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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)

    Birthday: May 27 1984
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Real Name: Darin Brooks


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    Damn You To Hell!

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    At the hospital Stefano orders Max (his goon) to find his grandson. He has no confidence in Bo finding him. Max agrees to help and leaves. Vivian joins Stefano who tells her about his missing grandson. Vivian asks Stefano where his bride is. He’s annoyed and leaves. Gus comes along and tells Vivian that he’ll go to the lab and get the DNA of the prisoner in the DiMera basement. Soon they’ll know.

    No Good Deed...

    Tuesday, March 16 2010

    Stephanie goes to Nathan at the hospital to talk about them and Melanie.

    In her room, Melanie agrees Chelsea can come next time. Billie’s doing really well. Max hates to leave her like this but Melanie promises she’ll be fine, once she leaves the hospital. Daniel interrupts, ready to spring her! She’s thrilled. Daniel asks after Chelsea and gives his regards, and then leaves. Max says he likes Daniel and Melanie says things between them are weird. When Max says it’s time for him go, Melanie whines. "No!" He reminds her he’s a call away and urges her to embrace her new family. They hug while Melanie sobs. Daniel goes to Melanie and notices how close they are. It’s a shame Max couldn’t stay longer. Melanie says he always manages to put things into perspective for her and realizes she never thanked Daniel for saving her life. Daniel was happy to have the chance. Melanie asks if they can leave Dr. Manning out of their relationship. Daniel has a problem with pretending Carly’s not the mother of his child. They ponder what would have happened if Carly hadn’t have given her up. They make plans to get together as a foursome with Chloe and Philip in order for Mel to get to know Daniel and help her figure out who she is. He leaves and takes a call that upsets him.

    At the pub, Philip says Carly’s made his wife miserable. What’s Philip supposed to do, open his heart to Bo because he’s dating Carly? Max interrupts to say hello and stiffly congratulate Philip on his marriage to his sister. Bo teases Max about trying to grow a goatee like him. Max says Billie’s almost back to her old self and Chelsea’s well. Bo says his life has been topsy turvy and says nobody’s rooting for them. Max says people fall in and out of love and he doesn’t judge. Bo’s happy he understands. Max does admit a part of him doesn’t understand how he and Hope could ever be over. Bo says nobody but those involved really know what happened and even then, it’s tricky figuring out why things fell apart. Max knows, but he and Hope have been together forever. They’re a family. It’s just sad. Bo receives a call and has to run. Bo tells him to make Chelsea come for a visit. Philip wants to talk about Melanie. Philip knows he doesn’t approve. Max wants Philip to be good to her and doesn’t trust Philip to do that. Philip’s angry and says he loves Melanie. Max reminds Philip about what he did to Stephanie. He’d better not do that to his sister!

    Stephanie is surprised to find Max in Salem, let alone on the pier. Happily, they hug and Steph says she’s happy for him and Chelsea. She, on the other hand, has been better. Max invites her to spill. She tells him she’s having man troubles but she has plans to make things right. Steph took a risk and it was one of those ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ issues.

    You're Not My Friend.

    Monday, March 15 2010

    Max arrives home to the pub to Caroline, shocked to hear Carly Manning’s Melanie’s mother and shooter. He wishes he could have been here sooner. He’s there for a few hours and then off to a medical conference in San Diego. Caroline urges him to see Melanie, now.

    Melanie drops her magazine on the floor of her hospital room and when she’s retrieving it with her back turned from the door, somebody enters the room. She thinks it’s Hope and starts yelling but when she turns around, she sees it’s Max and jumps into his arms, hurting her chest in the process. Max laughs. She’s as bratty as ever. He gets her back into bed and she wants to know all about how he and Chelsea are. Max says they’re fine and wants to discuss Carly and Daniel being her parents. Melanie explains the news and they hug and agree they still feel like siblings and love each other. They banter and Max tells her she’s loyal, sweet, and on the right track to a wonderful life. They discuss Carly and Max thinks Melanie should cut Carly some slack. Melanie pouts and says if he’s going to defend Carly, he can leave!

    I'll Make You Pay!

    Monday, July 06 2009

    Bo calls Max and tells him he’s on his way over to say goodbye. Max says there’s something serious he has to ask him when he gets there. They hang up and Caroline wonders what she’ll do without him. She says the new manager is fine and Chelsea’s waiting for him. The pub will be fine, but she’ll miss him.

