Nicole and Fay are on the other side wondering why it's locked. EJ tucks in his shirt and answers the door. Nicole has run off to check on Syd. Fay wonders what he's doing with her other daughter behind a locked door. He claims the door just sticks sometimes. After he putters off, Fay interrogates her daughter. Taylor claims they were just arguing. "Is EJ already cheating on Nikki?" Fay asks.

    The rest of today's recap is on our sister site, Soap Opera Fan. The Radiator Has Stopped Barfing. Due to technical difficulties, was unable to get the rest of the recap for Days Of Our Lives today. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We'll be back tomorrow with a brand new recap.

    Scrapbook Packrat.

    Monday, March 28 2011

    At the mansion, EJ tells Taylor he can't live in denial and begs her to tell him how much she wants him. They make out and start panting as they rip each other's clothes off. They've never felt anything like this in their lives and EJ says they don't have to hide it. Taylor's no longer in the mood when she sees a nearby wedding photo. She can't ruin things for Nicole. She assumes EJ will leave Nicole but he says she's got it wrong. Nicole doesn't need to know. Tay assumes he wants her to have an affair.

    Scratch The Itch.

    Friday, March 25 2011

    Taylor and EJ argue at the DiMera mansion about his lies. She tries to fight him off as he pulls her to him but winds up winding her arms around his neck. He asks her to admit her feelings for him but she won't. She reminds him he's married to her sister, so he smashes a vase in anger and walks out on her. Later, she fantasizes that he's in her room kissing her.

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