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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)

    Birthday: May 27 1984
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Real Name: Darin Brooks


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    I Know What I Want for Christmas!

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Chloe and Lucas arrive at Kate’s room and Chelsea and Max arrive at the hospital. Chelsea leaves Max outside the room while they wait for Daniel, who shows up with the results. They’ve a match, but it’s not one of the children. It’s Chloe!

    Broom Hilda!

    Tuesday, December 02 2008

    Bo arrives at Cheatin’ Heart to give Max the box that Trent left for Max in his will. Max doesn’t want it, claiming Trent wasn’t his father. Bo says he’ll have to be the one to get rid of it but he’s sorry that this whole thing hurt him so. Max says it’s over, but Bo doesn’t think so, and reminds Max that he has family if he needs them. Hope wants to have him over for dinner, he says, embarrassed.

    Max arrives at Maggie’s place to see Melanie. He’s happy to hear she got a job and surprised it’s at Titan. She says basically, she takes lunch orders and wishes it was in graphic design or web art! She shows him how much she has to learn but doesn’t get the point of it. Max tells her not to cut corners. She can’t fool a guy like Philip. Melanie has to get back to work, but Max says he needs to give her something, and pulls the box out of his backpack. Melanie recognizes it and is surprised he hasn’t opened it yet. He can’t. “That’s why I’m giving it to you.” Melanie doesn’t want it and asks him not to leave it with her.

    Hilda the Hun!

    Wednesday, November 26 2008

    At Cheatin’ Heart, Max browses through Trent Robbin’s book and says he’s responsible for so many people’s lives ruined, including Nick, Melanie's and his. He throws the book away.

    Chelsea arrives at Cheatin’ Heart and cries to Max that Melanie’s right. She’s the reason Nick snapped and killed Max’s father. Max doesn’t buy any of this, but Chelsea reminds him of her past mistakes. Max tells her not to let Melanie ruin her confidence and reminds her of all the good work she does at the hospital. Chelsea needs to make amends with Nick, but Max says Nick is responsible for his own actions, not her. The guy has been out of control for months. He knows that while not everything is inherited, Nick’s mother was also out of control. “You are not responsible, so accept it and move on,” he tells her. Chelsea starts to feel better and has to leave. Before she does, Max says he’s happy to hear she’s recovering, and reminds her he’s always there for her.

    They’re Ingrates!

    Thursday, November 20 2008

    Outside the office, Stephanie can’t believe they could have been so wrong. They hug, and Max shows up. Nick hasn’t been the same since Willow died,” he says, and Chelsea comes in behind him. She faults herself. Crying, she blames herself, but Max tells her something pushed him over the edge. Melanie walks in and everyone becomes quiet. Stephanie tells Max she’s fine and she thanks Philip. He hugs her and apologizes for what she went through. Stephanie and Chelsea blame Melanie for Nick having to go to jail for the rest of his life. Max yells at them while Melanie tells them that Nick tortured her. Chelsea says she has lied to the police and obstructed justice, while Stephanie tells Melanie that she lied to him and ruined his whole life.

    Maggie rushes into the police station and into Bo’s office, taking Nick in a big hug. Hope realizes that Nick used his one call to call Maggie and not his lawyer.

    Nick apologizes to Maggie, at the station, and Maggie knew he was drinking and taking the pain pills. She should have been there for him. Maggie asks Hope if Nick will be convicted. Maggie sobs as Bo tells her Nick will definitely go to prison. “No, no, no,” she repeats, horrified. Nick’s mug shots are taken and Maggie says for him to hang in there. Uncle Mickey’s on his way. Nick walks by Melanie and tells her he loves her. He apologizes to Max for hurting her and leaves, as Melanie cries. Chelsea calls Melanie pathetic, because she can’t tell him she’s sorry, too. Melanie asks Max if he’s mad at her as well. “Please say you’re not," she cries, and Max hugs her close. Chelsea and Stephanie cry as Nick is led away by Hope and Maggie.

    Thumper and Cruella De Ville!

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    At Maggie’s place, Hope tells Maggie and Bo that Melanie has left town and taken Nick with her. Bo calls for Max and Chelsea to come over and once they do, Bo explains what happened. Max assumes that Melanie is to blame, but asks if they’re certain that the two are going together. He recalls a discussion with Mel at the park. He told her that Nick was in love with her and it 'weirded her out'. “Why would she go away with him?” Bo makes a call and tells everyone that Nick got his prescription filled recently. In tears, Maggie shows Bo a note. “I saw you at the cemetery, I know what happened.” Chelsea wonders if Melanie wrote the note to herself and Maggie agrees. Hope says though the stationary is Maggie’s, the handwriting is what counts. Chelsea recognizes the handwriting as Nick’s!

    Max starts his shift at Cheatin’ Heart and Chelsea visits the bar. They discuss Melanie and how guilty Max feels about their last conversation. He knows Melanie had means and a motive to kill. Trent ruined the first 18 years of her life and if she’s guilty, it’ll screw up the rest of her life, too. Chelsea says if Nick is in love with Melanie, why would he send her a threatening note? Max wonders if running away was Nick’s idea. Chelsea makes a quick call to Bo. After Chelsea’s call, she and Max continue to discuss what may be.

    She Fell and Hit her Head... It was an Accident!

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    On a walk through the park, Max finds Melanie sitting sadly on a bench. They discuss Nick and Max shares that Nick professed his love for her. Melanie's surprised, and when Max notices her ring, he asks her to do the honest thing for once and give the ring back to Nick and stop leading him on. Melanie is tired of people thinking she's a schemer, and offended, she leaves. Chelsea finds Max just then and Theo gives him a high five. Theo plays while Max notices that Theo has lifted her spirits. Chelsea thanks Max for lifting hers last night and thanks him for being there. He asks about Kate, and they discuss Melanie and they wish they could talk sense into Nick. He tells her about the friendship ring and Chelsea says if this is truly what he wants, she wishes him luck.

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