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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)

    Birthday: May 27 1984
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Real Name: Darin Brooks


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    You killed my baby! You killed her.

    Thursday, June 11 2009

    Still in bed, Max shows Chelsea that he got into med school, with a full scholarship! She kisses him and congratulates him, knowing all along he could do it. She thinks she has been so selfish. She didn’t even think about what he wanted! He’s in Salem, with his own life and own dreams, she says, thinking she never should have asked him to leave Salem. Max doesn’t think it was selfish of her. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. They kiss and Max asks if they can take a break from serious discussions for a while. They start kissing and have sex and afterwards, Max lets her know he’s coming with her to England. She is flabbergasted and asks several times if he’s positive. He has never been so sure about something in his life! They kiss.

    You Lied To Me...

    Wednesday, June 10 2009

    Chelsea comes to Max, in bed. She greets him with a kiss and he thinks he’s dreaming! She explains she took her grandfather’s jet to get there, but isn’t back for good. Chelsea tells Max she doesn’t think she’s ever going to return to Salem, except to visit. They kiss and Max refuses to give up on her. He thinks he can change her mind with a kiss and they have sex. They bask in the afterglow, later, and Chelsea says she returned to ask him to move to London with her. Max is taken aback and stammers. It’s so sudden. Chelsea thinks they could build a good life together. London is awesome, she says, and with him at her side, it’d be all the better. Max furrows his brow in thought.

    One Hour.

    Friday, May 22 2009

    Arianna tells Rafe Sami’s not good for him, but he doesn’t want to defend his feelings. He moves to leave the pub but she reminds him it’s all happening again. Max shows up and asks what she’s talking about. Arianna says her brother never listens, and Max introduces himself to Rafe. He realizes Rafe’s the guy dating Sami. Rafe leaves and Arianna asks Max to forget what she said earlier. He agrees to and Arianna says Rafe’s private. He doesn’t like people getting into his space, and she always seems to do that. Max says he’s got to be going. He has a date to chat with Chelsea, online. He leaves and Rafe returns. Arianna assures Rafe that Max will forget what he heard. Rafe’s glad, because he’s private. Arianna says sisters are allowed to tell the truth, but Rafe doesn’t want to hear it and is tired of her disrespect for Sami.

    Outside, Max runs into Bo, who finishes a call. "More bad guys?" asks Max. Bo nods and takes a call, and tells Max that they put a tail on Victor a while ago and lost it, which means he’s up to something. Bo has to figure out what that is.

    Thou Shall Not Whine!

    Thursday, May 14 2009

    Melanie comes upon Max. She just finished her shift and mentions that she should work for him. Then again, he’d just yell at her if she worked for him. Max says it’s been quiet, and the pub is special to him, since it’s a family business. Max talks about Pop and becomes thoughtful. Melanie sighs and says she gets jealous sometimes that he was brought up by such a great man, while she grew up with Trent. Max feels bad for her but she jokes she needs to buy a sign for her room that reads, "Thou shall not whine!" They discuss the DiMera war and Max hopes she’s no longer involved with the war. She says she gave Philip the breath of life and saved his life, theoretically, so Max tells her to stay clear of them. Anyone close to Philip these days isn’t safe.

    Inside the pub, Bo and Hope wonder if there is a way to stop the feuding families, knowing if they don’t find a way to stop it, somebody will get hurt. Victor arrives, surprising Bo. Hope called him for help, she says, but Bo isn’t impressed. Bo starts a lecture on the law, causing a guffaw from Victor, who calls him a renegade! What he’s doing is saving lives, Victor tells Bo, but he refuses to tell him his plans. Bo thinks he needs to come to the station with him, but Hope talks him out of it and when Bo takes a call, Hope looks for reassurance from Victor, who calls her a Godsend, and says he loves her like a daughter, but she needs to trust him. Everything will work out. "Thank you," Hope whispers.

    Back at the pub, Ciara and Max tell Hope that Ciara can’t find Tommy Bear. Victor says goodbye to his granddaughter and leaves, while Bo returns to the table to hear about losing Tommy Bear. Bo flashes back to his vision and thinks he knows where the bear is. "In the park?" Hope doesn’t think so and Max goes upstairs to check if it's in her room. Hope realizes Bo had another vision. Bo isn’t sure if it’s true or not. Bo thanks her for trying to mend fences with Victor. Max returns with the bear and says it was in the crib. Hope assumes the vision isn’t going to come true, but Bo looks uneasy.

