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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)

    Birthday: May 27 1984
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Real Name: Darin Brooks


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    Kiddie Cosmo.

    Wednesday, November 12 2008

    Stephanie shows up at the pub to see Max. He's got dishpan hands from the swim team who came to celebrate, he says and Stephanie returns a shirt of his. "Please don't do this," he says. Stephanie reminds him that she left her family and friends to help him in Paris. She'll never do that again, she says, but some good came out of it. It made her stronger! Max is glad and asks if they can be friends. Stephanie says someday, she hopes they can, and leaves.

    A crying Chelsea shows up at the pub and Max hugs her and she admits she doesn't know why she's there. Max reminds her of Kate's strength and Chelsea admits she didn't think anyone would be up still. He invites her to have tea and stay and Chelsea changes the subject. She asks how he and Steph are. "There is no me and Steph," he says, but Chelsea disagrees. "You guys break up and get back together all the time." Max repeats that they're over. They reminisce about their past dating and Chelsea spills tea on his shirt that Stephanie returned. He makes light of it.

    Two Can Play at That Game!

    Friday, November 07 2008

    Max tells Nick over a beer that Melanie is trouble! He explains that ever since he's found her, nothing has gone right for the people he cares about. Nick says that doesn't mean things shouldn't go right for Melanie. Suddenly, he accuses Max of thinking that he can't make her happy. Max says it's just that Melanie doesn't need anything complicated in her life. Just then, Max gets a call and says into the phone, "No, I didn't know that. Melanie didn't tell me." Melanie walks in and sits down at the bar. She orders a mojito, but Max appears and nixes the drink, saying, "She's underage." He then wishes her a happy birthday. She rolls her eyes and asks how he knew. He says someone put a bug in his ear. She says she has no reason to celebrate anyway. Melanie then announces that she is thinking about going back to France. Nick is playing pinball and overhears her. He storms out. Max tells Melanie that there are people who care about her in Salem. She replies that Nick is the only one who didn't give up on her. Suddenly, she gets a call from a mysterious caller saying, "You can run but you can't hide." She is disturbed, but tells Max she doesn't know who it was. Outside the window, Nick watches.

    Schmoozing Like a Pro!

    Thursday, November 06 2008

    Nick stops by Cheatin' Heart and Max says he sounded like doom and gloom on the phone. When Max reads that the foundation has accepted his offer, Nick tells him how Philip Kiriakis stopped by and put a halt to funding, stating there are flaws in his work that need fixing. Nick agrees with Philip and asks Max to help him tweak the proposal. Max hems and haws but eventually says, "Alright, what are friends for?" Nick plans on taking Max out to a Bull's game once the financing goes through. Nick says Melanie gets Trent's share of the profits, and this angers Max who says this isn't Trent's project. He asks why Nick's bending over backwards for her and Nick admits, "I'm in love with her!" Max is shocked and reminds Nick he barely knows her.

    Nick? A Stalker?

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    Stephanie walks into the Cheatin' Heart and stares at somebody. Max asks her to try a flirtini. Stephanie sarcastically plays into it and says she's there to meet some interns. She wonders why he is there and Max says he needed more work, so Adrienne asked him to come back. Stephanie asks why he's still working there if he's so smart… they argue and he fixes her a drink.

    Chelsea and Philip walk in to the Cheatin' Heart with Chelsea telling Philip all about what happened at Nick's apartment, earlier, and how Melanie is a liar, a phony and a gold digger. Philip remembers when people said that about her! He wonders if Nick's not the one who needs the intervention! Chelsea doesn't seem to want Nick or want him with anyone else, either. He brings up how things didn't work out between she and Daniel and Chelsea blows up. She soon apologizes for overreacting and asks how he's doing with Kate's diagnosis. Philip's fine, but can't get Kate out of his mind. He tossed all of the petty stuff aside. Chelsea say she can't help but care about Nick and should be worried, but Philip doesn't believe Melanie's the killer, especially since Nicole Walker is behind bars.

