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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon Played by Camila Banus on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Camila Banus (NBC)

    Real Name: Camila Banus


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    Used Up All His Nine Lives.

    Thursday, August 23 2012

    Marlena finds Gabi at the pub. She offers to lend an ear. She calls Lucas and tells him the police have EJ and Sami. Will wants to see them but Lucas won't go.

    Everything I Touch I Ruin.

    Wednesday, August 22 2012

    Abigail cries on Mel's shoulder at the house, over Jack's death as Chad lets Gabi in. She bears food and her condolences. Maggie takes the casserole to the kitchen and Chad threatens Gabi to stay away from them. Bo arrives and heads into the kitchen while Chad kicks Gabi out of his apartment. Melanie interrupts and Gabi talks about getting her modelling career back on track while Chad informs that he has ended his. Melanie leaves the room and Chad tells Gabi to move out of the state. He never wants to see her again. When Mel returns, Gabi leaves. In the living room, Jenn and Bo discuss how Abigail got her name. Hope brings in a jade plant that was left at the door. Jenn appears touched.

    Will bumps right into Gabi on his way by the pub. She's upset so he follows her to Chad's room where she packs up and vaguely explains Chad gave her the boot. Will comforts her and whines about how he hurts people. "Everything I do is half-assed." Gabi wishes they could go back to simpler times, like when they were together. Gabi calls Will her best friend and they start making out on the bed.

    Big Bark With A Tiny Little Bite.

    Monday, August 20 2012

    In her hospital room, Nicole stops Daniel from talking about pressuring her into a relationship. She tells him she has had an epiphany. In another room, Melanie and Gabi are surprised to find Andrew wheeled in. Melanie runs to tell Maggie and Daniel and Nicole's talk is interrupted. Daniel runs to find Andrew. Meanwhile, Andrew grabs Gabi's arm and outs her in front of Chad before he gasps his last breath. Andrew dies and Chad calls Gabi a bitch. Gabi tries to explain. Chad drags her into another room where she spills the beans about the fake stalker and how she begged Andrew to let Melanie go. Chad is disgusted with her. Daniel, Melanie and Maggie rush to Andrew's side with a cop but Daniel notes Andrew's dead. In the other room, Gabi explains the pain she has gone through with losing Arianna and Will. She hates herself right now. Chad calls her the most selfish, deluded and dangerous person he has met. "And I'm a DiMera!" Gabi cries, realizing Melanie will learn the truth. Chad walks out on her and Gabi follows. Melanie rushes into Gabi's arms, happy she's alright. Everyone wanders off and Chad starts in on Gabi again. Daniel turns up in Nic's room and fills her in. She knows it's lousy to say but she's glad Andrew is dead. Nicole invites him to visit her later for dinner to continue their discussion. By the nurse's station, Chad warns Gabi to stay away from Melanie or else. Mel returns and Gabi goes to give a statement.


    Friday, August 17 2012

    Nicole wakes up, startled and happy to find Daniel at her bedside in the hospital. It's a dream. In another room, Maxine tends to Melanie's wounds. Maggie finds her granddaughter and rushes into her arms. They were all so worried. Chad says Andrew needs to be held responsible for what he did. If he ever got his hands on him... Melanie tells them what it was like being held by Andrew. Why did he kidnap her? Gabi flashes to talking to Andrew and Roman arrives. He tells them the gas leak has been contained. Back in Nicole's room, Father Matt makes an appearance. Nicole updates him about her baby and lies that it's not EJ's. In another room, Roman asks for Melanie's statement. They leave the room and Gabi stews. Maggie finds Daniel at the nurse's desk. He's bitter about Melanie's kidnapping and blames himself for not paying enough attention to his daughter. What he was doing while Melanie was kidnapped was unforgivable.

    In Nicole's room, Father Matt learns that Nicole had an epiphany tonight. The one thing that mattered to her has been in front of her eyes the whole time. In another room, Melanie tells Roman her story while Gabi breaks down in front of Chad. She blames herself. She's a horrible person! Chad hugs her. At the nurse's station, Maggie tells Daniel off for beating himself off. Daniel admits he has been using Nicole. Pushing her into an intense commitment because he doesn't like being alone. He decides he's not that guy anymore. In her room, Nicole tells Father Matt that she gave a man mixed signals and is done with playing games. He leaves and she decides to tell Daniel how she feels. In another room, Gabi admits she could have stopped this but didn't. At the nurse's desk, Daniel tells his mom he wants to be a man his daughter is proud of. Maggie is already proud. They hug. He goes to check on Nicole, who can leave at the end of the day. Nicole is about to discuss their relationship when Dr. Knapp walks in to tell Nicole she doesn't need bed rest anymore during this pregnancy. She also has to abstain from "any sexual activity whatsoever." She leaves and Nicole calls it a "buzzkill." Daniel tries to let Nicole down gently but she stops him. In Melanie's room, she stops Gabi from confessing and Chad leaves. Melanie is about to help a patient for Maxine when she realizes it's Andrew.

    I Killed Him!

    Thursday, August 16 2012

    Gabi watches uncomfortably while Melanie and Chad reunite with a lingering kiss in the tunnels. Chad tells them Andrew got away.

    A Toast To SOBs.

    Wednesday, August 15 2012

    In the tunnels, Chad and Gabi don't know what to do next. She says the tunnel must have caved in. Chad hollers at Gabi to help him dig out. He warns if there's one more explosion the whole place will cave in on them. Dirt falls as Chad works. Gabi pulls him away - they have to get out before they die in there! Chad wants to keep going until they find Mel and Brady. Elsewhere, Melanie tells Brady there is going to be another explosion. Brady is down about his wedding and becomes determined to get out of there. The wall caves in on top of them. They're both unconscious. Melanie awakens but can't rouse Brady. She tries to revive him with CPR. He comes to and Melanie helps him to his feet. They carefully start digging out again. They worry about what happened above ground. Brady's concerned that he's stood Madison up at the altar. Mel gets panicky about Chad and Gabi. As they work, Brady hears voices. They finally break through. As they hug in celebration, Chad appears and sees them. Gabi watches expectantly.

    It's Too Early!

    Monday, August 13 2012

    In the tunnels, Brady finds Melanie, who tells him they have to go back for Gabi. Meanwhile, Chad finds Gabi and grabs Andrew to demand answers. Andrew tells him to ask Gabi where Melanie is. The gas leak explodes.

    In the tunnel, Chad tells Gabi that Andrew took off, and asks her why Andrew told him to ask her where Melanie is. She says it's probably because she found Melanie before, but they got separated. Chad asks what direction Melanie went in and heads off searching. Elsewhere, Brady pulls Melanie from the rubble. "Thank God you're alright." Her foot is stuck and she ends up with a gash on her leg so he ties a tourniquet around it. He breaks the news that they're trapped. He's afraid to move anything and cause a cave-in, but assures her that someone will find them. Melanie worries about Chad and Gabi. Brady tells her about rehab, and that he's getting married tonight. Melanie desperately wants to get out of there.

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