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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)

    Birthday: May 27 1984
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Real Name: Darin Brooks


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    I Guess I can Trust You!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    Philip opens the door of the mansion to Stephanie, they kiss and then Max comes in after her, moments later, witnessing the kiss. Stephanie is thrown by Max watching them. Max goes into the living room and Chelsea's surprised, yet happy to see him. He tells her what he saw in the foyer and says it's not bothering him as much as he thought it would. He tells Chelsea that they're getting a little complex. He liked New Year's and likes spending time with her but doesn't like talking about it. They agree to keep it simple and shut up about it!

    Out in the foyer, Stephanie is unnerved by Max, but Philip tells her to forget about it. He's not going to mention it to Max. That's not what guys do, he says!

    Back in the living room, Chelsea and Max drink to friendship and Chelsea tells Max that Kate and Daniel broke up! Max wonders if she wants him back but she doesn't. "No, no no. That would be gross." She may share recipes, but not men! "Let's change the subject," Max says and then decides to break their deal and discuss their friendship. He tells her she's a class act; after all she has been through. Chelsea's thankful and asks to ditch the party! Philip and Stephanie wander into the living room and Philip notices Max and Chelsea are cozy. They watch them for a bit and Kate comes up to Chelsea and says that Lucas and Chloe should be down here. People will start arriving. Kate wonders if they're getting intimate, because she caught them at it earlier!

    Chelsea goes to Stephanie, in the living room, and says she looks good and the dress matches the handbag Chelsea loaned her. Stephanie apologizes for not returning it but notices Chelsea's got on her earrings! They joke about what good friends can steal from each other! They notice when Philip brings up Stephanie, and how quickly they brush it off, and then start talking fantasy football, right away. Stephanie wonders what's up with Chelsea and Max, but Chelsea says they're friends, and don't really know what's going on. She's not in the right frame of mind to make life-altering decisions. Stephanie seems sad to realize that Max isn't hopelessly shattered about the break up as she thought he would be.

    Kate arrives and stops the guys from chatting fantasy football. Lucas comes down the stairs and tells everyone that Chloe's still upstairs. "Something came up." Later, Chloe comes down the stairs as Philip and Stephanie get cozy. Lucas and Chloe receive congratulations from everyone at the party, except for Daniel, who stands alone, looking smug.

    Poodle Pants!

    Friday, January 09 2009

    Melanie goes to Max at the pub and finds him upset. He tells her he was invited and disinvited to a party in the span of a minute. She asks him to let her help him for once and asks if it was Chelsea. He calls them good friends and asks her to stop jumping to conclusions. He tells her the story.

    Nearby, Maggie knows it’s been a rough time for Marlena. Marlena tells Maggie that John has apologized for walking out Christmas Eve. Maggie asks her to let her be a friend and listen to her. After all, she has been there for Maggie. Marlena senses a change in him. Maggie asks her to tell Charlotte, but Marlena laughs. Charlotte should already know. Marlena wishes she knew more about the doctor. Maggie thinks she wants to know more than just about her qualifications. Marlena asks if Maggie thinks she’s jealous but she isn’t. “Not romantically, but professionally.” She wants to be the one to help John. Maggie can see something’s bothering her about Charlotte and urges her to find out what. Marlena gets teary as she hopes Charlotte can help John remember when he loved her. Maggie leaves and Marlena opens her laptop to find out more information on Charlotte.

    There is No Us!

    Thursday, January 08 2009

    Chelsea picks up the engagement cake and bumps into Max, who has come to pick up his cell phone that he left there New Year’s Eve. He sees Chelsea and asks if she’s avoiding him. She hasn’t returned his calls. She denies it and reminds him he just got his cell phone back. He reminds her that the last time he saw her, she ran out on him! Chelsea’s cake comes and she explains that it’s for the engagement of Chloe and Lucas, but she doesn’t feel good about going, since there will be couples there, with the exception of her. She mentions Philip and Stephanie and apologizes, but Max is indifferent. He invites himself as her date but she thinks he is only offering because he feels sorry for her. He doesn’t and she tells him she’ll be fine and puts on a brave show. “I’ll see you around,” she says and apologizes for not returning his calls.

    Happy New Year!

    Wednesday, December 31 2008

    Chelsea greets Max at the pub saying, “What’s it going to be, sex or football?” Chelsea jokes that when guys want to talk it’s usually about one of those. Max picks football as he reveals that he’s giving up sex as his New Year’s resolution. Chelsea makes a joke that she’s giving up canoeing. She tells him to lighten up and invites him to Chez Rouge with her. Max agrees but Chelsea remembers that he can’t come because she’s worried he’s going to see Stephanie. Max says he’ll be fine and Chelsea reminds him to have fun because resolutions don’t kick in until January 2nd.

