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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)

    Birthday: May 27 1984
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Real Name: Darin Brooks


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    Granulated Brown Sugar!

    Monday, December 22 2008

    Later, Chelsea and Max leave Kate's room as Chelsea's off Christmas shopping. Max's face falls. He thought they were going to have coffee! He suggests they go to the pub and shop after, and when she hedges, he talks her into going.

    Max and Chelsea end up at the pub. Chelsea goes over her list and Max tells her she forgot him! He's joking, but Chelsea pauses and asks if he got her something. She thinks it would be fun to exchange gifts, and jumps up, ready to leave. She apologizes for making things weird and Max says he is picking up a vibe. EJ comes into the pub and they glance at him, before Chelsea explains that she should be thinking of Kate and Christmas gifts. Max knows it's true and when Chelsea's got froth on her upper lip, from cappuccino, Max wipes it off. They awkwardly say goodbye and Max tells her he has no time to get gifts. Chelsea gets on his case about buying and tells him this is what friends are for, to get on each other's case and guard each other's backs!

    $750,000 In Unmarked Bills!

    Wednesday, December 17 2008

    Chelsea and Theo come upon Max at the pier. She and Theo were going to see the tree lighting at Salem Place and ask Max to come with them. He hems and haws and she sees the box with the toy dog in it and asks why he’s got it there. Max was debating whether or not to set him free. She thinks he needs to do whatever gives him peace of mind. Max gives Theo a candy cane and he takes it to the bench nearby. Chelsea thinks Max is good with Theo and Max says he’s a big kid himself! Max thinks she has an amazing way with him, but Chelsea has a hard time accepting the compliment. He tells her she’ll be a great mom one day but soon apologizes. Chelsea isn’t anywhere near that phase, and says she can always adopt. She supposes she needs a guy first and says Theo’s her main man right now. Max knows it’s hard being alone for holidays. She agrees. Max still can’t decide what to do with the dog, but when he opens the box, Theo yells, “Charlie!” Max knows what he’s going to do with the dog! He gives him to Theo, who takes the dog and kisses him! Chelsea and Max grin with delight!

    A Perfect Fit.

    Tuesday, December 16 2008

    When Stephanie visits Max at the Cheatin’ Heart, he criticizes her for moving on already. He asks not to waste each other’s time, but stops Stephanie when she turns to leave. He tells her he figures she has had feelings for Philip for some time, but wished she didn’t broadcast it all over the place by making out with him at Titan. Stephanie asks what was said and she laughs when Melanie made a mountain out of a molehill. She tells Max she wasn’t making out with him and tells him that for the past two weeks she’s been attracted to Philip. She’s uncomfortable and reminds Max that he broke up with her! They argue about why they broke up and Stephanie doesn’t like that he’s nagging at her for being attracted to somebody else. Chelsea walks in while they’re arguing and Stephanie stomps out while Chelsea asks what’s going on. Max changes the subject to Kate. Chelsea can’t visit her for a while and asks about the argument with Stephanie. He tells her that Stephanie’s attracted to Philip. “And they were about to score, at Titan.” Chelsea is puzzled and reminds him that he was there for her when she was down. She’d like to return the favor. Chelsea knows Stephanie still loves Max but Max is no longer in love with Stephanie anymore. Chelsea is surprised and tries to keep things light. She knows he still loves Stephanie but Max will never love again, he states, firmly. Chelsea grins and mocks him, calling his words straight out of a romance novel. She calls it dumb, cheesy and a lie! She knows he’ll find love again.

    The Laughing Penguin!

    Friday, December 12 2008

    Melanie meets Max at Maggie’s place and tells him that Stephanie and Philip almost kissed. Max sighs and says he doesn’t want to know. He wants to be left out of it and assumes Melanie wants Philip for herself. Melanie wouldn’t go near him if he were the last man on the planet. Max thinks Philip feels the same about her, but Melanie thinks she could get him if she wanted. Max asks her, “Don’t be you. Don’t be evil you, okay?” This causes Melanie to change her mind and she vows not to leave Philip alone! Max shows Melanie a letter Nick wrote to him. He wants to discuss money with her, so she flashes back to telling Nick that legally, she’s entitled to some of the money from his prototype, and lets on that she’ll visit Nick in jail.

    I'm Sorry...

    Tuesday, December 09 2008

    Brady realizes Nicole’s not planning on telling EJ about losing the baby at all, when he catches her looking at an adoption site on the internet at Cheatin’ Heart. Nicole says she can’t conceive another child and asks if it’s a crime to want to adopt a child as the Brady’s did for Max. Brady asks if she’s going to tell EJ about the baby and suggest they adopt, knowing she’s going to pawn somebody else’s baby off as her own. Nicole asks him to keep his voice down but Brady warns her that when Stefano finds out, he’ll go into a rage. Nicole tells Brady that EJ would never hurt her but Brady points out that if that’s true, she should just tell him the truth. Brady says he can’t stay out of this and will help her by telling EJ the truth! Nicole assumes Brady doesn’t want to see her happy, but he wants her to do the right thing and gives her an ultimatum. Do it or he will! Nicole begs for more time.

    In walks Chelsea, who notices a brooding Max pondering what is in the box Trent gave him in his will. He attempts to throw it away but Chelsea stops him. They argue about whether or not he’ll open the box and Chelsea gets an idea. She takes the box and Max and they head out.

    Chelsea and Max arrive upstairs at Max’s room, with the box. Max stares at the box. He opens it and finds a toy dog that belonged to him. He recalls playing with it and Trent walking in and calling him a swine and telling him he is supposed to be asleep. Trent ripped the dog, Charlie, from Max’s grip and took it away. Max tells Chelsea, this is Charlie, his best buddy, who would help him fall asleep. He tells Chelsea the story and says he wasn’t expecting it. He’s clearly caught off guard. Chelsea says there is more. A note from Trent! Max reads, “I’m sorry...” He starts to cry and Chelsea hugs him.

    Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog!

    Monday, December 08 2008

    Nicole arrives at Cheatin’ Heart. She sees her old pal, the bartender, who asks if she wants the usual. She pauses, holding her fake belly padding. Max watches her from nearby as she declines alcohol. She asks for a Shirley temple, but the bartender goes off to see some other patrons, so Max congratulates Nicole. He owes her an apology, much to Nicole’s surprise. “We barely know each other,” she says. He admits he was relieved when the finger was pointed at her for the murder of Trent, but feels bad for that. Nicole tells him not to worry. It’s over with. She asks if he’s tight with his newfound sister. Max has found that family isn’t the same as biology. Nicole forgets that he’s adopted, because he looks so much like the Brady’s. Max is proud to be. They discuss adoption and Nicole is intrigued. She has many questions for him. She asks to borrow his laptop and he gets it for her and goes to the bar. Later, Brady comes upon Nicole, searching adoption and asks what the hell she’s doing.

    I Know What I Want for Christmas!

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Chelsea arrives at the Cheatin’ Heart and sadly tells Max that Kate took a turn for the worse. Max is sorry to hear and Chelsea admits how useless she feels that she can’t test to be a match. Max blasts her and reminds her she saved her father’s life with her pancreas and can’t save the world. He soon apologizes for the outburst but Chelsea says she came there to be with a friend and needed to hear that. Still, she’s upset about Kate.

    Max and Chelsea also find out that the results are in from Philip, so Max wishes Chelsea good luck before she leaves.

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