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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)

    Birthday: May 27 1984
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Real Name: Darin Brooks


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    Nicole Has Me and You Don't!

    Tuesday, March 03 2009

    Daniel walks through the park, sadly flashing back to Chloe dumping him. "The hell with it," he says, and winds up at Cheatin’ Heart, drinking scotch. Chelsea comes in, looking for Max, who is in the back, doing inventory. She stops by Daniel’s table and comments on his drinking alone. He calls himself bad company, and Chelsea asks how he is. He refuses to tell and when Max comes out of the back room, he shows Chelsea a text he just received. It reads, "Ditch him!" Chelsea comments on having immature friends. Daniel takes off to make a call and Max says he doesn’t want Chelsea around him. "He’s a ticking time bomb!" From outside, Daniel calls Chloe, but doesn’t know what to say. He hangs up and returns inside. Daniel again asks to be left alone, but Chelsea presses on. He tells her about Kate being in remission and Chelsea is so excited, she gives him a big hug, causing Max and the bartender to cringe. “She’s trading up,” taunts the bartender! Chelsea tells Max, who is thrilled for her, and asks if Chloe knows. Her family owes Chloe so much. Daniel admits that he’s wondering what kind of man he is. He says she had a lot to do with him thinking about this and tells Chelsea she should go off and have a great night with Max and stop thinking about her. She agrees to it if he’ll stop drinking. Chelsea likes Max a lot, she admits, and Daniel calls him lucky! After Daniel leaves, Chelsea says they never talked like that while they were together and lets Max know Daniel wanted them to have fun tonight. She gives him a lingering kiss as Daniel watches from outside. Their faces meld into Lucas and Chloe’s and Daniel thinks Chloe did the right thing.

    A Nightmare of Monumental Proportions!

    Tuesday, February 17 2009

    In the Brady Pub, Max quizzes Chelsea on whether or not she wants to be more than friends. She blurts out that of course she wants more, but then tries to recant. Max won't let it go, but Chelsea tries to change the subject, asking about him being worried that Stephanie is in danger with Philip. He says he doesn't have romantic feelings for Stephanie anymore, but he has out of control feelings for her! Max grins, saying she can't be very surprised. She says that Stephanie told her she would have a problem with it, if they dated. Max says that's tough, but Chelsea points out that it's her best friend. He tells her she has to get over worrying about what other people think. Chelsea agrees. Max talks about seeing her on the pier and thinking that if he ever got her back again, he'd never let her go! They kiss.

    Melanie walks into the pub just in time to see Max and Chelsea kissing. She grins and says she's happy for them. Chelsea says, "I'll bet!" Melanie wonders why everyone thinks the worst of her! Chelsea excuses herself, and Melanie beams at Max, saying, "So! You and Chelsea! I called that one!" Melanie gloats, "Wait until Princess Stephanie finds out!" Max says her approval means the world to him, but she should get away from him. Melanie wonders if he's going to ask her about Philip. Max warns her about playing the Kiriakis's and the DiMera's against one another, but Melanie says it's a rush!

    The Staff is Buzzing...

    Monday, February 16 2009

    Back at the pub, Philip thinks Melanie did something behind his back. He yells at her and moves on her, causing Stephanie to jump up and intervene. EJ calls Melanie to tell her the good news, and, to keep Philip off the trail, she acts as though Max is calling. She hangs up and goes to meet EJ, while Chelsea and Max enter the pub. When Philip finds out Max wasn’t on the phone with Melanie, Philip chases after her! Stephanie explains to Max and Chelsea that Philip’s stressed out about Melanie. When Max goes off to get drinks, Stephanie explains how cold and cruel Philip has been with Melanie. Max returns and the girls stop talking. He offers to leave, but Stephanie goes to make a call. Max assumes she’s blaming Melanie for Philip screwing up her life. Stephanie returns and isn’t happy to hear Max trashing her new beau. Stephanie leaves and Max realizes he shouldn’t have run his mouth off. Chelsea wonders if his feelings for Stephanie are the cause of his concern for her dating Philip, but Max assures her it’s not. Chelsea accuses Max of not caring about what she feels, thinking he is in his own world, worrying about Melanie, Stephanie and Philip. Max feels as though he’s on trial and apologizes. His anger about Stephanie and Philip has to do with his sister, not himself. Chelsea asks Max to define their relationship, and he stumbles over his words. She wants more than friendship, but is angry that she had to spell it out.

    Photographic Memory!

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Melanie goes to Cheatin’ Heart and begs Max for the blueprints, but he won’t give them up. Nick sent them to him for safekeeping. Melanie thought he believed in her, but he counters that she’s smart, but doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. He reminds her she’s 18 and has zero business experience. Melanie has a plan. Max doesn’t like that she’s using a good project to get Philip. She offers to cut him in. He goes off to another room and Melanie goes to the blueprints with the thoughts of simply taking a look. Max catches her and she decides to leave. Once she’s outside, she mumbles that Philip’s going down.

    The Definition of Nailing Her.

    Thursday, February 12 2009

    Max talks on the phone to Nick and they discuss Stephanie, and the prototype and Melanie. “Yeah, she asks about you all the time,” he says. Max smirks when Melanie comes ranting into Cheatin’ Heart, and explains about the injunction. She says she’s waiting for the video to come out on the internet, causing Max to wonder if she did the Paris Hilton thing. Melanie screeches, “No!” She explains how she broke into Titan and was caught. Later, Max gives her a copy of the blueprints and she laughs.

    I Blew it. Big time!

    Monday, February 09 2009

    Melanie leaves a message for EJ, asking why he hasn’t returned any of her phone calls and threatens to take it elsewhere or keep it at Titan. Max arrives, wondering what hot water she’s in. Melanie explains she’s taking the patent and bringing it to the DiMera’s. Melanie lashes out at Max when he breathes down her neck and regrets it when she reminds him that Philip’s sleeping with Max’s ex. She apologizes and Max asks what’s in this war for her. He assumes she’s into Philip, but Melanie denies being in love with anybody. She flashes back to kissing Philip and thinks he may have feelings for her. She wants to continue to pit EJ against Titan, but Max thinks she’s playing with fire. Melanie will either get Philip or take him down, she promises. She plans on using the fuel project as bait, in the hopes Philip will fall for her, but Max doesn’t see that happening.

    Internal Affairs.

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    Lucas finds Max reading the paper at the pub. He’s astonished to find out Kayla was shot and the mayor’s murderer is dead. He calls Chloe.

    Back at the pub, Max and Lucas discuss Sami returning home. Max goes to the hospital to get Caroline while Lucas wonders to himself how Sami’s going to hide the pregnancy.

    Max finds Bo at the pier. Bo explains he’s in the doghouse with Hope. He says he took a man’s life last night and Hope shot Kayla. It’ll take a while to get over it. Max offers to take care of Ciara if they go away together but Bo can’t get away. He takes a call and receives bad news. He makes another call and tells Max it was good to talk to him, but he’s got to go.

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