    Abe and Lexi are seated at a table nearby. They discuss how Lexi has given him mixed signals about becoming mayor. She is through with being ambivalent and supports him 100%! Abe's thrilled and Lexi says he'll turn around all the damage the last mayor did. Abe is excited to get some things done, and they drink to their future mayor! Lexi gets a call from Stefano, who asks how the first lady of Salem is. "Hello Father," she says, stiffly. Stefano wonders if she knows who was appointed to be the new police commissioner. She doesn't and he asks to talk to Abe. Lexi refuses and he asks her not to let Roman become the new police commissioner. Lexi hangs up and tells Abe what he said. Abe makes a statement that Salem's going to be a new town with him running it.

    Back at the bar, Max tells Stephanie he's Shawn Brady's kid and this is where he belongs. Stephanie drinks her flirtini and says that it doesn't mean he's Trent's son and not Shawn's if he chooses to attend college! They discuss Nick and Melanie, and Stephanie attacks Melanie's character again. They argue more, and Stephanie stomps off, right into Philip's arms. Philip brings her back to his table, where she asks Chelsea to get her another drink.

    Chelsea goes to the bar and tells Max that Stephanie's wasted. She wonders if he's going to cut her off or not.

    Back at the table, Stephanie apologizes to Philip for hearing about Kate's cancer. She wonders where Chelsea is with her drink and gets up. She slurs words and almost falls to the floor, so Philip motions to Max and Chelsea that he's taking her home! Chelsea's glad somebody's looking out for her and now she has to look out for Nick. She asks him to do the same.

    Melanie unpacks her things at Nick's apartment, but panics when she can't find the anonymous note.

    Happy Hallowe'en Detective!

    Friday, October 31 2008

    Max cleans the bar as Melanie eats Hallowe'en candy and tells him that Bo and Hope tried to set her up yesterday by allowing the lawyer to give her a letter meant for them. She says she was supposed to show it to them after she read it but didn't show it to them, or get a chance to read it. Whatever's in the letter took her off the number one suspect list, she says, gaily. She asks what was in the box Trent gave him but he has no idea and doesn’t want to know what it is. He wants space and tells his sister that she put him through hell. Melanie asks if he blames him for his break-up with Stephanie. He thinks she added to it with her lies and manipulations. Melanie apologizes. She didn't mean to hurt him. Max asks if she's moving back in, but she laughs. That won't happen. She'll get a job and save up to buy a place of her own, she says. They laugh that all Trent's money went to a good cause - gambling!

    Nick comes by the pub, and overhearing about her search for a place to live, he tells Melanie she can stay with him! He lures her with leftover's from Chez Rouge and she asks him for time alone with Max, before she makes a decision. Nick steps aside and takes a prescription drug while Max asks Melanie to keep it platonic. Melanie laughs. She likes that he's looking after her. Bo arrives and tells them he thinks he knows who murdered Trent. Nicole Walker. Bo asks Melanie, "No hard feelings, right?" Melanie still plans on filing a harassment case. "Happy Hallowe'en Detective!" Max sighs, uncomfortably, but Bo reminds her they had plenty of reason to suspect her. If their case against Nicole wasn't so strong, she'd be the main suspect. Max tries to get Bo to stop but Bo tells him that if it wasn't for Melanie's manipulations and lies, he'd still be with Stephanie. Later, Melanie accepts Nick's offer to move in. After finding a knife to be used for cutting a cake, Melanie looks at it and quietly calls herself a lucky little girl.

    Family Sticks Together!

    Tuesday, October 28 2008

    Hope and Bo arrive to the pub. Hope asks where Melanie is and Max tells her she's up in her room. Hope goes to get her while Max tells Bo that he may have made a mistake, sticking up for Melanie. "She's starting to look guilty," he says.

    Downstairs at the pub, Hope returns and feels bad for Max, who isn't defending what Melanie did, but he says he's still worried about her. He can't help it. Bo understands this. After all, she's his sister. They spot Melanie leaving the pub and dash out to stop her. She's about to leave town when Bo tells her that her father left a will. He convinces her to stay to hear it read.

    A Fly in the Baby Ointment!

    Thursday, October 23 2008

    Max arrives at Salem PD, wondering why Melanie's name is circled on their suspect list. Bo tells Max about what Stephanie said, that Melanie thinks she may have killed Trent. Bo wants to know if Max can collaborate her story.

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