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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Taylor Raines Walker (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Taylor Raines Walker (Past) Played by Natalia Livingston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (NBC)
    Taylor Raines Walker (Past)

    Actor: Natalia Livingston

    Who played Taylor Raines Walker (Past) over the years

    Natalia Livingston (December 2010 - April 2011)
    Katherine Ellis (August 6, 1998 - May 24, 1999)

    Useful information on Taylor Raines Walker (Past)

    * Taylor is also known as Taylor Mendez or Taylor Walker.
    * Was a custodian at Titan.
    * Studied Physical Therapy.
    * Was Lucas Roberts Physical Therapist for a time.
    * Modeled at Titan.
    * Has a degree in business.
    * Turned down a job with Titan.
    * Crushing on EJ, though she doesn't know his name.


    Current: Seeking work.
    Past: Custodian at Titan Enterprises
    Past: Model
    Past: Physical Therapist


    Taylor started out as a custodian at Titan. She became fast friends with Eric Brady. Nicole treated Taylor with disdain because they were both in love with Eric. Later it was shared that Taylor was Nicole's sister, though they couldn't be different. Meek and mild mannered Taylor took a position as Physical Therapist to Lucas Roberts after he was in an accident. Nicole didn't like it but Taylor moved in at Kate's request to the Kiriakis mansion anyway. Lucas got well and made Taylor into a model, in order to spite Nicole. When Taylor learned of his betrayal as her friend, she took off to Chicago to college. Taylor returned December of 2010 but Nicole wasn't happy to see her. Taylor reminds Nicole of her past with her abusive father. Eventually, she came around and has asked Taylor to be her bridesmaid at her wedding to EJ. Taylor, meanwhile, has already met EJ twice - on the pier, but she doesn't know his name. She has a crush on him. EJ and Taylor finally met at Nicole and EJ's wedding. Taylor fainted when she saw him and told him privately that she's been thinking about him and assumed he has been thinking of her. She has also told him nothing would come of their attraction, but a few days later, they kissed passionately.




    Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera (sister)
    Brandon Walker (half-brother)
    Fay Walker (mother)


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    Wednesday, April 16 2014: Days Recap: That Criminal.

    Brady receives a visit at the Kiriakis mansion from Theresa who babbles about not having anything to do with what happened to Daniel. Brady is confused so Theresa spells it out. He calls Daniel.

    Monday, September 19 2011: He’s My Blood.

    Bo and Hope pull Quinn into the police station. He’s arrested. Vivian and Gus arrive and she is aghast. Bo says DNA doesn’t lie and it’s Quinn’s. Gus remembers planting the evidence. Vivian protests. Taylor doesn't know how the nightstick got into Quinn's hotel room. Bo and Hope don’t believe Taylor. Vivian plans to arrange bail immediately. Gus suggests she look into the facts about her son. He's a drug dealer. She gets angry. She says, “He’s my blood.” She will never abandon him again. Bo shows her Quinn’s rap sheet. Taylor admits she was with Quinn when he was arrested. Vivian accuses Taylor of starting Quinn in the pimp business. Taylor says she had nothing to do with Quinn’s arrest. Bo tells them Taylor got arrested for civil unrest. She recalls that Quinn altered her record. Bo and Hope claim Taylor started working at the police station to gain information on her boyfriend. Taylor protests and says it isn’t true. They have no proof. Bo arranges visitation for Vivian. Hope sys they can hold Taylor for twenty-four hours while they find out the truth. In another part of the station they take him away. Bo and Hope converse quietly about Quinn and Taylor and their involvement together. Dario and Mel walk into Rafe’s office. He tells Rafe he got a promotion and Rafe congratulates him. He says it’s Argentina and he's going. It’s a big opportunity so he has to quit the police job. Rafe tells him not to take the job. He wants Dario to spend more time with the family, then changes his mind and hugs Dario. He says the opportunity is fantastic. Rafe’s cell rings. He has to leave to do some work on the case. The kids leave.

    In his jail cell, Quinn tells Bo he’s not the guy they’re looking for and says Taylor will vouch for him. Vivian visits him and he says he has no idea how the nightstick ended up in his closet. Gus has a guilty look on his face.

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