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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon Played by Camila Banus on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Camila Banus (NBC)

    Real Name: Camila Banus


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    Days Recap: A Thousand Paper Cuts.

    Monday, March 10 2014

    EJ brings Gabi her modelling contract at home. Will arrives and they fill him in on her new job. She goes off to the baby and EJ admits this is Nick's doing. Will worries Gabi will find out but when she returns she says she knows. Will tries to warn her but she won't listen. Will starts yelling. The baby cries and Gabi leaves the room. EJ tells Will just to support Gabi. Don't trash Nick and give her a reason to defend him. Will agrees to it and Gabi returns. She signs the contract.

    At Gabi's behest, Nick shows up at Gabi's and she tells him her good news and he's happy for her. He apologizes for the way things turned out. He shouldn't have overstepped his boundaries. He tells her that's all over with but Gabi wonders then why it feels like he's controlling Kate and Sami. Nick thinks what he's doing to them is fair considering they attempted to kill him, but whatever happens between them is Gabi's choice.

    Days Recap: A Total Lowbrow Like Me.

    Tuesday, March 04 2014

    Rafe shows up at the pub and tells Gabi things between him and Jordan aren't good. Gabi advises him to go to her. Nick arrives and Rafe greets him coldly. Gabi's pissed and takes off. Rafe warns Nick to stay away from her.

    Nick drops by Gabi's. She apologizes for Rafe. He brushes it off and tells her he suggested Sami consider her for the face of her new campaign. Gabi's surprised.

    Sami arrives at Gabi's and invites her to be the new face of their cosmetics line. Gabi blurts out that she'll do it. Sami assumes Nick already told her about it.

    Days Recap: A Big Gay DiMera Wedding.

    Monday, March 03 2014

    At home, Gabi dreams that Arianna's older and chooses to be with Sonny and Will as opposed to her.

    At the Brady's pub, Will tells Caroline he's marrying Sonny. She laughs and says it's about time. They hug and Sami's worried about Gabi. Will says she is happy about it. He jokes with Sami about having a double wedding. She chokes on her coffee when he says, "We can call it a big gay DiMera wedding." Gabi arrives to see Caroline. She asks if Nick's been by. He hasn't. Will and Caroline take Ari into the kitchen and Sami asks what her thoughts are on Sonny and Will's engagement. Before she can answer, Will says he's heading back to the apartment with the baby. Once they go, Gabi says she and Will need to discuss it further. She doesn't want Sami pushing her around.

    Back at the pub, Gabi leaves Sami and runs into Nick outside. They set a breakfast date for tomorrow and Nick goes inside. He greets Caroline and tells her he's trying to be a good person. She'll be the judge of that. She goes and Nick blackmails Sami into hiring Gabi as the new face of her new "Dimensions" line.

    Days Recap: A Holy Terror.

    Thursday, February 27 2014

    At home, Gabi learns that Sonny and Will are getting married. She jumps into their arms, happy for them. When should she and Ari move out? They let her know that's not what they want. Will takes off to meet Marlena and Sonny has to go to work so Gabi stays with the baby. She receives Nick's text and tells Ari Nick's dropping by. What daddy and Sonny don't know won't hurt them. Nick arrives and Gabi tells him about Sonny and Will's engagement. He reacts positively which surprises her.

    Later, back at Gabi's, Tad calls to cancel their date. He says the tickets fell through. Once they hang up, Nick acts as if he feels bad and thinks Kate may be able to get them tickets. Gabi isn't sure they should go out together because of Will and Sonny. Nick says he gets how protective they're being. He takes off and Gabi mutters that she won't lose her daughter no matter what.

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