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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon Played by Camila Banus on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Camila Banus (NBC)

    Real Name: Camila Banus


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    Days Recap: Hop On Your Bat Boat.

    Monday, January 06 2014

    Back at the apartment, Sonny dashes Gabi's worries that EJ won't be able to stop Abby from telling Hope about her concerns about Nick. "EJ could talk a dog off a meat truck if he wants to." Gabi thinks it'll take everything EJ has to satisfy Abby.

    Days Recap: Semi-Annual Murder.

    Friday, January 03 2014

    Abby and Gabi are at the Brady pub. The blond gets a text from Nick. "Everything is going swimmingly," Abby reads. Gabi nearly explodes when she hears this. She flips a glass. Abby explains that Nick has been sending texts to Hope. She realizes that Gabi is reacting strangely to this news. Gabi does not explain but asks her to just let this go.

    EJ locks Sami into the living room of Casa DiMera. He demands that she give an answer to his marriage ultimatum. She doesn't like being bullied. Elvis yells at her for not kissing him on New Year's Eve after he tried to clean up her 'semi-annual murder'. Sami demands that he tell her everything he knows about Kristen and Eric. Sitting down, he says that he and his sister mixed the drugs themselves and he did all of the camera work. "I'm sorry about the lighting," he jokes. She doesn't appreciate his sarcasm and her gut won't let her believe him. Sami has been almost-married too many times to go through it again. He wishes she would just believe in him but she demands that he give her the truth when she returns. After she leaves for Chicago, Gabi shows up. She's freaking out. EJ orders her to take a breath and she tells him about the messages from Nick. He explains that Kate sent them. Gabi panics about Abby going to Hope so EJ sends her a text. Abigail responds that she is on the way to Smith Island. Elvis heads out.

    Days Recap: Listen To Your Body.

    Thursday, January 02 2014

    Gabi stops by Rafe's house. He startles her by saying Nick was just there - he's joking about Pete the therapist. He talks about being on his feet again soon and they discuss Jordan. Rafe says she's opening up but he wishes he knew why she's so guarded. They compare notes on New Year's. Gabi flashes to Will in the closet. Later, Rafe walks gingerly across his kitchen in a towel. He falls near the sofa as Jordan arrives. She grins as he tries to look casual. She helps him onto the sofa and talks to him about having the sense to listen to his body. Rafe grins that he doesn't like to take anything slow and kisses her. She gets up and says she's calling Pete to help him get dressed. He manages to get up and stop her. He says he's listening to his body and pulls her into a kiss.

    Gabi and Abigail meet at the Brady Pub and briefly discuss Jordan being nice before Gabi asks Abby to be Arianna's godmother. She agrees happily. Abby starts talking about Nick not returning her texts. Gabi flashes to the river and says she doesn't expect to hear from him again. Suddenly Abby gets a text. She says it's from Nick and everything's going swimmingly. Gabi drops her glass.

    Days Recap: Doing The Right Thing.

    Tuesday, December 31 2013

    At the apartment, EJ reminds Kate that everyone's freedom is on the line and promises to have someone break into her home to steal all of her clothing and shoes if she doesn't stop arguing about her boots. Gabi gets a call about Club TBD being swamped for New Year's Eve and EJ and Sami rush off to help. Alone, Kate asks Gabi to stay positive so they can get through this. Gabi hugs Will apologetically when he returns with Sonny and Arianna. Kate offers to watch Arianna with Gabi so they can go to Club TBD. After, Gabi pours them a drink to ring in the New Year together.

    Days Recap: Smug Looks.

    Monday, December 30 2013

    At Gabi's apartment, Gabi tells Sonny that Sami wants her to burn the coat she wore when she killed Nick. She opens the closet and screams - Will's inside. Will is stunned - Gabi murdered somebody! Sonny says it was self-defense and they fill in the details. Will is determined to call Roman, but then learns Sami and Kate are involved. Gabi texts Sami and Kate. Will marvels that his daughter is being raised by the Sopranos.

    At Gabi's apartment, Will is upset at Sonny having known about the murder. Will goes to check Ari in the bedroom. Kate arrives, followed by Sami and EJ. Sonny goes to get Will and returns to tell them he is gone and he's taken Ari with him. The women start yammering loudly. Sonny reminds them he couldn't have gone far - he'll go find him. EJ insists the women let Sonny go alone. The women bicker. Kate mocks EJ, asking him since he's the go-to guy, how do they get away with murder? EJ tells them to gather up everything they wore that night - his man will be around in the morning, and then he'll have a team do a sweep. Kate sneers about EJ being his father's son.

    Days Recap: High As A Kite.

    Friday, December 27 2013

    Gabi is snoozing on her couch and dreaming of Nick's demise. She moans and wakes up. Sonny is there to give her a hug. He tries to ease her conscience but she feels like she should turn herself in. Gabi thanks him for being so helpful.

    Gabi and Sonny go shopping in the square with the baby. Someone watches them from behind a plant. They are followed home.

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