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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Max Brady

    Full detailed profile on Max Brady Played by Darin Brooks on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darin Brooks (NBC)
    Max Brady

    Actor: Darin Brooks

    Who played Max Brady over the years

    Michael Rhoton (1986 - 1987 - recurring)
    Adrian Arnold (1987 - recurring)
    Ryan Brennan (1987 - 1988, 1990 - 1992 - recurring)
    Darin Brooks (June 21, 2005 - June 2009)

    Useful information on Max Brady

    * Lived above the Devereaux garage. Now resides above Brady Pub
    * Withheld evidence of Chelsea killing Zack.
    * Race car driver and owner of Max's Garage.
    * Dated Mimi and Abby.
    * Dated Stephanie, and then dumped.
    * Is Trent Robbins biological son.
    * Getting friendly with Chelsea Brady, ex-girlfriend, again.
    * Works at Cheatin' Heart and Brady Pub.


    Current: Medical Student
    Past: Manages Brady Pub/ Cheatin' Heart
    Past: Race car Driver
    Past: Mechanic and owner of Max's Garage
    Past: Race car Driver


    Max was taken in by a young man named Frankie after he escaped from his abusive father. (Trent Robbins) Together, they posed as brothers and went to Salem. It was there that they came in contact with Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady. Connecting with the couple, they were soon brought into their home. As they adapted to the town they also came to the attention of Shawn and Caroline Brady. The older couple adopted them as their own. It was not long before the new family was split up though. Frankie left town for parts unknown and Max was sent away to camp. He vanished from sight for a decade.

    In 2005, Jennifer Devereaux was startled to find the long missing Max at the racetrack. He was more interested in getting to know her teenage daughter Chelsea. It didn't take much for he and Chelsea to start getting intimate, but their budding romance was sidelined when Chelsea was blamed for the death of Zack Brady. Although he kept quiet during the whole ordeal, as the truth about Chelsea became more apparent to him and the flaws in her character more pronounced, he abruptly ended the relationship.

    Following this he had a brief encounter with his niece Stephanie, but things were doomed to fail. After they quickly split up, he decided that it was time to focus on his work at the garage. Soon after, he hired Abby to work for him and it didn't take long for her to develop a crush on him. He was already moving on with the highly troubled Mimi in an off-again/on-again relationship. The two of them went on a wild goose chase after Andrew Spivey (Philip). As they dug through her past trying to uncover details about her father, they began to take aim at Victor Kiriakis and became increasingly paranoid when they seemed to be followed. The two of them were trapped in a church basement where they discovered a skeleton. Mimi had it analyzed and it turned out to be her father and the ring it wore had her DNA on it. After her mother revealed that she had killed her father when she was a child and repressed the memory, Mimi left town.

    Max was left feeling dejected, but Abby was still interested in him although her family insisted that he was too old for her.

    Abby left town and moved to Europe to be with her family, so Max moved on with Stephanie Johnson, while he tried to help his friend and college professor, Nick Fallon win a grant to build an alternative fuel prototype. It turns out that Max is smarter than was given credit for, though he keeps it a secret. The reason for this is because his biological father, Trent Robbins was an intelligent man, but an abusive one, and he didn’t want to become anything like Trent, so kept his talents to himself.

    Their relationship with Stephanie came after she was raped by the campus rapist. They became friends and then eventually lovers. Max met his biological father, Trent Robbins, who came to Salem as the Dean of Salem U. Because Trent was an abusive man, Max refused to tell anyone he knows who the man is, until he eventually burst with anger, spilling it all out in front of family. This secret keeping causes issues with Stephanie and their relationship and then when he finds out he has a sister in Europe. He takes off for Paris to find her. Stephanie follows, which leads to the downfall of their relationship. Max finds Melanie right away, with Nick Fallon’s help. Melanie turns out to be a bad girl, and gets Max put in jail when she accuses him of stealing her friend’s bracelet. Stephanie tries to reason with Max to tell him that his sister’s bad news, but he doesn’t listen to her and when they’re out of jail, and finally back in Salem, Trent is murdered. Melanie comes between he and Stephanie more when he keeps it a secret after she admits she was with Trent the night he was murdered. When Max finally comes clean with Stephanie, she goes to the police with this information and Max, realizing he can no longer trust her, dumps her.

    Max keeps busy with working at Cheatin’ Heart and the Brady Pub, and is getting close with ex-girlfriend and pal, Chelsea Brady.

    Chelsea and Max dated, with few ups and downs. In April 2009, Chelsea left Salem to be with Billie, who was in a bad accident. She returned in May to ask Max to move to England with her and he was hesitant at first. He had just been accepted into medical school with a full scholarship, but he quickly decided to pick up and leave Salem with her, knowing they'd find happiness in England - together.




