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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon Played by Camila Banus on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Camila Banus (NBC)

    Real Name: Camila Banus


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    Grandpa, I'm Gay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    Melanie pounds on the door of her cell. She removes the bobby pin from her hair and attempts to unlock the door. Andrew and Gabi walk into the outer room. Andrew says it used to be a dark room. Gabi asks what this has to do with keeping Melanie and Chad from talking.

    Wake up! Wake Up!

    Tuesday, June 19 2012

    At the square, Chad is adamant that he needs to find Melanie to apologize. Gabi attempts to stop him.

    Melanie walks down to the pier and watches for her stalker. She tells them to come out or leave her alone. Andrew, in a ski mask, rushes at her and chloroforms her. Gabi and Chad walk by and Melanie hears Chad talking about buying roses for her. Chad hears something. Melanie struggles for a moment and then passes out. Gabi drags him away. "This place is creeping me out." Andrew breathes a sigh of relief. "That was close you little bitch. You almost ruined everything," he complains.

    Gabi follows Chad to the square. They've searched everywhere and can't find Melanie so Chad calls her cell. Andrew finds it and ignores the call. Chad makes a call to Will and apologizes for his outburst earlier. He knows Will didn't kill his father. When asked, Will says he hasn't seen Melanie. Gabi calls Melanie a bit of a drama queen. She's sure Mel will turn up tomorrow.

    Andrew takes an unconscious Melanie to his basement cell while he reads her text messages to Chad. He can tell she really cares for him and ignores yet another call from Chad. Andrew leaves the room and Melanie wakes up wondering where the hell she is. She pounds on the door while Andrew sends a text. Chad reads and looks upset. It reads, "Dear Chad I can't forgive what you said. I deserve to be treated better which is why I think we need a break. I'm going to Europe to be with my mother. Don't call or text, just please leave me alone." Gabi reads it, flabbergasted but secretly happy. Andrew reads a text Chad replies with, begging her to stay. Andrew removes the cell battery and then watches Melanie while Gabi consoles Chad.

    I Say Jump...

    Thursday, June 14 2012

    Melanie and Gabi sit at the square and talk about the stalker and the police's involvement. Just outside the gate, Will explains to Chad that he can't discuss the case. Chad demands Will tell him everything. Nearby, Gabi assures Mel that Chad will get over being upset with her. When Mel tries to go look for him, Gabi has cramps and Melanie suggests she take some Midol Complete. She hands some over. They overhear Chad yelling at Will and rush over. Will admits why he was arrested but he didn't do it. Chad goes nuts. Melanie reminds him people are innocent until proven guilty. Will takes off and Melanie and Chad continue to argue. Melanie reminds him that she was a suspect in her father's murder and understands how the system works. Chad thinks Melanie would like to pin a medal on whomever killed his father. Melanie's hurt and the argument escalates. She leaves crying and Chad breaks down and sobs. Gabi moves right in to offer comfort while Andrew watches unseen. Gabi tries to make Mel look bad but Chad is ready to apologize to Mel. Gabi grabs his phone, stopping him.

    Ghoulish Heart-To-Heart.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    Andrew meets Gabi at the pier. She shoves him, yells at him for putting a rat in her food, and says he's ruined everything! She rants that the rat caused Chad to tell her overprotective cop brother. Andrew apologizes - he'll make it up to her. She says it's too late. He pleads with her not to give up on him. She says they just need to take things slowly. He vows to fix everything.

    In the square, Chad rants to Melanie about Will's own grandfather believing he killed Stefano. Melanie tries to reason with him, and he asks whose side she's on anyway. Gabi overhears and plunges in. Melanie stops her from following Chad. Melanie wonders if she's being watched, and says the police should have been involved from the beginning.

    Under Arrest!

    Thursday, June 07 2012

    In the square, Chad tells Melanie she must be glad Stefano's dead. Melanie reassures him. Chad opens up about trying to connect with Stefano, but says now it's too late. Melanie assures him Stefano knew he cared, and Chad was special to him. Chad knows some are happy Stefano's gone, but he's still his father. Nearby, Andrew gives Gabi a hard time, but she's watching Chad and Melanie. Andrew reminds her she hired him to be her stalker. Gabi informs him she'll call if she needs him, for now he should leave her alone. She approaches Chad and Melanie and pulls Chad into a hug. Melanie makes a face of disbelief. Chad invites Gabi to join them. Melanie rubs her brow. Gabi gets some takeout salads and insists on checking them before they leave - she finds a dead rodent in hers. A waitress is called to find out if anyone suspicious was in the kitchen. Gabi throws herself into Chad's arms.

    In the square, the waitress returns to say a guy was in the kitchen, but they've no description. Chad and Melanie want to call the cops, but Gabi says no. Chad asks what is wrong with her. Rafe appears and Chad goes to tell him. Rafe tells Gabi she needs to stop modelling and he is going to the station to file a report. Andrew watches as he leads her away.

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