    Kate arrives at Chez Rouge with Chelsea and Max. Max exchanges a smile with Stephanie at the table. Kate asks where Chloe is and Lucas says he doesn’t know. Kate makes a toast to health, peace, and happiness. Kate tells Philip to ask Stephanie to dance, and they get up as Chelsea asks Max if it was a bad idea to invite him. Philip and Stephanie dance as Melanie looks on. Max bumps into Melanie and wishes her a Happy New Year. Kate gets worried about Chloe’s absence as Maggie announces it’s almost time for the countdown. The guy from the bar spills his drink on Stephanie as Melanie looks on with a smirk. Stephanie goes to clean her dress as Melanie approaches Philip and asks if he lost his dance partner. Philip is not amused and tells her that was subtle. Max and Chelsea stand beside each other as Maggie counts down. They wish each other a Happy New year and kiss, while Melanie and Philip share an intense look.

    You're Fired!

    Friday, December 26 2008

    Max comes out into the pub from the back room and sees Chelsea sitting by herself. He tells her he made a Max and Chelsea CD, but notices that something is wrong. She denies it, but he points out that he knows her really well - they're like an old married couple! Chelsea panics and says she needs to establish that they are friends and nothing more! Max looks confused. Chelsea admits that Melanie has been gossiping about them. Max blows it off, saying that's Melanie's trademark. He tells her they have a great friendship and shouldn't let anyone get in the way of that. Soon, Melanie comes back in and Max tells her to stay out of his personal life. She points out that anyone can see that Chelsea is into him. She spots the mixed CD he made for Chelsea and advises him to ask her out and get it over with! She says she just wants to see him happy - he's her brother! After Melanie leaves, Max calls Chelsea and tells her that she forgot her CD, and that he'd like to see her.

    Santa's Surprise!

    Thursday, December 25 2008

    Kayla, Steve, Stephanie, and the baby arrive at the pub. Steve asks why Stephanie doesn't seem happy. Just then, Max appears with Chelsea. He says that Stephanie isn't happy because Philip's not there! Max makes some sarcastic remarks about being surprised that Stephanie isn't spending the holiday with Philip. As they get into it, Melanie walks in. Stephanie points to her, saying Melanie's the reason that she has 'moved on'! Stephanie walks away. Chelsea tells Max that she's sorry. Max and Melanie talk, and he notes that it must be hard for her to have her first Christmas without Trent. She says that it was the only time he acted like a father. She and Max joke a bit, but when she brings up Stephanie he won't discuss it. Max goes to check on some food and Melanie wanders over to where Stephanie and Chelsea are wrapping gifts. Melanie blurts out that Stephanie isn't the only one who's moved on - Max has too - with Chelsea! After Melanie walks away, Steph asks Chelsea if it's true. Chelsea says they're just friends - she's been comforting him. Stephanie is visibly shaken by the idea, and Chelsea says if something was going on between them, she would tell her. Stephanie replies that she would definitely have a problem with that!

    Mistletoe Madness!

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    Melanie shows up at the pub and tells Max about Nick signing over his fuel project to her. Melanie says if she refused the rights, she’d be doing Nick a disservice. Melanie also tells Max that Victor made her a consultant at Titan and then tearfully admits that she called him from the party because no one would talk to her, or even say Merry Christmas. Max offers her a Merry Christmas. Melanie continues the guilt trip by saying that even though Trent wasn’t the best person, at least she wasn’t alone on Christmas. Melanie asks Max if they can go somewhere to celebrate Christmas as a family, but Max hesitates. Melanie figures that he’s going to the Brady Christmas. Max asks if she’s spending Christmas with Maggie and the Hortons, but Melanie says she’d still feel alone. Max says he won’t let her spend Christmas alone and invites her to the Brady’s Christmas. As they leave the pub Melanie excitedly accepts his invitation, and Max warns her that she needs to be on her best behavior. Melanie figures that Stephanie is going to be there and wonders if that will be hard for Max. Max says he hasn’t seen her since the break up, and Melanie mischievously tells him not to worry because she will smooth things over.

    Granulated Brown Sugar!

    Monday, December 22 2008

    Max and Chelsea visit Kate, telling her that Max gave Theo a little dog from his childhood and how touching it was. Kate laughs at the happy ending and Chelsea tells Max he could be a good guy if he wants to be. "Theo's very discriminating," says Chelsea. "And so are you," replies Kate, with a grin. Chelsea changes the subject and Max goes off to get Kate ice chips, while Kate asks what's up with her and Max! "Nothing," claims Chelsea. They're friends and she's reading too much into things. Max returns with an order of ice chips.

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