    Nearby Arianna is cleaning and Caroline chastises him for not yet asking her to become the manager! Max goes to her and asks her. He says the workload will go up, but so will pay, and he’s sure after a few weeks she’ll know how to handle the pub and Caroline! Arianna says Caroline’s a good friend and agrees to manage the pub.

    Bo arrives at the pub and Max says he loves Chelsea and wants to make her happy – always. There was a time when Bo didn’t approve of them being together, Max says. He wants Bo’s blessing, now. Bo laughs and says he won’t give his blessing! That’s meaningless. Max doesn’t need his blessing! He needs Chelsea’s blessing. Bo says if Max decides to take his relationship with Chelsea to the next level, they can fly over and celebrate here, or the family can go overseas. Melanie overhears this as she comes into the pub and yells, "You’re going to marry her?" Max says if he and Chelsea get married, it’s not going to happen in the coming months or year, but Melanie has to know that he’s serious about Chelsea. Melanie cries as she worries Chelsea will change him. Max assures her this isn’t going to happen and they’ll be able to talk all the time with internet chat. Melanie knows how selfish she’s being, but she loves him so much. They hug. Max looks at Nathan seething, and says he’s paying her an awful lot of attention! Melanie laughs and Caroline tells them Max’s taxi is here to take him to the airport. Max hugs Bo and agrees to take care of Chelsea for him. Melanie tells him if he doesn’t answer every email from her, she’ll fly to London and strangle him! They hug and Caroline holds his hands, saying that it’s okay that he’s leaving, as long as he’s happy. He reminds the family that this is only a temporary goodbye. Caroline thinks Shawn is looking down on him and is very proud. Max is thankful and leaves the pub. He waves once more, before heading to his taxi.

    Nearby, Bo tells Nathan that Ciara has a big crush on him, then is about to warn him off of Melanie, but Nathan has heard that before, so Bo leaves it alone.

    The Most Interesting Sister!

    Friday, June 19 2009

    Max finds Melanie at the hospital and they discuss London. Melanie sadly admits to him that she doesn’t think she wants to go with him. Max thinks she could always come visit, but Melanie assumes Chelsea won’t like that. Max is a little happy she’s staying, considering people are starting to take her seriously. He second guesses himself and jokes that nobody’s taking her seriously. They share a laugh and Melanie becomes distracted while she spots Nathan at the nurse’s station. She introduces the two and Max shares that Melanie has decided to stay in Salem. "And I just asked her why, but that remains a mystery," Max teases an embarrassed Melanie. She tells Nathan that Maggie’s will be co-ed from now on. He doesn’t mind. He’ll hardly ever be around, anyway. He leaves and Max reminds her of her mistakes with Philip. Melanie hasn’t forgotten and reminds Max she can’t screw up Nathan’s life. She can, however, screw up his life in London, and she refuses to. He means too much to her! Max gives her an open ended ticket to London, causing Melanie to cry.

    She calls him the best brother in the world and he laughs. "You’re the most interesting sister…" He tells her to let him know how the hunt looks. She looks over his shoulder at Nathan and acts innocent. "The hunt?" Max says, "You’re looking over….I don’t even have to look!" He knows Nathan’s there.

    I’m Not A Good Person.

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    Melanie arrives at the pub for coffee and asks when he’s leaving for England. Soon, he says, and admits he’s leaving for good, which causes Melanie to whine and cry, "No! You can’t leave!" She wonders who will stand up for her while he’s gone. Max says she has made friends like Brady. Melanie agrees and says Philip and Stephanie are kind of nice to her but they have to be, considering what she did for them. Since Max didn’t know, Melanie shares with him the story about Stephanie’s kidnapping. Max worries about Stephanie and is upset with Melanie for taking too many chances. Melanie claims it gets her adrenaline going. Max doesn’t think he should leave her there by herself and asks her to move with him to London. Melanie almost spits out her coffee, knowing Chelsea wouldn’t like that. She agrees to consider it and says hello to Stephanie as she leaves. Max wants to know how Stephanie is and she says she’s fine. Max warns her against being with Philip. He’s not right for her. Stephanie says she needs to be with Philip. When she’s without him, she misses him! "You can relate, right?" Max smiles. He can. Stephanie heard from Chelsea this morning that Max is moving to London. She’ll miss both of them.

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