    Waiting To Be Eliminated.

    Monday, May 11 2009

    Bo and Hope arrive at the pub and Hope finds out the nurse is being put into a cell with an informant. Max interrupts with lattés for both and asks if they’ve spoken with Chelsea. Bo says, not since she arrived at Heathrow. They’re both concerned. They talk about how Billie has a secondary infection and it’ll slow down her progress. Max feels bad. He shouldn’t let her go through this alone. Bo worries that in the past when they haven’t heard from Chelsea, it was never good. Hope thinks it could be that she’s arrived exhausted and jetlagged. Hope asks Bo to wind down. On that note, Max decides to get them something delicious to eat, but Chelsea calls and Bo and Hope listen in as Chelsea is happy to hear that Billie’s doing better. Bo talks to her and the mood is automatically lighter.

    Later, Hope and Bo get Ciara ready to go. Bo looks at her teddy bear and has a vision that he’s walking through the woods, calling for her. He finds her bear and the vision ends.

    Are You Out Of Your Mind?

    Wednesday, May 06 2009

    Chelsea and Max wait at the airport for Bo, who finally rushes in, bag in hand. They hug, and Max leaves while Chelsea lets Bo know there is no spinal cord damage, and they’ve stopped the bleeding. She’ll be able to walk again. Bo calls her a fighter and thinks Chelsea’s doing the right thing. She knows, but finds it difficult to leave loved ones. Bo thinks she should focus on the fact that she’ll be back. He’s proud of her, and hugs her and says Ciara is determined that they visit her this weekend. He laughs and says they’ll let her settle in, first. It feels like he just found her, he admits, and Chelsea says a few years ago, he may have wanted to send her away. He says it was difficult and they’ve gotten closer. Chelsea is thankful that he loved her, even though she gave him every reason not to. "My daughter, you’re a part of me. A part of my heart and you always will be. I love you," he says, and Chelsea tells him she loves him. They hug.

    Bo leaves and Max returns and gives Chelsea a bag of magazines and tissues. She tells him about her goodbye with her dad. They’ll visit this summer. Max thinks Billie will be fine, and then, he wonders what’ll happen. Chelsea says she isn’t going to be returning for a very long time. Sadly, she says they need to accept that. "I can’t," says Max. He doesn’t want to let her go. He apologizes, knowing she has to go. "I thought I could handle it," he admits. She promises to call when the plane lands and they kiss. He promises to be waiting for her when she returns and they hug and kiss again and a crying Chelsea boards her plane.

    She's Your Sister?

    Monday, May 04 2009

    Max arrives at Chelsea’s place and spots her weighing her suitcase. He hugs her and Chelsea says Billie has to undergo extensive surgeries in order to recover. She’s leaving and isn’t sure when she’ll return. She worries Max is upset, but he understands she needs to be with her mom. Chelsea runs into his arms, saying leaving him is the worst thing. Max says it doesn’t have to be. "I’ll go with you!" Chelsea reminds him of medical school and that he’s got Melanie. Max knows Melanie doesn’t listen to his advice anyway and wonders if Chelsea doesn’t want him along. She’s just trying to think of their relationship. She’ll be wrapped up taking care of her mum and he’d have nothing familiar to him. They’ve broken up twice and if it didn’t work out in London, she couldn’t live with that. Max doesn’t understand at all. He goes to his car to get books and CDs and Chelsea asks him to wait there for her until she picks up her last pay. Max has to work. "So this is it, then?" Max thinks it’s her call. He leaves and returns later to wait.

    Stephanie returns home to find Max and goes berserk when she finds out Chelsea’s leaving today. "What’s next, Max?" Max asks what happened before she came home and Stephanie complains Philip won’t go with her to Greece. First her mom was shot and now Philip. Max thinks she could go to Europe on her own.

    Chelsea returns home to find Max has returned and says he’s not angry that she has to go alone and he’s sorry for his anger, earlier. They hug and Max says he’ll be waiting for her when she returns. Chelsea doesn’t think it’s fair for her to ask that of him. Max kisses her and says again that he’ll wait.

    So Busted!

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    Max tells Arianna she can take the rest of the day off, and asks if she has seen Chelsea. She hasn’t.

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