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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon Played by Camila Banus on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Camila Banus (NBC)

    Real Name: Camila Banus


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    Days Recap: He's Fish Food.

    Monday, January 20 2014

    Gabi stops by the club and updates Will and Sonny on meeting with Julie about Nick. Abby arrives and Gabi goes on about how glad she is that Sami has EJ in her life. Abby doesn't have an opinion on them either way. When she leaves, Will follows her to the park and thinks she seems off. It's about a guy. Will thinks he knows who he is.

    Days Recap: Bambi VS Godzilla.

    Friday, January 17 2014

    Gabi's ready to head home from Club TBD when Tad stops her. She grins. He knows something!

    Julie pops over to the club to talk to Gabi about Nick. She thought they were getting back together. Gabi denies it and Julie asks if she heard from him. Gabi's jumpy but admits Nick texted Abby and is fine. Julie asks if Nick scared her but Gabi denies that. She agrees to tell Nick to call if she hears from him. Julie goes and Tad asks what that was about. Gabi's too freaked out to talk and runs away.

    Gabi goes home early and finds the guys talking about the christening. Gabi groans about Julie's visit. Sonny thanks her for choosing him as Ari's Godfather.

    Days Recap: Dead In The Water.

    Tuesday, January 14 2014

    Kate visits Gabi at home. Gabi's cooking Cheros for EJ as a thank-you for helping get Abigail off their trail. Kate learns EJ worked his magic which makes Gabi feel calmer. Kate texts the Horton's from Nick's cell and goes.

    In the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Sami he had nothing to do with Kristen drugging her brother and doesn't know who the nu-Dr. Rolf is. EJ is sick and tired of saving her from herself. They lash out at each other and EJ finds it ironic that her family's so concerned about her marrying into the DiMera clan when "compared to you, for the last six months I look like Gandhi." EJ explains Gabi not knowing that Kate's been using Nick's cell to text his family so he took care of it. As usual. He explains the whole story and flashes to sex with Abby. "I had to pull out all the stops but eventually she bought it," he says, flashing to sex again. He's tired of cleaning up her messes and can't keep doing it. Sami leaves and later, Gabi arrives with food. He thanks her and gets rid of her.

    Days Recap: Misery Train.

    Friday, January 10 2014

    Gabi goes to Abigail's and calls EJ incredible. Their wires are crossed and Abigail questions her. Is she there to make sure EJ bought her story? Gabi just wanted to make sure she understood how she feels about Nick. They hug and Gabi runs off. Abby flashes to sex with EJ and wonders what he wanted from her.

    Days Recap: Under The Sheets.

    Thursday, January 09 2014

    Jordan and Rafe arrive at Gabi's with the christening dress for Arianna. The christening is in two weeks which Rafe points out it's a year to the day she was preparing to marry Nick. Gabi makes light of it and says everything worked out. Rafe can't wait until the day Nick Fallon's out of her life for good.

    Kate arrives at Gabi's and Jordan and Rafe leave. Kate tells Gabi she should make sure Abby keeps quiet about Nick's texts.

    Gabi goes to Abby's. EJ told her everything. She calls him incredible while Abby gapes.

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