    Chelsea Benson-Brady (dating)
    Stephanie Johnson (current) (dated)
    Abigail Deveraux (flirtation/dated)


    Dean Robbins (biological father)
    Melanie Layton (half sister with Trent being the father)
    Shawn Brady (father by adoption)
    Caroline Brady (mother by adoption)
    Roman Brady (brother by adoption)
    Kayla Johnson (sister by adoption)
    Frankie Brady (brother by adoption)
    Kimberly Brady (sister by adoption)
    Bo Brady (maternal half-brother by adoption)
    Patrick Aloysius Brady (maternal great-grandfather by adoption)
    Nora Molly Brady (maternal great-grandfather by adoption)
    Eric Brady I (paternal uncle by adoption - deceased)
    Molly Brady (paternal aunt by adoption)
    Colin Murphy (paternal cousin by adoption)
    Caroline Anna Brady (niece by adoption)
    Eric Roman Brady II (nephew by adoption)
    Samantha Gene Brady (niece by adoption)
    Rex Brady (nephew by adoption)
    Cassie Brady (niece by adoption)
    Andrew Shawn Donovan IV (nephew by adoption)
    Jeannie Donovan (niece by adoption)
    Stephanie Johnson (current) (niece by adoption)
    Shawn Douglas Brady (Current) (maternal half-nephew by adoption)
    Chelsea Benson-Brady (maternal half-niece by adoption)
    Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (maternal half-nephew by adoption - deceased)




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    Tuesday, April 19 2011: Damn You To Hell!

    At the hospital Stefano orders Max (his goon) to find his grandson. He has no confidence in Bo finding him. Max agrees to help and leaves. Vivian joins Stefano who tells her about his missing grandson. Vivian asks Stefano where his bride is. He’s annoyed and leaves. Gus comes along and tells Vivian that he’ll go to the lab and get the DNA of the prisoner in the DiMera basement. Soon they’ll know.

    Tuesday, March 16 2010: No Good Deed...

    Stephanie goes to Nathan at the hospital to talk about them and Melanie.

    In her room, Melanie agrees Chelsea can come next time. Billie’s doing really well. Max hates to leave her like this but Melanie promises she’ll be fine, once she leaves the hospital. Daniel interrupts, ready to spring her! She’s thrilled. Daniel asks after Chelsea and gives his regards, and then leaves. Max says he likes Daniel and Melanie says things between them are weird. When Max says it’s time for him go, Melanie whines. "No!" He reminds her he’s a call away and urges her to embrace her new family. They hug while Melanie sobs. Daniel goes to Melanie and notices how close they are. It’s a shame Max couldn’t stay longer. Melanie says he always manages to put things into perspective for her and realizes she never thanked Daniel for saving her life. Daniel was happy to have the chance. Melanie asks if they can leave Dr. Manning out of their relationship. Daniel has a problem with pretending Carly’s not the mother of his child. They ponder what would have happened if Carly hadn’t have given her up. They make plans to get together as a foursome with Chloe and Philip in order for Mel to get to know Daniel and help her figure out who she is. He leaves and takes a call that upsets him.

    At the pub, Philip says Carly’s made his wife miserable. What’s Philip supposed to do, open his heart to Bo because he’s dating Carly? Max interrupts to say hello and stiffly congratulate Philip on his marriage to his sister. Bo teases Max about trying to grow a goatee like him. Max says Billie’s almost back to her old self and Chelsea’s well. Bo says his life has been topsy turvy and says nobody’s rooting for them. Max says people fall in and out of love and he doesn’t judge. Bo’s happy he understands. Max does admit a part of him doesn’t understand how he and Hope could ever be over. Bo says nobody but those involved really know what happened and even then, it’s tricky figuring out why things fell apart. Max knows, but he and Hope have been together forever. They’re a family. It’s just sad. Bo receives a call and has to run. Bo tells him to make Chelsea come for a visit. Philip wants to talk about Melanie. Philip knows he doesn’t approve. Max wants Philip to be good to her and doesn’t trust Philip to do that. Philip’s angry and says he loves Melanie. Max reminds Philip about what he did to Stephanie. He’d better not do that to his sister!

    Stephanie is surprised to find Max in Salem, let alone on the pier. Happily, they hug and Steph says she’s happy for him and Chelsea. She, on the other hand, has been better. Max invites her to spill. She tells him she’s having man troubles but she has plans to make things right. Steph took a risk and it was one of those ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ issues.

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